Sunday, 28 September 2014

Piercing my helix!! Extreme DIY Series

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend self/home piercing unless you have undertaken the necessary training. I did this at my own risk and I do not recommend you pierce anyone else, period. Poking holes in yourself is one thing, stabbing someone else with a needles and possibly causing an infection is not only dangerous but is also a stupid thing to do.

Hey internet so I was really wanting a new piercing, I'd played around with fake ones and decided that I wanted my helix on my right ear done. I'd already had my helix on my left ear pierced whilst at Uni (I'd also had a scaffold, 3rd lobe and spine tattoo in the same week and let me tell you it was not a good idea... I had to sleep on my face?! Have you ever slept on your face? Not comfy!) 
Anyhoos because I'm a reckless fool and refuse to pay out for someone to stab me in the ear I decided to read up on it and pierce myself. Also most piercing establishments upon agreeing to pierce you get you to sign a disclaimer form basically excluding them from responsibility if you get an infection or if you have a reaction so I'd rather do it and if I have a problem I've only myself to blame!

Now I didn't go into this lightly, I put some serious thought into this after all, I was gonna poke a damn hole in my flesh, I, understandably was concerned about infections. .... 
So I went online and had a look at some YouTube videos to which I was both horrified and amazed at how some of these people thought sticking a sewing needle through there cartilidge was the way to go. Come on people, if your gonna do it, do it bloody right.

My next move was to look for supplies. eBay is my new best friend. I found out that most cartilidge and standard piercing are done with a 1.2mm needle and thicker parts like the tragus and conch are done with a 1.6mm. So I ordered both as I planned to do my tragus too...

Now this is where I got annoyed. How can piercers charge £25 plus for a helix piercing when a pack of 5 sterilised individual needles only cost £1.58 ?! Clamps were still only £5.99 and half of them don't use those! I never had them used on me?! 

Anyway getting of topic... Jewellery was the hardest part. I am clueless where this is concerned and I still don't have much of a clue. I was never told what size my labret bar was when I had my first helix done so the first lot of jewellery I bought was all too small and I'd gone for BCRs which after spending hours opening, can still not put the damn tiny ball back in the circle... 
The second item I bought was a spiked labret bar, again this was better but still a little on the short side but I figured it might do. 

I waited 2 weeks after buying this till I plucked up the courage to do it! 

Here's what you'll need:

A 1.2mm or 1.6mm hollow sterilised needle (basically a cannula needle)

Rubbing alcohol, sterilising equipment, anti bac.


Cotton wool/pads/buds

Labret bar or BCR or jewelly of choice (just be sure it's not small so the ear has room to swell if needed)

Something hard but permeable like cork to put behind your ear.

Clamps are optional though recommended.

So I used a cotton bud and a pad with some alcohol on it to clean my ear and some anti bac for my hands. (Admittedly I didn't wear gloves, I should have but the only ones I had were huge and kept getting in the way. Definitely wear the gloves though)

Afterwards I used a felt eyeliner to mark where I wanted to stab my poor ear... This took a few tries to get it right... 

Ah look at that ear... All ear like and shit.. This is also the ear I had a scaffold in but room out as my baby niece pulled on it too hard and made it lumpy and swollen an gross so I took it out and let it heal, fortunately I didn't get any permanent blow outs or scars from it :) 

Next I took my needle out the package 

As you can see this is a proper needle, meant for piercing NOT A DAMN SEWING NEEDLE! As I said I got a 5 pack for £1.58 so you can't complain at the price. 
Just so you can get a proper look at it here's a pic I took of it after I stabbed myself with it.

At this point I also sterilised my jewellery and left it for a few minutes.
Then I took a deep breathe, slowly exhaled and jabbed that needle into my ear...

Now honestly this did not hurt as the pointy bit popped through my cartilidge (you can actually hear and feel it popping!) it was only when the widest part of the needle, that being the end of the beveled edge where it's no longer a point and just a tube, did it start to feel uncomfortable. Not painful as such just a burning, tight feeling. Now I do blame this on the fact I had no cork or clamps, and so I think the fact i was pushing It in made it pull and drag on my cartilidge more, so I reckon with clamps it wouldn't hurt at all.

Then came the blood... Now I'm a bleeder according to my last piercer, and I mean full on dripping from my ear all down the sides of my face and neck kinda bleeding. Luckily I'm not squeamish but I think the combination of my anaemia, the heat and the fact I was stabbing oneself all together caused me to go light headed and start to faint. I sat down and recovered but this is one of the reasons why i wouldn't recommend peircing yourself. I've never had that happen before and yet it did, so just be careful!! 

Gosh then I had all sorts of trouble regarding the labret, it wouldn't go through the hole! It would go through the front and all the way through but when I tried to push it through the back so I could screw the spike on, it wouldn't go through! So i resorted to using a stud I had from my second lobe peircing which did the trick but I'm still worried it's too short..
Nevertheless here it Is all done! 
 I've been cleaning it regularly and it hasn't seemed to swell up much at all in fact if I don't touch it I think it just stays normal sized! Also pain wise, it does sort of pulsate if i mess with it too much for instance when I clean it, but other than that i don't even realise it's there!! It's great! Obviously I'm not outta the woods yet in regard to infections, I'll give it 2 weeks and if by then I've still got an ear left I'll consider this a job well done! 

Would i do it again?
Possibly, but next time I'd get clamps, most definitely. And more labret bars that can be screwed from the back! It's not something I'd just do on a whim, i do take infections seriously and after going dizzy like I did it made me think hard about if info it again ensuring I've got all the right tools and someone there in case I pass out! 

Did it hurt?
On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say 4. And that would probs be reduced to a 2 if I had used clamps.

Thanks for reading!! Ill post on when i do my tragus or forward helix so you can see that too :)


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Samhain is upon us!

(It's pronounced 'sow'inn by the way, who knew?!) 

Its no secret that Halloween is my fave time of year, I mean come on!? There's free food, parties and an excuse to truly let your freak flag fly! And for the weirdos like me out there who enjoy nothing more then mutilating themselves and covering themselves in (edible) blood, well you can't get much better can you?!

I literally spend hours doing special effects makeup, for no reason other then I enjoy it and after slaving over it for hours , to then wipe it all off again it's a bit sad, there goes all my hard work!
Unfortunately it's not yet socially acceptable to walk around with half your face hangin off or to turn up to work in nothing more than a 2 piece with full on Avatar makeup on. Therefore when Halloween rolls around us special folk like to go all out... And I mean.. No expense spared kind of all out...

The worse part it deciding what to be this year! I think long and hard about this... A witch is too simplistic, I'm always a zombie, vampire seems too generic and there's no way I'm going clubbin in a wolf suit. So this year I looked to tv for inspiration and low and behold I found it!

Syfy has this awesome show called Defiance which is like an immigrant community 30 years in the future made up of humans and aliens... 

I am going to be an alien this year ... Ohmygod yes.

The particular breed is Irathient which is what the main character is. 

I'm only takin inspiration from this , outfit wise I'm still stuck on that one however the awesome prosthetics I'm doing as am the makeup!

Since I have a pixie cut a wig is a must , I'm debating wether to stay true to the main character and go for an orange wig or play it up and go for a white wig?!

This year is gonna be the first year I've ever worn lenses, and again instead of going for the yellowy orange lenses the character wears I think I'm gonna go for white out lenses as I can reuse those for zombie looks later on! 

I'm also gonna jazz the look up a bit with some fancy eye makeup like this: 
 Maybe add on the forehead details too ?   

I've debated wether to use a prosthetic made beforehand (Made by yours truly to fit over my brows and make my nose bridge wider) or if I should block out my brows and use layers of latex and cotton wool for the bridge? 
I practised blocking out my brows today :
 I still keep laughing at myself !

I'll try both methods and see what works best with everything else ;)

Anyhoo thanks for reading! If you wanna know how I did my eye makeup, made the prosthetic or covered my eyebrows let me know by leaving a comment! 

So what are you gonna be for Halloween this year!?