Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Vampires Kitchen...

Sometimes in life you find everything goes your way.
I am having a very good week.
First of i got signed of at work so i am officially Team Leader!
Hell yeah, i now have minions to do the work i don't want too...
Secondly i won £240 on Jackpot Joy! Totally beginners luck.
I won 3 lip glosses from

''The best thing, by far, to come out of this week is that I won a fabulous 'Dissent Official Tom Wood figurine' from The Vampires Kitchen facebook page!!!!''

How. Epic.

So id already ordered one skull from there website previously and my fabulous Mom had got stuff from them before for my birthday (which i did a post about). 
All that was required was a like and a share and i did, thinking nothing would come of it but... BOOM!  I won!!!!!!

Whats also great is that because of a flood near the warehouse, my delivery was late, which i didnt mind really, as you cant complain when your getting free stuff! But what was so kind of them was they included 2 free pencil cases and even a bag of sweets.... its like they know me so well!! I needed a new case for my new pencils i got a few days back as my old art pencils were getting a bit meh so, when they said about the pencil case i was like, bonus!
And well, you gotta love people who give you free food... i mean, come on, its free food, people

Here are some badly taken photographs, as always ;)

So this is the 'Serpents Skull' the one i purchased...

And this beast is the one I won!!!

Just look at the detail on this thing!

The Dragon on the Skull is soooo cool! Even down to the detail on the back of the skull as you can see above, and on the just...WOW.

And I have no idea where im going to put it....

Check out the pencil case! Its Saw!!!!

''Why yes! I do want to play a game!!...Just not slicing bits of myself off...or like, having to gouge out someones eyeball...or even having to like, willingly have my hand sawn in know what? How about a nice game of Monopoly, eh??!! ''

Anyhoos, ive already made my christmas list and needless to say...most of whats on Vampires Kitchen is on it... i wanna get some of the jewelry they stock... In particular a Bathomet Necklace & The Vampire Rose Necklace! And of course many, many skulls...

Heres a link to their website! Check it out!: