Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Battle of the Mascaras!!!

Alert! New product launches from Max Factor and Maybelline!!! Both have brought out a brand new mascara!!! Now I love mascara and I own way too many but these 2 new mascaras certainly have a place in my collection (and heart!).


The brand new duel ended mascaras, Excess Volume and Big Eyes by Max Factor and Maybelline!! OUT TOMORROW!!

Now I received these as gifts from the conpanies as I'm the beauty specialist at superdrug, and so I figured why not share my knowledge and experience of these little beauties so you can make an informed purchase! Bare in mind here that both Rimmel and Collection have also launched a new mascara that goes live tomorrow and will be battling for number one alongside these 2! 

Ok first up!

I was dubious when I went to try this, I'm not gonna lie, I'm put off Max factor mascaras for 2 reasons, the price and the chemical smell they seem to have. Now, the price I can get over but I don't like having strongly smelling things near my eyeballs thank you very much however this particular mascara doesn't have an odour which is awesome!! Hi 5 Max factor on that one. Secondly OMG this mascara is AMAZING!! Using the Extreme volume end (step 1) really makes my lashes pop! They're curled, thick, full and feathery looking it's literally amazing and the Dark Laquere side (step 2) makes my lashes the blackest black there ever was... If such a thing exists!! My only critism of this is the dark laquere end is a bit sticky... But to be honest the magic is all in the extreme volume end!!! 


Maybelline's Big Eyes mascara is just as amazing! The brush for the upper lashes makes my lashes spread out evenly and look fuller and the brush designed for the lower lashes is the greatest thing since... I dunno, pizza? And I like me some pizza... It's just an amazing brush! Again my only critism with this is the upper lash brush is one of those that puts a bit too much product on your lashes and doesnt  have very well spaced out bristles so once more the magic is in the other end of the tube!! But saying that it's still a great mascara! I used to use Maybelline's  great lash for my lower lashes as all other brushes would be too big and so id splodge mascara all over my face, this is just revolutionary! Because it's such a small, fine bristled, well designed brush that separating your lower lashes has never been so easy! I suppose it does what it says on the tube! The ability to fully seperate and volumise both sets of lashes really does make eyes appear bigger!!!

So which should you buy?!

Like most things it's down to preference! But if it was my choice, I'd get both to be honest and use the Extreme volume end from Max Factor on my upper lashes and the Lower lashes brush from Big Eyes by Maybelline on my bottom lashes for the perfect lashes for a night out, day at work or just chillin with friends. 

So when you go into Boots or Superdrug tomorrow pick one (or both) up and try it out for yourself! Trust me, you will not be dissapointed!! 


Friday, 17 January 2014

Debating what to post next!

Okay so I'm compiling together my Skincare routine and I'm definitely doing a general love/hate/ this or that post as I've realised I'd been let down by quite a few products and such like in 2013. So why not share it with the world...

Any who's thought id make a quick post saying hi and also check out my christmas nails! ( yh I know a month late but in my defence the cows in the field opposite were blocking the internet signal!) 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a nail technician, I consider my nail art 'fabulous' just for actually painting only on my nails and not managing to somehow paint half my fingers as well. I also only use toothpicks and the end of an old makeup brush for my nail art so yay me for creativity without proper tools. 

Thumb to Pinkie: Frosty the snowman, red ribbon present, christmas jumper, christmas pudding and snowflake nails!

Pinkie to Thumb: Tinsel, Holly leaves and berries, silver ribbon present, Candy Cane and Santa nails!!

The polishes I used were: Barry M, Seventeen, LA Stripers, Rimmel, ELF, OPI, and BeautyUK. 

If you want to know a specific colour on a specific nail, comment and I'll let you know! :)


Saturday, 11 January 2014

December Loves & Let Downs!!

Ok I know, I know, this may technically be a bit late but hey ho, it's a post before the end of the week! Yay me! I did it!

December Loves!

Okay so this is just a select few things which I loved during the month of December. I practically used all these items everyday without fail so they have been tried and tested for the whole of December! (By the way, I'm playing about with a new editing style on my pictures, do you prefer it or hate it?, let me know!)

Right LOVES up first! 

OHMYDAYS this brush is amazing. I am not even kidding, it looks and feels just like a real techniques brush for just a fraction of the price! I purchased this through eBay from a seller who I will put a link to a soon as I go into my laptop (my phone doesn't like links you see) and it only cost me £2.99... Oh yes, you read that right... Bargain. Now not only is this mega soft, but the bristles are really densely packed together and then rounded off to provide you with the perfect tool for buffing in foundation seamlessly! I get a real flawless finish when I use this brush and I can't recommend it enough. Even better though, for the price you'd expect mass shedding but actually I haven't had a single hair irritatingly stick to my face half way through foundation application when using this! Yaaaay!!

WOW is all I can say. Also, Where have you been all my life? And whilst we're on the subject, I think I'm in love...
Yes these are the fabulous Lipfinity lip stains from Max Factor! I have the shades 020 Angelic and 108 Frivolous... And I want more...
Okay so Angelic is a slightly mauve pink, definitely has a warm undertone an is one of those, 'your lips, but waaay better' sort of colours. Frivolous is a deep berry red with a hint of purple?! It's really gothic and androgynous... Ooh that's a good word... 

These last for at least 6 hours on me, which considering a lipstick is normally long gone by the time you've reached your destination, I'd say, is pretty good going! Application is easy, normal lipgloss kind of wand, yes it's a tad drying but that's what the balm is for?! Duh?! Speaking of the balm, it really does moisturise my lips. Some good stuff!! I think id like a sparkly red next...

For years I have searched for a decent moisturiser, one that isn't as thin and runny like my nose in the winter, one that's not so thick it makes me itch, or takes an age to be absorbed! One that actually still leaves me feeling moisturised an hour later... I HAVE FOUND IT!

Vaseline coca radiant body gel oil... It's amazing, it smells great, goes on like a cream but moisturises like an oil and leaves my skin silky soft and feeling hydrated and feeling great for days after. I love this stuff, normal RRP is £4.99 but I got it on offer for £2.76 (or something similar, lost my receipt). I'm never going to be without it again!!!!

This isn't a new product, in fact I've had it for a while thinking, what can I do with this? The ELF HD Under Eye Setting Powder was one of those products I thought would miracle away my dark circles... But I then discovered it made my face light up like a disco ball as it had so many (I wanna say duo chrome?) reflective particles in it. And I don't like my face to be covered in glitter particles... Ever. But this I found is a handy little pot to have about as a little of this loaded onto a pencil brush dabbed on the under corner, centre of lids and highest point on the brow can really make a great different to your makeup! Kinda like a mini highlighter but way prettier as the glitter particles are so fine they add a touch of sparkle when you blink or turn to the light! I used this everyday during December to bring some  light back to my face and add some christmas sparkle!

Loved this lip liner! Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner in Eastend Snob. Matched my Max Factor Lipfinity in Angelic really well, stayed put for hours and as far as lip pencils go, wasn't too drying! This was in a twist up pencil so no need to sharpen! Bonus!

During December No7 had a free gift with every purchase of 2 or more No7 products. Now I must add, the eyeliner and the lip pencil didn't come with the free gifts, those were the 2 items I purchased however another item, a black felt tip eyeliner pen, was part of it! But I conpletely forgot about it till now! Ha! 
As you can see you got a small eyeshdow in sheer brown which is more of a frosted brown with silver and good flecks to it, very pretty colour! Then a lipgloss which boasted 'collagen boosting' properties, a felt eyeliner pen (not pictured above) an travel sized mascara. I literally have nothing bad to say about any of these products!!

These are some swatches if the products above plus the Rimmel Lip Liner! The No7 eyeliner I purchased in the shade Blackest is great for the waterline also and in my opinion looks more like a very dark gunmetal grey with silver flecks in it, I love it and wore it all December also! The lipgloss in the shade Whisper wasn't a colour I would have picked up myself but I'm so glad it was in the free gift! It's such a beautiful nude shade with gold shimmer it's rediculously pretty with any colour lipstick underneath and on its own! However I mainly paired it with the No7 lip liner in Plum, which looked great with the frosted brown eyeshadow I also used on my eyelids to complete the look! And the mascara! Well!!

It really helped to separate and lengthen my lashes and worked great on my lower lashes too!! The size was great too as it wasn't too big so that i smudged it all over my face when trying to do my lower lashes!! Fabulous!! And it was FREEEEE!!!!

And now the not so good... The LET DOWNS...

I don't like to dislike things. But these 4 products really sucked.

I'm just gonna say it how it is:

The MUA lipstick had little colour payoff and what did come out left my lips feeling very dry and chapped... And I normally love all things MUA... =[ 

The Natural Collection Lipsticks, although had nice colour payoff, broke as soon as I used them, and I'm very careful with my make up, they just broke off after first use! Not a great formulae in my opinion.

And the Rimmel Universal Lip liner did nothing to stop my lipstick from feathering, or helping it last longer or anything really, in fact it left my lips feeling slightly dry yet sticky somehow? Not a fan!

Well that's it for now! I'll update with links so you can try these out for yourself! Thanks for reading and goodnight.... I have work very early tomorrow... 


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ok I need set blog days!

Quick post, I know I haven't blogged in ages. I've been really busy with christmas and finding new stuff to blog about ( I've now got a shit ton to write about) and plus my internet has been constantly going down and so has my phone so I've been unable to post! 

Now this is just a rough list of a few things I'm planning on blogging about in no particular order, I'm hoping to get a couple of posts up this before the end of this week.

= Skincare! Products I love, hate and why I use so many..

= ELF Boxing Day competition, I won! Check out the prize!

= January favourites!

= Semi permanent hair dyes, 3rd Installment, my hair journey and best products.

= Life and where I'm at today.

= Christmas prezzies! 

= Updated make up routine, anime eyes and flourocent lips..

=Best Art supplies, my view on Copic and Promarkers.

= My tattoos, and why my best friend is amazing!!

= OU maybe?? Or RMT? Decisions...

Well that's just a few I got coming, hope you enjoy!!