Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New job, new year, new me?

First off, I'd like to thank anyone who's reading this. I'm the most inconsistent writer ever and I swear I will make time in the new year for this blog as I have an exciting series coming up! 

Update on me: I finally left superdrug!!! I'm so happy for the first time in ages because even though I loved the staff.. The job was just mentally draining and I felt wasted and kinda like I had no importance in the world and I was dreading work as it was so monotonous and stifling that in a whim I applied for a few jobs I thought were out of my league...

Just goes to show! Aim for the moon and if you fail you'll fall among stars! 

I got a new job. 
I am Natwest newest CSO and even before I've started I've been offered a new position! I'm going in as part time 25 hours a week excluding weekends (how fabulous) and I'll be earning twice as much as I was at superdrug! The manager phoned me today and said someone may be leaving soon so would like me to fill in as full time when they do!! I'll be earning £16000 a year plus benefits, commission and discounts on financial products which means maybe I can actually buy my own home one day!! Considering I was at superdrug what, 19 months? You know what my gross pay was? £5476 or thereabouts! That's nothing! And I worked my butt off all day everyday ! 

Never underestimate your abilities and never underestimate your self worth and importance. Don't compromise happiness for an easy life and have the courage to say NO!

I'm scared as hell but so excited too! I get to wear a fancy suit and look all Important and when people ask me what I do I can now proudly say 'Who, moi? Why I work in finance!' Rather then I work in a shop.. Which nothing wrong with that at all, all work is important but I just feel like I finally have a career starting!  Retail was never a long term plan for me!

Plus maybe I'll meet my rich successful husband through some banking event! You never know! 

Another plus of this is I was hoping to kick start my fitness in the new year, all depending on money and work commitments but my hours seem pretty good so I'll be able to go to the gym everyday if I want! I can learn to swim , lose 2 stone and tone up my abs arms and thighs so maybe for the first time ever this coming summer I can wear a bikini or swimsuit and actually visit a beach and not feel like a hefer or feel utterly embarrassed by my chunky thighs and overweight stomach! My gym buddy is my best friend too which is fab as not only can I go through this with a like minded friend but I can also have a healthy competition going ! I'm quite competitive actually... 

So it's all going on, maybe this time next year I'll be engaged to my bank manager husband, a size 8, a fabulous home and who knows, maybe even plans for children? (Dear lord no...!) 

I'll look back on this and either be really proud or in an even worse situation all depressed an wondering where I went wrong hahha!

Fingers crossed! 


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