Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My new hair!!!! I got a pixie!!

I did it!
I finally got around to doing it!
I got a Pixie Cut!

So id decided this many moons ago, to chop off my locks and go short once more.

I was actually excited for once about visiting a hairdressers, this is normally a traumatic experience for me, but this time, i felt great.

So ill give you the lowdown, I had the majority of my hair cut off and styled first then i had it bleached and toned. This took about 2 1/2 hours. When it was all dried i then asked for even more to be cut off and for it to be thinned out (i have explained hair is a bush). I would have gone even shorter but i thought, pace yourself, if you hate it you'll regret it... 

And so this is what im left with!! Ill do some snazzy before and after pictures if i can stay awake long enough!!

So this was my hair with a lotta colour build up...

 As you can see it look pretty dark, but it was a sort of red/green/brown mess...

Then i found out an old box of Jo Bazz and OMG THAT SHITS AMAZEBALLS!! Like seriously i used colour b4, before and that has NOTHING on this!!! This worked soooo much better! You want proof?

Excuse the mass of shower pic...but daaaammn! So much lighter!! (and so very much greener)

So then i went for the chop! TA DAAAHH!

Ive played around with it for a bit, and its safe to say i prefer it sort of, lifted at the front and pushed back...its too hot to have hair on your face!!

So ive loved playing around with accessorizes too! Ill do a post on those but i now have like a thousand headbands!

LIKE?! If so heres some helpful handy tips if your deciding to go short!!

1. Watch many Youtube videos of haircuts, getting a pixie cut, growing out a pixie, and ways to style your pixie... No one knows it better then the folk that already have the hair you want. Plus its handy to see the different styles of pixie you can have!

2. Dont be afraid of others opinions. Its your hair...screw society's narrow minded view of what is attractive in a women and what is not. If short hair wasn't feminine or sexy, then why do so many celebs cut off their hair?! Yeah...exactly....

3. Invest in headbands. Best advice ever. When your having a bad hair day (for instance, you've been up 3 mornings on the trot extra early, its been really hot, you've sweat so much, your questioning if you've actually peed yourself and your hair is sticking up uncontrollably and no amount of product is helping...) then a cute headband can turn a ''you haven't brushed your hair this morning'' look into a cute ''boho chic...i meant it to look this way...duh?'' look...

4. Try out a new colour! Its easy enough with less hair on your head and i think if your gonna have a new hairdo have a new colour too!

5. Think about it for at least 2 weeks. Im all for being reckless and impulsive, but going in there with no idea what you want or if you really even want it that short, is a sure fire way of you wallowing in self pity for the next 6 months...

6. Its more helpful to say what you don't want then exactly what you do want. This will mean your giving the stylist more room for creativity and will make there job easier. This also helps you too, as if you go in there wanting Mileys cut exactly, and it turns out its not the best cut for your face and so therefore it looks nothing like Miley's, but hey, you wanted it...then, again....your gonna be wallowing in a pit of despair once more...

Thats about as helpful as i can be tonight....ive been up since 6 damn it im tired. Ill share my styling tips and products and whatnot next...if you like...=)

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings ...hope this helped at least one person!