Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New job, new year, new me?

First off, I'd like to thank anyone who's reading this. I'm the most inconsistent writer ever and I swear I will make time in the new year for this blog as I have an exciting series coming up! 

Update on me: I finally left superdrug!!! I'm so happy for the first time in ages because even though I loved the staff.. The job was just mentally draining and I felt wasted and kinda like I had no importance in the world and I was dreading work as it was so monotonous and stifling that in a whim I applied for a few jobs I thought were out of my league...

Just goes to show! Aim for the moon and if you fail you'll fall among stars! 

I got a new job. 
I am Natwest newest CSO and even before I've started I've been offered a new position! I'm going in as part time 25 hours a week excluding weekends (how fabulous) and I'll be earning twice as much as I was at superdrug! The manager phoned me today and said someone may be leaving soon so would like me to fill in as full time when they do!! I'll be earning £16000 a year plus benefits, commission and discounts on financial products which means maybe I can actually buy my own home one day!! Considering I was at superdrug what, 19 months? You know what my gross pay was? £5476 or thereabouts! That's nothing! And I worked my butt off all day everyday ! 

Never underestimate your abilities and never underestimate your self worth and importance. Don't compromise happiness for an easy life and have the courage to say NO!

I'm scared as hell but so excited too! I get to wear a fancy suit and look all Important and when people ask me what I do I can now proudly say 'Who, moi? Why I work in finance!' Rather then I work in a shop.. Which nothing wrong with that at all, all work is important but I just feel like I finally have a career starting!  Retail was never a long term plan for me!

Plus maybe I'll meet my rich successful husband through some banking event! You never know! 

Another plus of this is I was hoping to kick start my fitness in the new year, all depending on money and work commitments but my hours seem pretty good so I'll be able to go to the gym everyday if I want! I can learn to swim , lose 2 stone and tone up my abs arms and thighs so maybe for the first time ever this coming summer I can wear a bikini or swimsuit and actually visit a beach and not feel like a hefer or feel utterly embarrassed by my chunky thighs and overweight stomach! My gym buddy is my best friend too which is fab as not only can I go through this with a like minded friend but I can also have a healthy competition going ! I'm quite competitive actually... 

So it's all going on, maybe this time next year I'll be engaged to my bank manager husband, a size 8, a fabulous home and who knows, maybe even plans for children? (Dear lord no...!) 

I'll look back on this and either be really proud or in an even worse situation all depressed an wondering where I went wrong hahha!

Fingers crossed! 


Friday, 3 October 2014


Pixie cut part 3!! 

Okay so. I said before I was gonna take my pixie cut shorter, after all if you've taken the plunge of cutting all your hair off you may as well do what you want and to hell with the consequences! 

So today I went back to my stylist and told her I wanted shorter sides and my roots re bleached as they were bloody awful. I wanted the shaved parts to keep my natural colour and to lift the top to a platinum. 

I let her get to work on my mane and 2.5 hours, 3 hair washes and a shit ton of funny looks from others, later I had my crowning glory perfected!

I am so happy right now...

ERMAHGAWD! So happy!!
The sides are a grade 2 so one from the shortest and the top is about 4 inches? Maybe ? At the longest...

Soo rediculously happy with my shaven head

I just keep feeling it! 

Side note: investing in wooly hats since winter is among us :/ oops lol

You like?


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Piercing my helix!! Extreme DIY Series

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend self/home piercing unless you have undertaken the necessary training. I did this at my own risk and I do not recommend you pierce anyone else, period. Poking holes in yourself is one thing, stabbing someone else with a needles and possibly causing an infection is not only dangerous but is also a stupid thing to do.

Hey internet so I was really wanting a new piercing, I'd played around with fake ones and decided that I wanted my helix on my right ear done. I'd already had my helix on my left ear pierced whilst at Uni (I'd also had a scaffold, 3rd lobe and spine tattoo in the same week and let me tell you it was not a good idea... I had to sleep on my face?! Have you ever slept on your face? Not comfy!) 
Anyhoos because I'm a reckless fool and refuse to pay out for someone to stab me in the ear I decided to read up on it and pierce myself. Also most piercing establishments upon agreeing to pierce you get you to sign a disclaimer form basically excluding them from responsibility if you get an infection or if you have a reaction so I'd rather do it and if I have a problem I've only myself to blame!

Now I didn't go into this lightly, I put some serious thought into this after all, I was gonna poke a damn hole in my flesh, I, understandably was concerned about infections. .... 
So I went online and had a look at some YouTube videos to which I was both horrified and amazed at how some of these people thought sticking a sewing needle through there cartilidge was the way to go. Come on people, if your gonna do it, do it bloody right.

My next move was to look for supplies. eBay is my new best friend. I found out that most cartilidge and standard piercing are done with a 1.2mm needle and thicker parts like the tragus and conch are done with a 1.6mm. So I ordered both as I planned to do my tragus too...

Now this is where I got annoyed. How can piercers charge £25 plus for a helix piercing when a pack of 5 sterilised individual needles only cost £1.58 ?! Clamps were still only £5.99 and half of them don't use those! I never had them used on me?! 

Anyway getting of topic... Jewellery was the hardest part. I am clueless where this is concerned and I still don't have much of a clue. I was never told what size my labret bar was when I had my first helix done so the first lot of jewellery I bought was all too small and I'd gone for BCRs which after spending hours opening, can still not put the damn tiny ball back in the circle... 
The second item I bought was a spiked labret bar, again this was better but still a little on the short side but I figured it might do. 

I waited 2 weeks after buying this till I plucked up the courage to do it! 

Here's what you'll need:

A 1.2mm or 1.6mm hollow sterilised needle (basically a cannula needle)

Rubbing alcohol, sterilising equipment, anti bac.


Cotton wool/pads/buds

Labret bar or BCR or jewelly of choice (just be sure it's not small so the ear has room to swell if needed)

Something hard but permeable like cork to put behind your ear.

Clamps are optional though recommended.

So I used a cotton bud and a pad with some alcohol on it to clean my ear and some anti bac for my hands. (Admittedly I didn't wear gloves, I should have but the only ones I had were huge and kept getting in the way. Definitely wear the gloves though)

Afterwards I used a felt eyeliner to mark where I wanted to stab my poor ear... This took a few tries to get it right... 

Ah look at that ear... All ear like and shit.. This is also the ear I had a scaffold in but room out as my baby niece pulled on it too hard and made it lumpy and swollen an gross so I took it out and let it heal, fortunately I didn't get any permanent blow outs or scars from it :) 

Next I took my needle out the package 

As you can see this is a proper needle, meant for piercing NOT A DAMN SEWING NEEDLE! As I said I got a 5 pack for £1.58 so you can't complain at the price. 
Just so you can get a proper look at it here's a pic I took of it after I stabbed myself with it.

At this point I also sterilised my jewellery and left it for a few minutes.
Then I took a deep breathe, slowly exhaled and jabbed that needle into my ear...

Now honestly this did not hurt as the pointy bit popped through my cartilidge (you can actually hear and feel it popping!) it was only when the widest part of the needle, that being the end of the beveled edge where it's no longer a point and just a tube, did it start to feel uncomfortable. Not painful as such just a burning, tight feeling. Now I do blame this on the fact I had no cork or clamps, and so I think the fact i was pushing It in made it pull and drag on my cartilidge more, so I reckon with clamps it wouldn't hurt at all.

Then came the blood... Now I'm a bleeder according to my last piercer, and I mean full on dripping from my ear all down the sides of my face and neck kinda bleeding. Luckily I'm not squeamish but I think the combination of my anaemia, the heat and the fact I was stabbing oneself all together caused me to go light headed and start to faint. I sat down and recovered but this is one of the reasons why i wouldn't recommend peircing yourself. I've never had that happen before and yet it did, so just be careful!! 

Gosh then I had all sorts of trouble regarding the labret, it wouldn't go through the hole! It would go through the front and all the way through but when I tried to push it through the back so I could screw the spike on, it wouldn't go through! So i resorted to using a stud I had from my second lobe peircing which did the trick but I'm still worried it's too short..
Nevertheless here it Is all done! 
 I've been cleaning it regularly and it hasn't seemed to swell up much at all in fact if I don't touch it I think it just stays normal sized! Also pain wise, it does sort of pulsate if i mess with it too much for instance when I clean it, but other than that i don't even realise it's there!! It's great! Obviously I'm not outta the woods yet in regard to infections, I'll give it 2 weeks and if by then I've still got an ear left I'll consider this a job well done! 

Would i do it again?
Possibly, but next time I'd get clamps, most definitely. And more labret bars that can be screwed from the back! It's not something I'd just do on a whim, i do take infections seriously and after going dizzy like I did it made me think hard about if info it again ensuring I've got all the right tools and someone there in case I pass out! 

Did it hurt?
On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say 4. And that would probs be reduced to a 2 if I had used clamps.

Thanks for reading!! Ill post on when i do my tragus or forward helix so you can see that too :)


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Samhain is upon us!

(It's pronounced 'sow'inn by the way, who knew?!) 

Its no secret that Halloween is my fave time of year, I mean come on!? There's free food, parties and an excuse to truly let your freak flag fly! And for the weirdos like me out there who enjoy nothing more then mutilating themselves and covering themselves in (edible) blood, well you can't get much better can you?!

I literally spend hours doing special effects makeup, for no reason other then I enjoy it and after slaving over it for hours , to then wipe it all off again it's a bit sad, there goes all my hard work!
Unfortunately it's not yet socially acceptable to walk around with half your face hangin off or to turn up to work in nothing more than a 2 piece with full on Avatar makeup on. Therefore when Halloween rolls around us special folk like to go all out... And I mean.. No expense spared kind of all out...

The worse part it deciding what to be this year! I think long and hard about this... A witch is too simplistic, I'm always a zombie, vampire seems too generic and there's no way I'm going clubbin in a wolf suit. So this year I looked to tv for inspiration and low and behold I found it!

Syfy has this awesome show called Defiance which is like an immigrant community 30 years in the future made up of humans and aliens... 

I am going to be an alien this year ... Ohmygod yes.

The particular breed is Irathient which is what the main character is. 

I'm only takin inspiration from this , outfit wise I'm still stuck on that one however the awesome prosthetics I'm doing as am the makeup!

Since I have a pixie cut a wig is a must , I'm debating wether to stay true to the main character and go for an orange wig or play it up and go for a white wig?!

This year is gonna be the first year I've ever worn lenses, and again instead of going for the yellowy orange lenses the character wears I think I'm gonna go for white out lenses as I can reuse those for zombie looks later on! 

I'm also gonna jazz the look up a bit with some fancy eye makeup like this: 
 Maybe add on the forehead details too ?   

I've debated wether to use a prosthetic made beforehand (Made by yours truly to fit over my brows and make my nose bridge wider) or if I should block out my brows and use layers of latex and cotton wool for the bridge? 
I practised blocking out my brows today :
 I still keep laughing at myself !

I'll try both methods and see what works best with everything else ;)

Anyhoo thanks for reading! If you wanna know how I did my eye makeup, made the prosthetic or covered my eyebrows let me know by leaving a comment! 

So what are you gonna be for Halloween this year!?


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pixie cut progress!

Okay so as you know I had a pixie cut about a month ago.... 

I know some people are wondering, am I regretting it? And the answer is a big fat NO!

Omg I loooooove having to do nothing to it in the morning! Well, I put some Vo5 rework putty in it to give it more texture and that's it!! 

The other news however is that my hair grows fast... So about 3 weeks into having gone pixie it was already growing out ...I know right? Annoying!? So I went back and did what I said I may do in my last post... I went even shorter!! Yaaaaay!!! 

I had the back and sides buzzed to a 4, and the too shortend just a bit so I could still style it as well as have the ease of having less to brush and style! Literally if there's a gust of wind all I have to do is push my hair back over to the side and BAM! Back to perfection! 

Now my hairdresser cut my hair nicely however I found that if I pushed my hair the opposite way to how she had styled it I got even more choppy layers and much more volume as shape! So that's how I wear it! It took a while to get used to wearing my fringe the opposite side but I'm over it now ;)

Seriously I'm in love with it, my stylist is recommending I go even shorter next time to a 1!! And keep it two toned like, natural in back and sides and peroxide on top! I'm seriously considering it!! 
Here's some photos of it growing out and then the new cut!!

So you can see how much it had grown the fringe had to be pinned all the time as it was just too long to style and the sides where over my ears and the back was entering mullet territory but we won't go there...

And then!!

Ahh!!! All buzzed off on the sides and back ... Heaven... 

So what do you think? Should I go shorter ?? Or grow it out next? 

Or go back to my natural color eventually through a procces of growing out an cutting short again !! So many choices!!

And for the record, I'm still finding loads of ways to style my pixie, That braid is similar to how I braided it when I first had it short ony this gives it a totally different look this time as my hair is buzzed! I've brought my parting further forward on the top of my head so I have longer layers at the back that I can tease for more volume too! I can't wait to try out some retro styles on my hair and even curl it! And straighten actually! Since having it done I haven't touched my hair with those evil flat irons!! Round of applause please!! 

Until next time (where ill probably be bald!! Haha)


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My new hair!!!! I got a pixie!!

I did it!
I finally got around to doing it!
I got a Pixie Cut!

So id decided this many moons ago, to chop off my locks and go short once more.

I was actually excited for once about visiting a hairdressers, this is normally a traumatic experience for me, but this time, i felt great.

So ill give you the lowdown, I had the majority of my hair cut off and styled first then i had it bleached and toned. This took about 2 1/2 hours. When it was all dried i then asked for even more to be cut off and for it to be thinned out (i have explained hair is a bush). I would have gone even shorter but i thought, pace yourself, if you hate it you'll regret it... 

And so this is what im left with!! Ill do some snazzy before and after pictures if i can stay awake long enough!!

So this was my hair with a lotta colour build up...

 As you can see it look pretty dark, but it was a sort of red/green/brown mess...

Then i found out an old box of Jo Bazz and OMG THAT SHITS AMAZEBALLS!! Like seriously i used colour b4, before and that has NOTHING on this!!! This worked soooo much better! You want proof?

Excuse the mass of shower pic...but daaaammn! So much lighter!! (and so very much greener)

So then i went for the chop! TA DAAAHH!

Ive played around with it for a bit, and its safe to say i prefer it sort of, lifted at the front and pushed back...its too hot to have hair on your face!!

So ive loved playing around with accessorizes too! Ill do a post on those but i now have like a thousand headbands!

LIKE?! If so heres some helpful handy tips if your deciding to go short!!

1. Watch many Youtube videos of haircuts, getting a pixie cut, growing out a pixie, and ways to style your pixie... No one knows it better then the folk that already have the hair you want. Plus its handy to see the different styles of pixie you can have!

2. Dont be afraid of others opinions. Its your hair...screw society's narrow minded view of what is attractive in a women and what is not. If short hair wasn't feminine or sexy, then why do so many celebs cut off their hair?! Yeah...exactly....

3. Invest in headbands. Best advice ever. When your having a bad hair day (for instance, you've been up 3 mornings on the trot extra early, its been really hot, you've sweat so much, your questioning if you've actually peed yourself and your hair is sticking up uncontrollably and no amount of product is helping...) then a cute headband can turn a ''you haven't brushed your hair this morning'' look into a cute ''boho chic...i meant it to look this way...duh?'' look...

4. Try out a new colour! Its easy enough with less hair on your head and i think if your gonna have a new hairdo have a new colour too!

5. Think about it for at least 2 weeks. Im all for being reckless and impulsive, but going in there with no idea what you want or if you really even want it that short, is a sure fire way of you wallowing in self pity for the next 6 months...

6. Its more helpful to say what you don't want then exactly what you do want. This will mean your giving the stylist more room for creativity and will make there job easier. This also helps you too, as if you go in there wanting Mileys cut exactly, and it turns out its not the best cut for your face and so therefore it looks nothing like Miley's, but hey, you wanted it...then, again....your gonna be wallowing in a pit of despair once more...

Thats about as helpful as i can be tonight....ive been up since 6 damn it im tired. Ill share my styling tips and products and whatnot next...if you like...=)

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings ...hope this helped at least one person!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Are you ready to take the plunge and go Pixie?

Dreaming of a chic short pixie cut?
Or still deciding if its right for you?

Read on to decide!

I do believe that every girl, no matter what their style should at least try some version of a pixie cut... the feeling you get as your precious locks are being hacked from your head is one of sheer terror, panic and involves thoughts of running out of that salon as fast as your fabulous heels will take you... The feeling afterwards however is GREAT. Yes you can no longer 'swish' but now you look damn sassy! The FREEDOM! The time you spent frying your hair with straighteners and curlers is over and your free to literally, just climb out of bed and go..because pixie cut bed hair is sexy, think Halle Berry...

But are you ready?!?!

You no longer do anything with your hair apart from put it in a ponytail or occasionally straighten it. Its in a pretty bad shape, roots need fixing and to be honest, there are more split ends than there are healthy ones...

You argue, you cant style short hair like you can long hair...and thats kinda the point, no more heat, no more hours spent curling, fewer hours spent washing and drying your precious weave (and having to unclog the drain every time you shower). No, you cant french plait a pixie cut, and you cant have long flowing curls, but hey, how often do you do that anyway??

Still in a quandary eh?

Sometimes it good to be impulsive and take a chance on something. Think it wont suit you? Well like long hair, there are many different styles of short hair. Think about Miley's hair compared to Jennifer Lawrence's? Completely different. Think about what you like and what you dont and ask your stylist what shape they think would suit your face shape...and if they are hesitant, tell them to go screw themselves and find a real stylist, its your hair you can do as you want... (i once had a hairdresser who, whenever i went in to get a new hairstyle, no matter what i asked for, id come out with a boring, flat, bob... some stylists are great at one cut, but too hesitant to try something new).

I have decided to once again, for the THIRD time, to chop off all my hair...

Hair History
So my first pixie cut was an asymmetrical pixie, with one side cut as short as it could go with scissors and a comb, with the other side longer, with the longest piece to the bottom of my ear. I also had my hair colour black with red stripes...I adored this haircut....

I grew it out so far, so the longest layer was to my shoulder, and then bleached it all and it went so very wrong! I figured id have a trim to tidy it up a bit, but my hair dresser thought it best to start anew and chopped off all my hair even buzzing the back of it... yes my hair was no the blonde i had originally aimed for, but now i didnt have any of it left... i was not a happy bunny.
I guess the reason i hated this so much was because i didnt go in the salon expecting to come out bald. 
I didnt plan on having my hair buzzed off.
I was in no mental state to appreciate the simplicity and ease of a pixie just been scalped.
It was winter...
I was cold...
I could feel the wind on my scalp...

Ironically, my dad who hates all my wild hair do's LOVED this cut... as did everyone else...i never heard any bad criticism about it, apart from my brother who just teased me about being practically bald... i then dyed it pink and loved it...
Until it grew out...and i went back to get a restyle and my hairdresser fucked my hair up so bad... so very awfully dreadfully wrong... that i was in deep depression with my hair for about 6 months and refused to have even a trim as not to loose any new growth. This obviously made it worse as i had a mullet... which is never sexy..not even on Billy Ray Cyrus... 

It took me a while to grow it out...and i vowed never to cut my hair off again...

Yet here i am! Planning on cutting it all off again! And why might you ask? Because i secretly loved the attention i got from having such an extreme haircut (i was in college where all the girls had girl, long flowing curls). I also loved how quick and simple things coloring styling washing and drying takes half the time it does with long hair. 
And i suppose this time, im not going in blind... i know what to expect, i know how to handle it, and i know, regular trims are my friend... not the enemy! Avoid a mullet at all costs...

Its summer, its too hot to have long hair, and i too lazy to do anything with it, and im so bored of my hair... i want to cut it all off and im excited to try out all the different styles that i can wear for different occasions! 

Pixie cuts are stylish and sexy, there chic and sassy, they ooze confidence and sophistication... And i cant wait to get mine!! ......again.....

Mwuah!! xxx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Why i think everyone should be sentenced to at least a year in a Customer Service related job!

You people have no idea of the daily rage a person working in a customer service related job goes through...

I work in a Health and Beauty store as Team Leader...this means i work both on the shop floor and run the shop on days when management have days off...

This means that when a customer comes in to complain/return/exchange/moan about something, it is I who has the joy of dealing with them..

Now not every customer is a pain, we have very lovely regulars, and very nice customers who make the job worthwhile, however, with the good comes the bad...

Let me explain...

1. The 'Im right and you're wrong' customer

Now this person is perhaps one of the less infuriating but more irritating people to grace me with their presence....
Theres a lot more to a shop then just serving customers and sometimes, things get overlooked. Take for instance, a price change, these come through practically everyday, and pretty much all tags are changed once a month, this means, some can get lost, or misplaced, or not changed due to an error, or perhaps a small child has run out the store with a handful of new tags leaving all the wrong ones on display which where behind them (yep, seen this happen multiple times). 
Now customer A here, brings an item to the till. It gets scanned and at this point A is pointing out that this item, is in fact, the wrong price. (This is where i get summoned to the till point). I then check the price tag and explain the situation...

This is where it goes two ways... Customer A either lets me finish my sentence and i over ride the transaction, or Customer A starts on a rant of 'thats the price on the shelf by law you have to sell it to me for that price, customers always right, cant get the staff these days blah blah blaahh...''

CORRECTION! You are wrong. The law doesnt say any such thing, the tag price is what is called an 'invitation to buy' you only accept this at the till when you pay for an item, we as a store are under no obligation to sell you the item at the price on the ticket, however we do as a GOODWILL gesture....Check Contract Law people, this is true... (A* in Law bitches, dont mess with me!) 

However i cant say any of this as it would be unprofessional and rude and the customer is always right.... yeahh...sure...(grit teeth, smile and say have a great day!!)

2. The 'This is wrong and its YOUR fault' customer

Let me tell you a story: I was off work on promo day (the day all the tags are changed, new offers start and the shop is slightly rearranged with new products) therefore i had no involvement in the stock movements at all nor did i know what had to be where...I come into work the day after and the bell has rung, so i go answer it (big smiles, people!). The women at the till is complaining that the shampoo she wants to buy has come up at the wrong price, i check and realise that whoever was in charge of that particular gondola end, has put the wrong size shampoo with the wrong tag. I explain this to the lady and apolagise that this was an error and id be happy to exchange them for the cheaper, smaller sized bottles. She refuses and continues to tell me its disgusting and that i should make sure things are in the right place and that whilst i was standing there i may as well change them round so no one else is affected by this as its disgraceful.... 

okaaaay, so firstly, the print out we get for the promo is very small, you need a damn magnifying glass to read it and on top of that, half the time they dont have the size written on it as its all in abbreviations! Regardless of that i still would have accepted this and apologized and offered the exchange (a price change isnt generally immediately offered in this case unless for a specific reason). Yet the fact she still continued to shake her head at me and tell me it was no good just made me think why do i bother? I then offered to change the price explaining that i actually shouldnt be doing this but again, its a gesture of GOODWILL and she just said ''well you better, because im not happy at all, ridiculous it is!''

Thank you lady, for blaming me for something i wasnt even presant for, or have any hand in...of course its my fault...i work here so it must be...

3. The 'well cant you order it? Why not? How stupid' customer

Simple and short. Somethings out of stock, has been for a while. Theres not a lot we can do, especially if its a long term stockout, other stores wont have it either.
Customer A comes in looking for it and again, approaches the till, ''This is the fourth week ive been in and the item i want is still not in stock? Why?' i explain. ''Well thats just not good enough! i come in here regular, cant you do something? Cant you order it in for me?''  See thats the thing with a stock out...NO WHERE HAS IT! So no. I cant. ''Well thats disgraceful, this is no good, wheres the number to customer services? This is ridiculous'' 

So sorry, i cant do anything, if i could i would, now please, cease complaining and holding up the queue...( i should probably say i have never been rude to a customer, ive never told them to leave, but sometimes people are just rude for no reason!)

4. The 'ive decided i dont want this, instead of putting it back, ill just shove it in the most inconceivable place 2 feet away' customer.

Admit've all done it.... seen something better and just dumped whatever you had where ever you are and walk off....

Now this is annoying, especially in a small shop like what i work in, i can kind of understand it in large store, but in a small shop, please, just put it back.
Whats more infuriating is the people that decide to put an item like 1 foot away from its right place! Like its literally within reaching distance and yet, they still cant manage to put it in its right place! What makes it worse are the ones who somehow manage to wedge the item right at the back of a stand, or behind something, which clearly, took a lot of effort to wedge there, and therefore, why not use that extra effort and PUT THE DAMN THING BACK IN THE RIGHT PLACE YOU DOUCHE! 
You have no idea how irritating this is! It actually causes problems for us in regards to stock management, and some things are date coded which means we have to record them weekly, if we cant find them due to them not being put back, and we miss them and they are supposed to be recorded, we as a shop can get fined... Next time, im gonna come into YOUR home and move all your stuff around, see how you like it! 

5. The 'id rather try before i buy..and paint on your wall' customer

This is the person who will be hovering around the cosmetics looking at the pretty colours, and then instead of just looking, will then proceed to open up an item, regardless as to whether there is a tester available, and continue to test the product on themselves, the stand or even the damn wall... Not only is this really gross, theres a reason things have seals, its this little thing called HYGIENE. You wouldnt want to buy a product that had been used by someone else? Also, once a seal is broken we cant sell it! We have to destroy and therefore lose money! THANKS...

Oh and whilst we're on this people that spray deodorants and sprays. These dont have testers, therefore, this means dont test. Why you then continue to spray them is beyond me... If you then buy the one you sprayed, all is forgiven. If however you are that person who sprays and then PICKS UP THE CAN BEHIND, the one you didnt spray, then FUCK YOU! Its sooooo annoying and again, YOU wouldn't want to buy something that's been half used! Dont friggin do it!!!

6. The 'I dont have the receipt, but believe me, i bought it from here'' cusotmer

This is the person who will march in the store, already angry, demanding a refund for something that didnt live up to their expectations, normally if you have a receipt, we will change it for you or refund it. If however, you do not have have a receipt and its not an own brand product, things get complicated, we can offer an exchange, but only in some cases. This customer will demand their money back, and refuses an exchange, and insists they bought it from this store, even going into detail of the day they came, the weather and the vague description of the person that served them... Again as goodwill an exchange will be offered IF the product being bought back is able to be resold. This customer will still rant and rave and demand to see a manager, anyone but you who is clearly too incompetent to deal with them, only to be told the same thing by management, after which they either begrudgingly accept or storm out the shop exclaiming they'll be complaining and and will no longer shop here again...

Thank god for that...

7. The customer who tuts, sighs and slams things on the counter because they were not served immediately. 

Pretty self explanatory really. Again it is not my fault everyone decided to come to the till at the same time and a queue formed and that i am the only other member of staff on as my manager is in the office busy....

Whilst on this subject, a customer once spoke to me very rudely just because i spoke to my colleague whilst she was serving her, to inform her of an important piece of information. The women turned to me and in a very rude tone, 'im being served here' (rolls eyes) then proceeds to rant on at my colleague about how never in her life had she been asked to move tills (curse the thought! the till was out of change so i went to get more) and how she was disgusted and what was my name and where could she find the number to customer services? 

I still dont see what was wrong in politely asking her if she minded moving tills whilst i got more change?

8. The customer who breaks shit and says nothing

If you break something, please just say, ive never once demanded a customer pay for a broken item if broken on accident, im grateful they told me as spillages are a health and safety risk.
However those who break shit and just leave are just god damn rude... i mean, i then get another customer telling me ive got a mess down aisle one and should probably clean it, only to see a massive puddle of green shower gel all over the floor and dripping down all 5 shelves where the person who broke it not only ran away but also put it back on the shelf after it broke so it makes an even bigger mess! 

Im sure there are many more i could write about but i cant think right now...
if your one one of these people then please take a moment to think about the people behind the till.
We are here to help you, not make life difficult so please, dont make it hard for us.
I totally get it if you have a sour faced checkout person who clearly doesn't give a shit, but of you're greeted with a smile and clearly see that this person is trying to help then give us a break... chill out, anger gives you wrinkles....

''i hope this post is taken with a pinch of salt! I dont wish to offend anyone and we all have our bad days but these are things ive noticed and encounter regularly, and yes i expect it working with the public, but that doesn't make it right and does not mean i cant have a rant about it!''


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore

I should have written this review ages ago... Sorry.

Okay so I was sent a box of the Colour Restore Deep Red by Scott Cornwall himself via his Facebook page! Yay me! So at the time of him sending it me I was still deciding on what colour to go and whilst my hair was a very faded red almost ginger (perfect base for this product) the longing to go a more alternative shade beckoned... So I went plum rendering the box if Deep Red useless...(i should have gone red, everything went downhill from then on, the plum went blue then that went green and then it wouldn't wash out my hair and I'm still trying to be rid of it!) 
Alas! It became useful again! After the plum incident, I was left with green hair and a lot of roots. I put I semi chocolate on it and nothing really happened, so I tried a maroon red which yay, worked only the green decide to rear it's ugly head again and thus I had a moment of genius... What counteracts green, red!!!  And what product did I have in my box of random half used/some never opened hair dyes? A deep red! A box of colour restore sent to me many months before that was now to be my saviour!! 

Thank you Scott, thank you!

So I slathered my head with this wonderful product... 

It claims to (and I quote!)  ''replenishes depleted red pigment levels in coloured hair''

Some pros here: contains no peroxide or ammonia.
Contains no harsh chemicals.
Gives conditioning benefits. 
Can be used for intense tonal restoration or just as a weekly wash in.
Simple to use, rinse through or leave in hair up to 25 minutes for deeper results.
Can be used immediately after bleaching or perming.

So it sounds perfect! No harsh chemicals and vibrant results? Yes please!

So I used it on my somewhat abismal green hair, in a hope it would at lease neutrilise some of the green! 

Some ravishing photos of my hair there...
It appears more blue in places... Because it is. But it's much more green on the ends then it shows!!

So I slathered my head in this stuff, left it for about 10 minutes? Maybe less ? I dunno I was in the shower I didn't have a watch.... The results? Well, lemme show you 

Please, do excuse my wifeys face buried in my bosom there... It was her 21st and the lighting shows the colour best... So, there you go....

It definitely restored it to a deep red!! I liked that it wasn't too RED red if you know what I mean, I mean my base was more brown so I guess that's why but it made it a lovely rich auburn sort of colour and it was great! Definitely did what it was intended for! And it covered the blue/green!! 

......The downside however is this: whether it was due to the product, or due to the porosity and damage in my hair, this only lasted a week, as in, I wash my hair once a week and if I didn't apply the product, it would wash straight out and if be left with shrek hair again. Now yes, it did say it can be used as a weekly wash in, however I did leave it on for longe let then a few minutes which I would assume meant that it would stay on the hair longer... Perhaps it's a misunderstanding on my part, or perhaps it's due to the fact that my hair was damaged so the product didn't last as long as it should have, I'll never know! However it is, in my humble opinion one of the best hair colour treatments I've ever used in regards to colour result and vibrancy! Especially since my base was all different colours, it certainly put this product to the test! 

So, is it worth buying?

YES. No doubt about it, it works. It's a nice formula, it's easy to use and is gives good results. It's a definite must have for your cupboard!

If it's so good, why have you stopped using it?

Well, it's simple. I'm bored of red hair. I used about a tablespoon or 2 each time I showered and I still have plenty left, it would have lasted me at least 2 more months which is awesome! I just don't have a need for it anymore!

Does it stain?

It doesn't stain your skin, as long as you wear gloves. I applied this in the shower so obviously when I rinsed the product went all over me but it didn't stain. It did however, stain my shower curtain, and did leave a stain on my scalp which was only visable at my parting and to be honest, not that big of a deal.

Where can one purchase this fabulous item?

This product can be purchased through or direct through Scott's website which also has handy guides and how to videos! Visit at: 

Thanks for reading! 


Hair problems, weight issues and zombies...

Hello world, it's been a while. I've been fairly lazy recently in regards to my hobbies, I haven't even picked up a pencil and drawn anything for ages! That shit just ain't right... So I've told myself off and instead of vegetating and wallowing in self pity as I have been these past months I'm gonna make a fresh start....(again)... But do it properly this time!

So for starters I've been upset about a lot of things recently, I feel like I'm putting on weight, but this could be two things, firstly the only clothes that are feeling a bit too tight are the ones I've had since I was 16 (yep, still fit them) and I'm almost 21 now so it could be either I've put on weight or maybe my body is finally deciding it doesn't wish to resemble a preteen boy anymore. Or it could be the amount of chocolate I've been eating... O_o .... Part of this must be true considering the other day I tried on this new maxi dress I bought of eBay, and it was rather low cut, but I didn't realise how big my boobs had gotten! Even my mom said I've finally got a bust on me! Well, the women in my family are all cursed with HUGE boobs, like off the scale, I'm talkin big here people. I used to be a B cup, that was fine by me... I've now had to order a D cup.... Please boobies... Don't grow anymore!!! I can no longer fit size 10 clothes as the buttons don't do up over my breasticles!! No fun.

Secondly my hair... Ah yes I've made many posts on my hair and this one is no better, yes my hair has grown to the length I've been craving for since the mullet of 2012... But hair causes so many problems! Brushing for instance! I brush my hair once a day, an yet by the end of the day the underneath is matted because my hair is so thick! I had a haircut the other week to get rid of some of the split ends, and yet I CAN STILL SEE SPLIT ENDS!! And the style I had it cut in has disappeared! It now looks exactly the same as before! And to top it all off it's still GREEN!!!! :( whhhhhyy!!?? I used Scott Cornwall Colour Restore in Red and that was good, covered the majority of the green but it would wash straight out  so is have to keep applyin it everytime I washed my hair which I'm far to lazy for! 
Therefore I've made a decisions, I've spoke about this before, and have been thinking about it for months... I'm getting the whole lot chopped off... AGAIN... Only this time I'll do it properly. Have it Idyed blonde, get it trimmed regularly, style it appropriately and keep in mind that long hair is a pain in the ass... So yeah, pixie cut is the way forward... On a plus note, when the apocalypse comes short hair is more convienient! Just look at Carol from the Walking Dead!? Genius. 

Which leads me onto my next note.... I've become rather fixated on zombies and have decided to either write a blog or book about surviving the Apocalypse...  I feel I have great knowledge to bestow upon the world... Or at least i think I do! 

I'm gonna post on my hair next and do a review on that colour restore as it's handy to have in your cupboard!

Thanks !!


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Battle of the Mascaras!!!

Alert! New product launches from Max Factor and Maybelline!!! Both have brought out a brand new mascara!!! Now I love mascara and I own way too many but these 2 new mascaras certainly have a place in my collection (and heart!).


The brand new duel ended mascaras, Excess Volume and Big Eyes by Max Factor and Maybelline!! OUT TOMORROW!!

Now I received these as gifts from the conpanies as I'm the beauty specialist at superdrug, and so I figured why not share my knowledge and experience of these little beauties so you can make an informed purchase! Bare in mind here that both Rimmel and Collection have also launched a new mascara that goes live tomorrow and will be battling for number one alongside these 2! 

Ok first up!

I was dubious when I went to try this, I'm not gonna lie, I'm put off Max factor mascaras for 2 reasons, the price and the chemical smell they seem to have. Now, the price I can get over but I don't like having strongly smelling things near my eyeballs thank you very much however this particular mascara doesn't have an odour which is awesome!! Hi 5 Max factor on that one. Secondly OMG this mascara is AMAZING!! Using the Extreme volume end (step 1) really makes my lashes pop! They're curled, thick, full and feathery looking it's literally amazing and the Dark Laquere side (step 2) makes my lashes the blackest black there ever was... If such a thing exists!! My only critism of this is the dark laquere end is a bit sticky... But to be honest the magic is all in the extreme volume end!!! 


Maybelline's Big Eyes mascara is just as amazing! The brush for the upper lashes makes my lashes spread out evenly and look fuller and the brush designed for the lower lashes is the greatest thing since... I dunno, pizza? And I like me some pizza... It's just an amazing brush! Again my only critism with this is the upper lash brush is one of those that puts a bit too much product on your lashes and doesnt  have very well spaced out bristles so once more the magic is in the other end of the tube!! But saying that it's still a great mascara! I used to use Maybelline's  great lash for my lower lashes as all other brushes would be too big and so id splodge mascara all over my face, this is just revolutionary! Because it's such a small, fine bristled, well designed brush that separating your lower lashes has never been so easy! I suppose it does what it says on the tube! The ability to fully seperate and volumise both sets of lashes really does make eyes appear bigger!!!

So which should you buy?!

Like most things it's down to preference! But if it was my choice, I'd get both to be honest and use the Extreme volume end from Max Factor on my upper lashes and the Lower lashes brush from Big Eyes by Maybelline on my bottom lashes for the perfect lashes for a night out, day at work or just chillin with friends. 

So when you go into Boots or Superdrug tomorrow pick one (or both) up and try it out for yourself! Trust me, you will not be dissapointed!! 


Friday, 17 January 2014

Debating what to post next!

Okay so I'm compiling together my Skincare routine and I'm definitely doing a general love/hate/ this or that post as I've realised I'd been let down by quite a few products and such like in 2013. So why not share it with the world...

Any who's thought id make a quick post saying hi and also check out my christmas nails! ( yh I know a month late but in my defence the cows in the field opposite were blocking the internet signal!) 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a nail technician, I consider my nail art 'fabulous' just for actually painting only on my nails and not managing to somehow paint half my fingers as well. I also only use toothpicks and the end of an old makeup brush for my nail art so yay me for creativity without proper tools. 

Thumb to Pinkie: Frosty the snowman, red ribbon present, christmas jumper, christmas pudding and snowflake nails!

Pinkie to Thumb: Tinsel, Holly leaves and berries, silver ribbon present, Candy Cane and Santa nails!!

The polishes I used were: Barry M, Seventeen, LA Stripers, Rimmel, ELF, OPI, and BeautyUK. 

If you want to know a specific colour on a specific nail, comment and I'll let you know! :)


Saturday, 11 January 2014

December Loves & Let Downs!!

Ok I know, I know, this may technically be a bit late but hey ho, it's a post before the end of the week! Yay me! I did it!

December Loves!

Okay so this is just a select few things which I loved during the month of December. I practically used all these items everyday without fail so they have been tried and tested for the whole of December! (By the way, I'm playing about with a new editing style on my pictures, do you prefer it or hate it?, let me know!)

Right LOVES up first! 

OHMYDAYS this brush is amazing. I am not even kidding, it looks and feels just like a real techniques brush for just a fraction of the price! I purchased this through eBay from a seller who I will put a link to a soon as I go into my laptop (my phone doesn't like links you see) and it only cost me £2.99... Oh yes, you read that right... Bargain. Now not only is this mega soft, but the bristles are really densely packed together and then rounded off to provide you with the perfect tool for buffing in foundation seamlessly! I get a real flawless finish when I use this brush and I can't recommend it enough. Even better though, for the price you'd expect mass shedding but actually I haven't had a single hair irritatingly stick to my face half way through foundation application when using this! Yaaaay!!

WOW is all I can say. Also, Where have you been all my life? And whilst we're on the subject, I think I'm in love...
Yes these are the fabulous Lipfinity lip stains from Max Factor! I have the shades 020 Angelic and 108 Frivolous... And I want more...
Okay so Angelic is a slightly mauve pink, definitely has a warm undertone an is one of those, 'your lips, but waaay better' sort of colours. Frivolous is a deep berry red with a hint of purple?! It's really gothic and androgynous... Ooh that's a good word... 

These last for at least 6 hours on me, which considering a lipstick is normally long gone by the time you've reached your destination, I'd say, is pretty good going! Application is easy, normal lipgloss kind of wand, yes it's a tad drying but that's what the balm is for?! Duh?! Speaking of the balm, it really does moisturise my lips. Some good stuff!! I think id like a sparkly red next...

For years I have searched for a decent moisturiser, one that isn't as thin and runny like my nose in the winter, one that's not so thick it makes me itch, or takes an age to be absorbed! One that actually still leaves me feeling moisturised an hour later... I HAVE FOUND IT!

Vaseline coca radiant body gel oil... It's amazing, it smells great, goes on like a cream but moisturises like an oil and leaves my skin silky soft and feeling hydrated and feeling great for days after. I love this stuff, normal RRP is £4.99 but I got it on offer for £2.76 (or something similar, lost my receipt). I'm never going to be without it again!!!!

This isn't a new product, in fact I've had it for a while thinking, what can I do with this? The ELF HD Under Eye Setting Powder was one of those products I thought would miracle away my dark circles... But I then discovered it made my face light up like a disco ball as it had so many (I wanna say duo chrome?) reflective particles in it. And I don't like my face to be covered in glitter particles... Ever. But this I found is a handy little pot to have about as a little of this loaded onto a pencil brush dabbed on the under corner, centre of lids and highest point on the brow can really make a great different to your makeup! Kinda like a mini highlighter but way prettier as the glitter particles are so fine they add a touch of sparkle when you blink or turn to the light! I used this everyday during December to bring some  light back to my face and add some christmas sparkle!

Loved this lip liner! Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner in Eastend Snob. Matched my Max Factor Lipfinity in Angelic really well, stayed put for hours and as far as lip pencils go, wasn't too drying! This was in a twist up pencil so no need to sharpen! Bonus!

During December No7 had a free gift with every purchase of 2 or more No7 products. Now I must add, the eyeliner and the lip pencil didn't come with the free gifts, those were the 2 items I purchased however another item, a black felt tip eyeliner pen, was part of it! But I conpletely forgot about it till now! Ha! 
As you can see you got a small eyeshdow in sheer brown which is more of a frosted brown with silver and good flecks to it, very pretty colour! Then a lipgloss which boasted 'collagen boosting' properties, a felt eyeliner pen (not pictured above) an travel sized mascara. I literally have nothing bad to say about any of these products!!

These are some swatches if the products above plus the Rimmel Lip Liner! The No7 eyeliner I purchased in the shade Blackest is great for the waterline also and in my opinion looks more like a very dark gunmetal grey with silver flecks in it, I love it and wore it all December also! The lipgloss in the shade Whisper wasn't a colour I would have picked up myself but I'm so glad it was in the free gift! It's such a beautiful nude shade with gold shimmer it's rediculously pretty with any colour lipstick underneath and on its own! However I mainly paired it with the No7 lip liner in Plum, which looked great with the frosted brown eyeshadow I also used on my eyelids to complete the look! And the mascara! Well!!

It really helped to separate and lengthen my lashes and worked great on my lower lashes too!! The size was great too as it wasn't too big so that i smudged it all over my face when trying to do my lower lashes!! Fabulous!! And it was FREEEEE!!!!

And now the not so good... The LET DOWNS...

I don't like to dislike things. But these 4 products really sucked.

I'm just gonna say it how it is:

The MUA lipstick had little colour payoff and what did come out left my lips feeling very dry and chapped... And I normally love all things MUA... =[ 

The Natural Collection Lipsticks, although had nice colour payoff, broke as soon as I used them, and I'm very careful with my make up, they just broke off after first use! Not a great formulae in my opinion.

And the Rimmel Universal Lip liner did nothing to stop my lipstick from feathering, or helping it last longer or anything really, in fact it left my lips feeling slightly dry yet sticky somehow? Not a fan!

Well that's it for now! I'll update with links so you can try these out for yourself! Thanks for reading and goodnight.... I have work very early tomorrow...