About Moi

Hey there my fabulous readers!
If your on this page its because you sir, are awesome!!
It probably also has something to do with the fact you wanna know who the heck is writing all this crap.

Well, the names Tiff

I lovery writing and reading and that's what made me want to start writing a blog, I started it as a way to vent my feelings, but then i figured, why not try help people out too by reviewing some stuff? After all, whenever i go to buy something, i always look for blog reviews on it first! 

I love art, and i do draw a lot, but im the type who hides all their work as im worried someone will say 'what a load of utter shite that is!' and then id have to laugh and agree and then go cry in a corner...

Im a bit weird (as you've probably guessed) i have a rather large collection of skulls and grim reapers and that sort of stuff because i love all things horror and supernatural!  Especially the tv series Supernatural and The Walking Dead...mainly because i have a massive crush on Jensen Ackles (plays Dean in Supernatural) and Norman Reedus (Plays Daryll in The Walking Dead)...
Norman is my future husband...he just doesn't know it yet...
I even have Special Effects makeup and often make myself into a zombie!

Other than that, what else can i say? Urm, i dye my own hair and have been every colour of the rainbow! I have size 3 feet? I have 3 cats (Tabby, Mr Pinkle and SimSam) a budgie (Timmy) and a dwarf hamster (Merle). Im a tad bit hyperactive at times and tend to break out into song and dance a lot which can be a bit weird, especially when im in a public place. (Think Miranda..yeahh...thats me.)

Anyhoo! Thats enough about me! Gosh i can ramble on at times! Id love it if you were to follow my blog! That would be fabulous, if not,well, thanks for visiting anyway babycakes!! 


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