Saturday, 7 February 2015

Alternative Lipstick Haul!!

So I've been on a hunt for the perfect purple lipstick. I'm talking Cadbury kinda purple, a true plum, no pink tones deep rich kinda colour that you see only on runways and glossy magazines... But I've been looking for one on a budget!

So I know Urban Decay does a whole fabulous range of alternative colours as does Mac, however they don't quite meet the "budget" criteria.

So I Googled, and low and behold I did it!

Beauty on a budget, but not just your run of the mill kinda makeup, the alternative, bright colours you always wanted to wear but never felt confident enough to wear! The gothic glam shades you long to wear, all for less than the price of a cinema ticket.

Damn straight!

Let me start by introducing the make, it's called Makeup Revolution and to give you a quick summary of what they're like think affordable like MUA but with enough quality and colour range of Sleek makeup!

I invested in 6 lipsticks from different ranges and here be those:

So as you can see they had different ranges such as Lip Geek, Atomic, Scandalous and Vamp. The only one that came boxed was the lip geek one so I'll start with that!!


 This is called "Barbie is jealous" and with good reason! It's an awesome pink, very bold and bright, I wouldn't quite call it a proper barbie pink as it's more on the fuschia/ hot pink side, however it's still eye catching and a great one to have! This was the only one that doesn't really fall under the alternative category but hey ho you gotta have a hot pink lipstick in your bag!


This baby here is called 'Serpent'. It's almost metallic, and is a jade green when applied!  I mean come on! It's green! And although it may take some getting used to it is pretty awesome!  I'd say it's only downfall is that it's creamy to the point of creating patches which is a shame but that can be fixed either with layering it with a lip liner or topping it with a green powder!


This is by far my favourite and is named 'Depraved' it is a blue toned lilac colour that rreminds me of marshmallows for some reason and it applies wonderfully. New fave here!!


This baby is named 'Make it right' and is the perfect deep richly coloured Cadbury purple you always wanted!  I seriously love this again, it has the same problem as Serpent but again this can be fixed with the same solutions!


 Now this one took me by surprise a little! It's quite shimmery and is more pink than purple but still retains some warm lilac hues. This baby is called 'Make me Magnificent Magnificent' and is the most subtle of lipsticks I bought today. It's not as richly coloured as the others but still gives a nice looking to the lips without being too bold, I'd recommend this one to those who want to start experimenting with purples but don't know where to start!

'Rebel without a Cause' is again more pink toned purple but a deeper almost red tone one the lips, it's quite vampy but still wearable for every day life, colour payoff is great too. Possibly my least favourite just because I expected more from it, it's one of those 'looks great in the bullet but on the lips is completely different ' kinda lipsticks.

And now, the obligatory swatches!!


With flash! Top to bottom:
Depraved, Make me Magnificent, Make it right, Rebel with a Cause, Serpent and Barbie is Jealous.
Without flash 
So what did it cost me? Well all of these lipsticks cost me just £6.99 oh yeah you read that right!  All of the black cased lipsticks were just £1!! The makeup geek one was £1.99!! Did I do good or what?!

Would I repurchase?  Well duh?! For that price why wouldn't I?!




  1. I need these! Where can I find them? Are they sold online?

  2. They are sold at xx