Friday, 3 October 2014


Pixie cut part 3!! 

Okay so. I said before I was gonna take my pixie cut shorter, after all if you've taken the plunge of cutting all your hair off you may as well do what you want and to hell with the consequences! 

So today I went back to my stylist and told her I wanted shorter sides and my roots re bleached as they were bloody awful. I wanted the shaved parts to keep my natural colour and to lift the top to a platinum. 

I let her get to work on my mane and 2.5 hours, 3 hair washes and a shit ton of funny looks from others, later I had my crowning glory perfected!

I am so happy right now...

ERMAHGAWD! So happy!!
The sides are a grade 2 so one from the shortest and the top is about 4 inches? Maybe ? At the longest...

Soo rediculously happy with my shaven head

I just keep feeling it! 

Side note: investing in wooly hats since winter is among us :/ oops lol

You like?