Monday, 22 February 2016

Lush Goodies

Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Oh sweet Jesus... 
How had i walked passed this shop on multiple occasions, basked in the heavenly scent and then just walked away without even having a quick gander inside...??

This. Shop. Though..


From the staff to the products... i use the Norwich store and its right in the main part of the city, you cant miss it... its within walking distance of a Primark...and if you're out shopping, of course you cant miss it...who shops and doesn't go in to a Primark?
Not me..

So anyway, my skin was awful. Its sensitive, but also does not like products designed for sensitive skin, take Simple, for example...
That shizz makes my skin so tight and dry i feel like if i so much as smile my face will crack.
Twas a rainy day and i ventured into a Lush store on a whim (and mainly to irritate my mother as she cant stand strong scents haha) thinking, what could they do for me??

Id been in a Lush in Lincoln when i was at uni, to get some soap, mainly so my room would smell great as these products let of quite the pleasant pong... this was my first time in a Lush store and i left with a wedge of soap that had a multitude of currents stuck in the end and another block of pink soap which the dude just gave me...a freebie? For moi?? Yaaaas bitch...

This time however, i was on a mission. My dry, flaky, huge pore afflicted skin needed a good ex-foliation and moisture mask at the same time...

Immediately i was greeted by a lady who asked me if i needed help, and instead of the usual ''no thanks, im fine!'' rhetoric i normally spout, only to then search aimlessly on my own rather than admit i do need help, I asked for her to find me something to de-scale my face.

She showed me a few products, asked me what my skin was like, and then recommended the product that has changed my life!!

This, my invisible internet friends, is my new favourite beauty product i own...



First of all, can i just say, this smells like...i cant even...
Its my new favourite smell!
Its sweet, but not sickly, its like caramel, but with more vanilla and a dash of cinnamon...
If they bottled this as a scent id never buy another... im really hoping they do a face cream, body butter, foot cream, soap or anything that has this smell just so i can just smoother myself in it... I wanna go smell it now... seriously...  i think im addicted...

So as you've figured, its called: ''Let the good times roll'' and its a face scrub/exfoliator/cleanser/whatever you wanna call it and you get 100g of handmade, vegan, cruelty free product for just £6.95!!

The website says: 
''This face and body cleanser is a gentle treat for the skin, leaving you soft to the touch with a buttery popcorn fragrance. Maize flour and polenta gently exfoliate, whilst cinnamon powder stimulates and leaves you feeling fresh and revived, with beautifully soft skin. This gentle yet scrubby cleanser will soothe and soften your skin, giving it a natural glow.'' 

It has only 10 ingredients including Corn oil, Polenta and Cinnamon, it is self preserving, and it scrubs and softens at the same time...genius!

Its a strange consistency, a good kind of strange though. Its like a putty but that crumbles when you pull it apart. It keeps itself semi moist, and basically, you take a piece, put in in the palm of your hand, add some water till it forms a paste and then wipe that good stuff all over your face and prepare for greatness and miracles... or at least it was for me!

Now im not gonna lie, this does make my face a bit red but i put this down to me going a bit overboard with how much i use and how vigorously i scrub away at my scales...

This product takes all my flakes away, leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth and for the first time, i have a scrub that doesn't leave my face feeling ravaged, sore or tight.

I am in love.
Now i always moisturise after a scrub as that seems like a good idea, but i feel like if i didn't, my skin wouldn't hate me.
Also whilst i was in Lush, the lady gave me a sample of moisturiser to let me test to see if it would compliment my skin type.

She gave a little pot of Skin Drink and what can i say? Im blown away again, it really leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft and moisturised, and unlike other face creams ive used, this feeling lasts throughout the day. I think i will purchase the full size pot. My only slightly negative on this product is the smell. Its so not a big deal but since my other product smelled so good i think this just paled in comparison. Its a very, very faint smell. Its a fresh almost rose smell, but a very natural smelling cream. Its not bad, its just not my taste...
Like i said, i want everything in my life to smell like buttery, caramel popcorn!!
So maybe ill see if they have a cream like this, but with my fave smell instead!

All in all, best purchase ive made in a while
5/5: Top points for both of these products
Definitely will repurchase and recommend to anyone with dry skin!

You can purchase them here:

Do it, seriously...i can now say goodbye to flaky, tight, dry skin!


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Puppies and Dollies and Drawings

I swear, i always intend on writing posts and then when i go to do it... youtube distracts me!

Anyway, so much has happened. Ive been relocated at work into the city.
My best friend has had a baby.
My dog has had 4 beautiful puppies.
Ive regrown my hair out into a bob (ha! screw you mullet stage!)
and so much more!

Ive considerably downsized my makeup collection. I had over 100 lipsticks, about 50 eyeshadows, and millions of mascaras, liners, and foundations id never even used.. 
Luckily for me my best mates little sister has just come to the age where makeup is intriguing but unaffordable whilst in high school! 
Ah i remember being a teenager...i have no idea where that times gone..i genuinely forgot how old i was the other day...not good.
Im left with some high end stuff which im happy with and have promised not to go mad and buy more...mainly because the funds i was using to feed my makeup habit has now funded my Living Dead Doll obsession...and thats even more expensive!!!

Whilst on that subject, who would like to see a post on what dolls i have and if i think they are worth it?

I also make my own dolls... yes... ive become even creepier making creepy dollies in my spare time...

I found an awesome makeup company which is vegan called Lunatik Lab Cosmetics, bought a few bits which are awesome!! Ill have to take some pictures and do a review..

Well, ill shut up and leave you with some of my latest artwork =)
oh and my christmas makeup ;) i was a deer haha
So pleased how it turned out!

HALF ALIVE: Because drawing nice things isnt what i do

Arna FROZEN copic from outline to ink!