Monday, 30 March 2015

Milani Lipsticks and Benefit mascara!

Howdy friends. 

So i recently purchased a few products that i just had to share!
Let me just start off by saying, Milani Lipsticks are the best lipsticks i have ever tried, Benefit's They're Real mascara is nice, but so not worth the hype, 
Sound interesting? Keep reading..

So to start...Milani... hard to come by in the UK ive noticed, i purchased mine via as add on items.

And now...I want them all.

Awesome packaging.

Now i dont know about you but for a product that costs £3.89 per bullet i did not expect this quality packaging! Its so shiny and pretty and sturdy! LOVE IT.  I want to replace all my lipsticks with Milani ones...thats how much im in love.

 Ive recently been obsessed with purple lipstick. I want the perfect purple... or deep burgundy... As you can see from above, i picked up 3 shades...
Violet Volt is a pink toned purple, in most lights it appears purple, however it can look pinkish, which is ok because its so pretty! Its has a creamy consistency however this lasts HOURS and im talking...hours... i applied base/lipliner nothing, and it lasted from 8 in the morning up till 5 that afternoon and thats with eating and drinking in between!!!!!!
Sangria is a dark plum / burgundy lipstick, its strange in that it feels like a matte but has a sheen almost, its not drying at all and applies beautifully! Its a little harder to work with than Violet volt, but i think thats because it isnt as creamy. I would recommend lipliner with this one as its such a strong colour. Again staying power is phenomenal.
Chilled Brandy is what it is! It looks like brandy!  Its a rust toned red with warm undertones and alhough again, applies like a matte, it has a beautiful iridescent shimmer to it which really accentuates the lips. Probably the driest of the three, but in no way dehydrating, again, because of the texture, bit harder to work with and a lip liner would be good!

Left to Right
Chilled Brandy
Violet Volt

 I cant stress how much i love these... i have no complaints..NONE. Go buy them before i order all the stock amazon has!

So Benefit have a cult classic mascara ive been wanting to try since forever, so i caved and bought it.

''They're Real'' Mascara is supposed to do basically all you want from a mascara, lengthens, volumises, curls all that shizzle...

Is it a good mascara? Yes.
Does it do what it says? Sort of.
Would i repurchase? Probably not.

And why since everyone raves about it??

Well.... First of for £18 i expected...more. The brush was ok, a decent sized silicone one, nothing special.
The formula is very wet but dries quick, on naked lashes, it does indeed lengthen, and volumise. However, day 2 with this mascara is awful... second coats of this stuff are a big no no, its fine if you want to touch up while its still wet but the minute its dried and you try to build more volume my lashes clumped so bad.
Maybe it because i dont remove every single trace of product off my lashes at night so it could be that. But no other mascara ive used has ever clumped my lashes as badly as this one did!
Saying that i do like it... but im not blown away.
7/10 for this one...
(no mascara has ever beat the amazingness of Rimmel Scandeleyes Show Off mascara!)


Up next! Why I purposefully purchased one real mac lipstick (over the counter and not on-line to ensure it was genuine)  and one fake, so i could compare and see how to avoid this mistake in the future!