Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pixie cut progress!

Okay so as you know I had a pixie cut about a month ago.... 

I know some people are wondering, am I regretting it? And the answer is a big fat NO!

Omg I loooooove having to do nothing to it in the morning! Well, I put some Vo5 rework putty in it to give it more texture and that's it!! 

The other news however is that my hair grows fast... So about 3 weeks into having gone pixie it was already growing out ...I know right? Annoying!? So I went back and did what I said I may do in my last post... I went even shorter!! Yaaaaay!!! 

I had the back and sides buzzed to a 4, and the too shortend just a bit so I could still style it as well as have the ease of having less to brush and style! Literally if there's a gust of wind all I have to do is push my hair back over to the side and BAM! Back to perfection! 

Now my hairdresser cut my hair nicely however I found that if I pushed my hair the opposite way to how she had styled it I got even more choppy layers and much more volume as shape! So that's how I wear it! It took a while to get used to wearing my fringe the opposite side but I'm over it now ;)

Seriously I'm in love with it, my stylist is recommending I go even shorter next time to a 1!! And keep it two toned like, natural in back and sides and peroxide on top! I'm seriously considering it!! 
Here's some photos of it growing out and then the new cut!!

So you can see how much it had grown the fringe had to be pinned all the time as it was just too long to style and the sides where over my ears and the back was entering mullet territory but we won't go there...

And then!!

Ahh!!! All buzzed off on the sides and back ... Heaven... 

So what do you think? Should I go shorter ?? Or grow it out next? 

Or go back to my natural color eventually through a procces of growing out an cutting short again !! So many choices!!

And for the record, I'm still finding loads of ways to style my pixie, That braid is similar to how I braided it when I first had it short ony this gives it a totally different look this time as my hair is buzzed! I've brought my parting further forward on the top of my head so I have longer layers at the back that I can tease for more volume too! I can't wait to try out some retro styles on my hair and even curl it! And straighten actually! Since having it done I haven't touched my hair with those evil flat irons!! Round of applause please!! 

Until next time (where ill probably be bald!! Haha)