Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wolves are so my thing...

''Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."

I was recently scrolling through twitter having a good old nose at what Norman Reedus and Misha Collins had been up to when I noticed The Norfolk Pigeon Loft had uploaded a new photo of some new earrings they had in stock. Now I LOVE my wolf necklace that I got last time and I get so many compliments on it so when I saw they had wolf earrings in stock I was like, oh hell yeah, gimme some of those! And so I went and got me some... And a few other bits....
Now I love a good scarf me, especially silky pretty ones like the one on the left and retro looking ones like the one on the right!! Both would be awesome as funky little headscarfs but the pink one works great as a normal neck scarf too! I just love the patterns on it! 
I mean, how pretty it that? Right?!! I'm thinking, come end of autumn/beginning of winter, this little beauty will add that pop of colour to an otherwise standard outfit! Fabulous! 

Next up we have the earrings!!

I'm a useless photographer but you get the idea! 

How freaking cool are these?! They have little red gems for eyes so they sparkle and shine! They're so cute!! Look at their little menacing faces!!

My wolf set!! This just completes a look! It's great when you find a statement piece of jewellery but its even better when you can wear the matching earrings!! I'm such a huge wolf fan! My dream dog is a husky and I'd love a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere with a pack of wolves as guard dogs.... How amazing would that be!

So lastly I have the last set if earrings I bought. Now, many years ago I bought a necklace of a hanging skeleton and wore it and wore it because I loved it so much! So you can imagine my surprise when I found a matching pair if earrings to go with it!!
This is why I always say never throw old jewellery away! Yes it may be tired and worn looking but that's nothing a bit of re-vamping wont sort out! Plus years later you might finally make a set just like I did!! I'm ridiculously happy about it and I can't wait to go back and find more little beauties! You can never have too much jewellery! I've got my eye on another pair of earrings too.... Here's a clue.. They have a skull on them!

So that's my latest haul from a favourite shop of mine! Be sure to visit/like/tweet The Norfolk Pigeon Loft here at: @NorfolkPigeon 
Or alternatively at:

Everything's so pretty inside!! 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Dream Job? Tattooist... Whats yours?

A whiles back i did say i would post some of my artwork, now for me this is hard because im afraid of what people would think and because i put a lot of effort into my drawings, it would make me very emotional if someone one turned around and said ''what an utter load of bull crap'' .... O_O

My dream job has always been to be a tattooist. I would die very happy if someone walked around with a tattoo of one of my designs forever inked on their flesh. 

Very happy..

Im not claiming to be an amazing artist, but thats the great thing about art, you can get better! I used to draw people with no no necks, or with no noses.. oh yeah talent right there. But i would sit for hours and draw and even now, i can sit all day drawing, and not notice the time, or whats going on around me (often forgetting i need to eat and drink but hey! That's dedication for you!)

And so without further ado, here be some of my favorite pieces...

 Now these are what i like to call my 'clean line' drawings, this isn't a technical term, (that i know of!) they basically consist of drawings that don't have a lot of shading, have simple, easy to replicate lines/shapes and would make good flash art for tattooists!! There's not a lot going on and so focus is on the image on a whole rather than little individual details, so lines have to be pretty perfect!!

 These 2 are your standard snake and koi fish, easy to do and nice to look at! The great thing with these is they can be jazzed up with colours or other detailed components such as water or fire...

Whereas these are more individual pieces, i like to call the robot Axel and hes an adaption of the album artwork on Silversteins 'When broken is easily fixed' album. The clown is my own creation, i think clowns are cute!

Now these next ones are more technical in that there's more shading, they're not as refined and there's more going on.

Whats not to love about a grim reaper, a zombie and a baby in a jar?? The second picture down was another adaption, this one from the album cover from the band, Periphery.

Next up are some more detailed pieces, these take longer and shading plays a crucial part in the overall look of the piece. These are portraits, and drawings that are just leaning towards realism...

Japanese inspired piece...with a twist!

Sweeny Todd... First portrait attempt.

Terminator/skeleton piece. One day this will be inked on my thigh!

Albrecht Durer Praying Hands Adaption!

Marilyn Manson, Smells like Children Artwork

Loosely based on De os de la muerte...

Half rotten man...well..zombie..

Demon Skull thing... !

Lastly i don't work with colour a lot, i prefer hints of colour here and there as opposed to full on colour, but sometimes, it can be nice to add some to particular pieces!! 

Because everybody loves a bit of graffiti!!

The Mad Hatter...I do love Johnny Depp!

Geisha Piece i was going to get on my calf but my friend wants it as a chest piece!
So that's it! I've got more but these are just a sample that show the diversity of what i do and also shows that i love all things creepy and dead!
I'm currently working on an old school pirate ship for a friend, and a classic rose and cross, and some scripture which i want on my other thigh!! 

So... do you like tattoos?