Sunday, 20 October 2013

Way out my comfort zone...

Alright so I'm not very adventurous in regards to face make up, and by that I mean ill play around with eyeliner and shadow and funky lipstick ( every girl should own a black/ dark purple lipstick as it instantaneously make you feel edgy and mysterious! Everyone can rock a black lip!) However when it comes to my base it's always matte... I don't go for dewy (why would I want to look like I'm sweating from every pore on my face??) or satin (what the hell is a satin finish? Hey I have a satin bed spread and my face does not look like that after using a so called satin finish foundation!!) and god help me will I ever go for something that claims to illuminate or give my face a  radiant glow... I know what that means!! Glitter. And I hate glitter. In my opinion glitter should be kept to eyes only, not in blush or lipstick and no way in foundation.... 

But I have come to realise that sometimes it's good to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with textures and finishes... Now I know.. Dewy skin can look great on everyone but me and satin... Well, I still don't understand what that means! So after popping into my local Boots ( sorry Superdrug but I cheated on you) I saw that Seventeen had 3 for £10!!!! Bargain.

So as you do, I picked out the most expensive items for the ultimate saving... :D 
Since I already own way to many mascaras and lip products I thought I'd invest in my face and since I was making a saving... Dare to try something new! 
So what did I buy?

Yes I went for glitter of all things! 
Okay first up. The Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Under eye Concealer in the shade Fair. 

I LOVE this!! I cannot fault it! Love the packaging, love that it has a mirror, the colour is perfect for my under eye circles, blends in brilliantly and as it says is heavy enough to actually cover up the purple circles I have to live with due to an irregular sleeping pattern and fair skin! This retails for £5.49 and is part of the 3 or £10 offer! 
Go buy it, it's amazing! I don't know how I've coped without it!! And I don't have to reapply during the day which is fabulous !! My dark circles stay hidden for hours!! Wooo!!

Okay so next up I was ever so tempted to go for the Flawless Poreless Primer but the packaging put me off... I like prime I can apply using my hands and squeezing out of a tube, although this primer felt amazing, I wasn't all that tempted to go for it especially since this was part of the offer! 

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer which retails for £5.99. Now it's not at orange as what the picture shows I just have awful lighting! 
Notice this says Glow on it?? Normally this would have me running for the hills however, recently my skin has looked a little flat and sallow so I thought I needed something to bring light to my face and this does that perfectly without making me look like Edward Cullen in full on sunlight! (that's literary how I thought glittery illuminating stuff would make me look!) 
This smoothes my skin and adds a touch of shimmer to my face whilst still retaining a natural look! I'm really liking this so far!
 Just a picture of the primer to show you how pretty it is! 

Lastly I got the CC Cream which retails for £6.99! 

Okay let me start by saying what a pretty box! Also SPF 25?! Awesome! And then I saw the words Matte and Radiance  together in the same sentence and thought: how can this be??  What sorcery is this?! And so I bought it... Yep. Curiosity got the better of me. There also wasn't a tester available so I took a gamble seeing as I was in such a daring mood (er hello? I just bought something that said glow on it?! Big step for me, people!) 
So I got home and was pleasantly surprised by the packaging! 

I liked that this had an almost clinical look to it, I think it because its in a white tube! But I liked this, it made it feel more upmarket even! Like something Clinique would make... 
Upon swatching.... A little disappointing., 

Again camera hates me but this CC cream was a bit too on the brown side for my skin tone, even though I got the lightest shade Fair it's still not what is consider fair. But I'd rather have it too brown that too orange!! Why are some foundations so orange?! 
But! All is not lost! I do own a white powder (stargazer pressed white powder) so all I do is apply, blend really well and set with my white powder and that lightens it enough to make it match my skin tone!! Brilliant! As for the finish, well it dries matte but with a slight shimmer which is lovely as it really highlights the high points on my face! It's not heavy, lasts all day and really makes my skin look flawless... And I mean, like, air brushed flawless !!!

So in all I'm really happy with my purchases! I can't stress enough how great Seventeen products are and how affordable they are without compromising quality ... My only criticism would be they need to being out an extra fair range! My skin tone matches that of Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 110 but I can get away with 115. Or Loreal True Match Light Ivory ( I think) so being out more fair tones!! 

Thanks as always and

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Haven't posted in ages!

Yeah I know I haven't posted In ages, I suck, I also just wrote this whole post out and then deleted it somehow how frickin irritating!

 Ok so I still have my elf haul post to do, but I'm thinking of doing a best and worst post as I ordered a combined total of over 60 products and lets face it, I can't be arsed to sit here and show each product one by one same as you can't be arsed to read it all. So a best and worst is the way to go! Woooo! 

I also recently bought some products from Seventeen which I can I just say, are a little out of my comfort zone, ( you'll see why) and shall be reviewing such items later!

The Norfolk Pigeon Loft has been a life saver this year! I've never found a shop that sells so many different varieties of jewellery and a fabulous array if gifts! Needless to say Xmas shopping has been totally stress free thanks to that shop!! Lovin it!!

As for Halloween!! Well it's my favourite time of year definitely and I already started my prep in September in regards to my make up! I love doing special effects make up and blood and gore are a key component to any Halloween costume! This year I'm going as Harley Quinn! Only minus the sexy clothing and more blood and gore!! Yay! My inspiration for this look has come from a tutorial by the fabulous Julia Graf who's a fantastic make up artist on YouTube !! The link to the tutorial ill be recreating is here: !!

But here's some picture of some work I've already done ;) 

In other news my poor kitty had to be put to sleep as he had liver failure :( sad times, I've never cried so much! But I did then go out and buy a puppy because I need something furry to love! She's a Patterdale Terrier and her name is Suzie Moo!  And yes she is the cutest thing ever!! 

Just.. How could you say no to that face!!!! 

Well that's all for now im tired and have work tomorrow, boo!! 
Thanks as always and