Monday, 29 July 2013

Up and coming posts! Yay!

Okay so a while back I received a box of colour restore from Scott Cornwall, now I meant to try it out immediately but things didn't quite work out that way, alas!!! My word is my bond and come Wednesday I'm hoping to have luscious red locks of hair! Pictures will be posted most likely on Friday after a night out with the girls and when I've actually made an effort with my face and stuff...

Next up! I will be doing another post on the fabulous Norfolk Pigeon loft ! Showing you my newest favourites and!!! Ill have a special post on the many ways to rock a head scarf ( I'm so into the 50s right now!) using some beautiful scarfs purchased from the Norfolk Pigeon loft! 

Lastly E.L.F had yet another sale which once more I was too weak to resist (sigh) but it was 60% off!! I mean, woah, like, yes in so many ways!
So ill do a post on my unboxing and what I think of products and such ! 

I think that's about it! Oh and i won a lip gloss today! Happy days! 


Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Favorite Books!

My Favorite Books

I've wanted to do a post on my favorite books for a while as im an avid reader and i can literally stay in one position for hours with a good book in my hand! I hate stopping once i've started so i tend to start and finish books in one day, which means i get through an awful lot of books! Luckily, they are very affordable, especially if they are second hand, which i prefer, as they have that 'well loved' appearance and smell lovely and musty! Enjoy!

1. Almost all Jacqueline Wilson Books!

So if you didnt grow up reading Jacqueline Wilson books then i suggest you go and read them! She is just such a great writer and all her stories are interesting and different. I used to get 2 books by her every birthday and Christmas, so I've got quite a few now. Even though i had these for when i was younger, i still enjoy picking up an old favorite and reading it again, plus you realize things you were too young to realize before! Some of my favorites include: Lola Rose, Love Lessons, Double Act, The Illustrated Mum, Girls in Love/Tears/Under Pressure, Secrets & Midnight. I love that i can still pick up any of these and they still make me smile. That's the sign of a brilliant writer!

2. Inheritance Series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) by Christopher Paolini

I absolutely love these books! Id never heard of the author before, but i took a chance and bought Eragon and i just fell in love. I wouldn't recommend these for younger readers as they are quite hefty books. When i saw they made a film i thought, oh yes. its gonna be like Harry Potter all over again. It wasnt. Whoever made the film turned it into crap, they cut out important bits and  some characters which even if the first film had been a success, they would not have been able to make a second because of that. Nevertheless, the books are amazing. I highly recommend to anyone whose even slightly interested in myths or dragons or anything mystical!!

3. Divas Las Vegas by Belinda Jones

So i dont normally go for books like this, chick lit has never been a genre i particularly enjoy, too many happy endings!! But this literally made me LOL, and im not even kidding, i normally just think things are funny so to actually laugh out very loudly and uncontrollably at a book is new to me! This is a tale of 2 friends who dream of getting married in Vegas, sounds corny, but omg, ive never laughed so much and the characters are so easy to relate to, and the hair and ceiling fan incident is literally the funniest thing ever! Seriously, read it!

4. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

An epic book. I love the mix of history and fact and theory and the intricate plot with the familiar main character, Robert Langdon, supported by an array of other interesting and sinister characters. The plot is just amazing, i love stories about the Illuminati and Religion and this book, for me, tops the Da Vinci Code and is by far, my favorite one of Dan Browns.

5. Blood & Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klaus

One day i was in the library, saw this, picked it up, read it that night, went out and bought it the day after. I love supernatural things, i particularly love things about werewolves. This is just that. Its interesting to see things written from a females point of view when, typically, you think of a werewolf being male (got Jacob in your head right now? So have i. And he is topless. Just, yes.) so this makes a nice change. As with all supernatural novels aimed at teens, it has a love story in with it, but it doesn't end how you would expect it too, so its well worth a read!

6. The Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine

Described as ''a series of young adult urban fantasy/vampire novels'' its exactly that! It takes Twilight and smashes it over the head many, many times. Its just so much better, the plot, the characters, the writing itself! There are 15 books in all (the last one is yet to be released at this time) and it has a different take on vampires, without spoiling it too much, they have ownership of humans and guard them against other vampires in a sort of agreement thing. But yeah, great series!! 

7. The Night World Series by L.J Smith

My most treasured book series i own and by far my most favorite books in the world. Oh yes, im a fan L.J. Yes i am.
Just...i cant even begin to describe how fabulous these books are. They are that good that the author is still yet to release the last book in the series! And its only 10 years late!! So frickin annoyed by that, but hey, maybe this year she can finish it!! pfftt...
The books follow different characters but along the line most of them meet each other, and it includes vampires, werewolves, witches, and shapeshifters so its not your standard 'vampire book series' as it includes so many other supernatural themes and awesome characters and different stories. Each book starts with the same few lines, the rules that govern the Night World and yes, there is a love story in each one but they are all so different and unusual that they are each worth several reads! I have most of them in the original print, so the illustrations in my opinion are the best! They all have thorns and roses and are way better than the covers now which are just womens original...not.

If you so much as look into one of the books ive recommended, i urge you to choose this series!! I cant even begin to explain my love for these!!

Thats all my lovelies!
*Links to the books/series mentioned are below*


Monday, 15 July 2013

Beautiful Shiny Pretty Things... The Norfolk Pigeon Loft

So a while back I discovered this little shop, The Norfolk Pigeon Loft, in my home town and bought a few pieces of jewellery from there and literally fell in love with the place! I took my mom there too ( and also to point out all the items I wanted for my birthday... Oh yeah!). The shop itself is so pretty with beautiful window displays and so many different pieces of jewellery,most of which are hand made or customised by the owner, and so most pieces are pretty unique too! They have such friendly staff and service is amazing! What really sets them apart is they offer to shorten chains and stuff so if you buy a necklace but want the chain to be shorter, they will do it there and then for you. Personally I think that's pretty awesome. 
Here's a few items I've purchased or had brought me! 

How cool are they?! 

I adore these two pieces! They are so lovely and unique!! I love the spiders on the first necklace and the cameo with the ribbon and pearls on the second necklace is just so pretty! It kinda has a vintage vibe to it, I think it's the pearls! 

I'm big on 'word' accessories at the moment! Whether it be on t shirts, leggings or jewellery! So when I saw these on sale I just had to have them!! 
They make me smile too! 

It's a WOLF!!!! What more has to be said????!!  I've had so many compliments on this!

I think these are so different and interesting! I wear them all the time. Actually, I like to think I'm reminding the world to recycle!!

I adore cameos, I've waited ages to find a necklace that was just right. Not too in your face but not too plain an one that looked almost vintage. So when I saw this along with matching earrings I was quick to snap them up!! Well... I told my brother I wanted them for my birthday and luckily, he remembered! (Unlike the year I asked for a book and he got me a Hannah Montana diary. His idea of a joke... I was 18 at the time and not a happy bunny). 

Well that's all I've got so far! No doubt ill be back in soon to purchase some more fabulous goodies! That's the great thing too! They also have beautiful scarfs and bracelets and handbags an brooches, and everything comes wrapped in colourful tissue paper and in a pretty bag! 

I strongly suggest a visit if you are in the Cromer area, it is such a pretty shop! 

Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @NorfolkPigeon

Check out the website here!:

Love to the staff at The Norfolk Pigeon Loft and thanks for reading!!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Flawless Face - MUA Haul part 3...finally!

I know, I know! Majorly late but I actually forgot I hadn't done part 3 and then I got distracted with E.L.F Hauls and Birthday presents... Gah!  Well here it is, better late than never! Woooo! 

Above is a not so wonderfully constructed picture of the face products I bought in the 50% sale that took place a while back ...  Lets start with hmm...

The HD Brow Kit! Well what can I say? It's a handy little kit, you got all you need for fabulous brows and at only £3.50! I don't tend to go for HD brows, but I picked this up out of interest and to play around with, the colours I can certainly work with, there's a darker brown and a light brown as well as a highlight colour and a brow gel, so it's bound to work with all brows! Someone will have to show me how to actually use this one day! Overall a good piece...

Next up ill just quickly mention the Matte Perfect Loose Powder, works great, applies well and leaves no colour, no point swatching it as you won't be able to see it considering its Translucent! 

Then we have: 
This is a mixed bunch for me, so starting with swatches:
So the Primer is different to the ones I usually use, its thinner in consistency, doesn't quite feel the same and is pretty opaque! Saying that though this is ideal for those mornings when I just want to smear some all over my face and use a powder for a very light coverage. It certainly works for keeping a product in place, but doesn't smooth out my skin as much as other primers I've used. 
Then we have the BB Cream in Fair and I gotta say, I do like this. It covers just enough so that I appear flawless and just enough so that I can kid people into believing I'm all natural... HA! 

Then there's the Matte Perfect Foundation  in the shade Fair. Where do I begin with this... I do not like this. I'm trying to be objective but I can't see how this would work on any skin and I really hate not liking a product to the point of not even recommending it. MUA is such a great company with great products but this just let's it down. Take a look at the swatches: 
 On the left is the BB Cream can you see it? No because it blended in perfectly. Now what you can see is the Matte Perfect Foundation I mean, how orange is that? That's with me blending it out and putting less on of that then I did the bb cream! It's far too thick and sticky, and the shades are way off! I don't wanna look like a damn cheesy Dorito?! I just can't see this working for fair skin, the other shades may be better but as for the fair, don't go there! 

On a better note! MUA have redeemed themselves wholeheartedly with the next few products! My favourite! CONCEALERS!!!!

On the left we have the Hide and Conceal Stick followed by the Cover and Conceal! The stick is a tad bit thick and if you  suffer with dry skin, I'd probably steer clear of this one, as good as it is! The liquid concealer is awesome, does what you want it too!
I find pairing them together using the stick first, then the liquid, works really well at covering those really red ugly spots that resemble volcanoes... Yeah, you know the ones... Lastly the Conceal and Brighten Pro Base kit is just... Ohmygod...

You've got the salmon/peachy toned concealer for the dark under eye circles, the lighter concealer for the spots and to go over the top of the salmon concealer to get the right colouring and then a fabulous highlighter! 
Now I'm not one to highlight my face... I find it rather odd to be honest! But! I've found it makes a great eyeshadow base!!! Oh yeah babycakes!!!
This concealer pallet is just amazeballs, it's so creamy to apply but doesn't cake up in the lines on my face. It doesn't dry out my skin and it conceals like a dream! 
BUY IT! I have literally tried all concealers from £1.00 to £17.00 ones and it grieves me to pay any more for a concealer, so this is a bargain at just £3.50!!! It's such good quality and has amazing coverage!
If you were to only ever buy one thing from MUA, it would have to be this!!
Mine is in the shade Porcelain-Beige which works wonders for me!  

Well I think that's about it! A mixed bag this time! You can't always love everything and it just goes to show that products can range from being totally amazing quality to one that I just can't recommend. It's been the only product I haven't been able to find a positive about, which if you think about it, is pretty good going really! It means 99% of MUA products I would recommend to a friend! Wooooooo! 



Saturday, 13 July 2013

Vampy makeup - wanna see the tutorial? Ja oder Nein?

Okay so quick update : I got chosen to go to casting in London for filming a tv advert! Yay me! But... I've decided not to go as to be honest, I'm not sure it's the best thing right now, my store is really short staffed and me going away would just f*ck shit up even more so in the interests of the company I'm gonna politely decline... 

So could have been famous...

Anyways I've been trying to find a creative outlet recently, I've restarted my book I've been working on for 2 years now, and I'm hoping to finish it before December and who knows... Maybe ill be successful and have it published! Also I'm looking into art classes. I really miss my art and I just don't feel inspired at the minute so I'm thinking a class would help put things back into perspective!
Ill do a post on my art work if any one would like to see it? I'm a pretty weird person so my drawings are all rather... Shall we say creepy? 
Thus bringing me onto the title of the post. I did a quick make up tutorial, decided I hated it and then went ahead and got a little crazy and finished with a dark red and black eye with matte red lips. I even had my VampFangs in at one point... I feel this represents me at the minute... A bit all over the place, frayed at the edges, and a whole lot of crazy... Hehe! 

I have crazy person eyes don't I? 

As you can see absolutely no effort was made with the hair. I've realised straighteners are the enemy and I want my curls back. (Yep I'm naturally a curly frizz ball).

Oh and fun fact! I have one dimple, yeah just one. How effing retarded is that?!

Next post will be the results of the wonderful Scott Cornwall Colour Restore experiment! Fingers crossed for fire hair!! 


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Scott Cornwall - Birthday & Tv Star? Me?

Okay so quick update, Scott Cornwall, you may well know him as the fabulous creator of the Decolour Removers, Colour B4 and many other various hair products that are pretty awesome and a definite must have when you've been a bit too experimental with the hair dyes! 
He has sent me this fabulous little product to trial on my somehow still attached to my scalp hair! 

Ta dah! So as you can see from previous posts my hair has gone a wonderful shade of ginger an even though I like it I figured bringing back a bit of red would be nice! So I'm gonna try this considering it won't damage my hair! Yay for no ammonia and peroxide! 

But not just yet as *drum roll please* I have been short listed to be on TV!! Eeeeeeeeep! Okay so it's only an advert for the company I work for but hello!? It's gonna be on TV! I've gotta head up to London to go to the casting (more details of that soon) and then if I'm successful I have to go back to film it! Yay! So  not putting the red on in case I end up with like, fire hair an although I'd love that I don't think it would look so great if I messed it up! I'm picturing a patchy nightmare here people! So yeah I'm excited about that! Even if I'm not successful, what an awesome experience!

Lastly it was my birthday on the 8th and I had so many nice gifts I'm really grateful for I thought I'd share some with you! I got a few awesome perfumes like Beyonce Pulse 100ml . Lady GaGa Fame 100ml and Niki Minaj 100ml all smell great and have beautiful bottles ( ill do a perfume collection post soon! I have quite a few ) A new handbag and some make up.
But my favourites by far were my Nemesis Now stuff! So I'm a bit of a weird freak and like zombies and vampires and dead stuff in general, always been a bit morbid, me! So I have a collection of well, zombies and werewolves and grim reapers and dragons! Which my room is decorated with! Ill do a post on that too soon! These are my latest editions and I am just in awe of them! 

Three skeletons! See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil! Ignore Mr Grimmy in the back, these little guys balance on the edge of shelves!

Zombie pot, I use it to keep jewellery in that I'm wearing that day or week or am too lazy to put away! All his back is rotting and peeling too he's amazing!

Lastly and by far the best....

Look at his little face!! I'm trying to think of a name but I can't find one that quite suits him yet! Any suggestions? He's quite a big head too... 

Well thats enough for now! Ill post updates soon as I can and dont forget people, Let your Freak Flag Fly! (You can get that on an awesome t shirt at! It's awesome for offensive and funny t shirts! ) TTYL!


Friday, 5 July 2013

E.L.F Mini Haul :)

Normally when I order from E.L.F I do a massive shop but this time I managed to contain myself and only got what I really needed. I am pleased to say all the brushes I wanted were in stock!! I have been waiting months for these baby's! 
First things first I did get a free lip gloss I got the shade 'Dream' and because I have many glosses I decide to give this one to my mom as she really liked it! So I won't include that in this post.
What I will include however is the only make up item I did buy! I have wanted one like this since I heard about Seventeens triple pointed eyeliner which was only a limited edition! So I was sooo ecstatic when I saw this! 
Now excusing my horrendous picture taking as you can see it has 3 points to allow for one fluid line or you can even make dots!! I love this! It is so totally amazeballs my only criticism would be there does seem to be a lot of fluid coming out at once so against all sense I'm storing mine tip side up to try an reduce the flow for a while. Other than that, a definite must have!

Okay so next up is going to be picture heavy! I ordered a few brushes from both the essential and studio lines and let me just say now, they are all amazing quality! 

First up the 2 that always seem to be out of stock!! 
Just yes in so many ways! The flawless concealer brush is a lot bigger than what i thought it would be so ill probably use it for blending eyeshadow as it seems to be too big for concealing!  The powder brush is just, wow, I LOVE this so so much. Amazeballs...

Next I ordered these two to compare them on quality and differences. 
The studio one is much fluffier (that's a word, right?) but the essentials one is more dome shaped so they both have there advantages!
This is just amazing. I can't find a single fault with it! It's perfect for contouring and blush and I love it!!
I got this one to compare to my essentials eye shadow brush and the only differences are this ones bigger and doesn't seem like it will shed whereas my essentials one does shed a bit and is also tiny! Like I don't know If it's just my one or what but the essentials brush is like half the size of all the others! Whats with that? But yeah this ones a little bit more dense and im liking it more to be honest.

I picked up this as I had a few angled liner brushes but no flat ones so this will go well with my collection! Again, although there isn't a lot to it, its tightly packed so this will work great with gel eyeliner.
Lastly I got this one, its a nice brush and will work well for blending although I will probably use the flawless concealer brush for blending too! This one is bit more stiff so will be great for blending out cream eyeshadows.

So that's it! I am really pleased with them all! The quality is amazing and they all seem to be strong, durable, and none of them seem to shed, I've swished them around a bit to see if any loose hairs come out, but nothing! So that's a good sign! 

Ill do a makeup look using them soon enough! Thanks E.L.F for some amazing brushes!!!


Thursday, 4 July 2013

How I got utterly embarrassed today + E.L.F Products have arrived!

How I got utterly embarrassed today
Other things

Okay so today i decided perhaps it was time i forked out for some new shoes...for work of course, ive made a promise not buy any more shoes other than for work as i now have waaay to many (in my mothers opinion, clearly) but since my work ones were literally falling apart at the seams, i figured, now is probably time to invest in a new pair.

I only went into town and the ONLY shoe shop there was, was Stead & Simpson so my choices were clearly limited. This was made worse by the fact they had a 50% sale on and had put all the normal shoes out back and bought all the summer sandals and flip flops out. I hate both of these things and also, so not appropriate for work...

SO again, limited choices people.... 

I found one pair of smart black court shoes, in a matte leather finish with a tiny heel. Me and heels dont get on so well so having practically no heel is a must. Unless i wanted to go arse over tit every time i moved...But they only had those in a size 4... Yes. That's right.. My feet are actually smaller than that. I really could have done with a 3 in them but the 4 was just small enough so they didnt slip off each time i took a step. 

My problem arose when i realized i could wear heels on delivery day. Now in Superdrug we have to be in store at 6.00am to put all the new stock away and our warehouse is upstairs and heels and stairs are not a good combination!
SO i tried to find some strong flats....alas...none in my size..
I tried and i tried but all the size 4's were too big!! And they had NO SIZE you know what i had to do??
I had to buy my shoes from the children's section....
How embarrassing,...literally i had to get little kid shoes!! My feet are dwarf feet!! This is just ridiculous, im 20 in 4 did this happen?

So yeah that was interesting... also my E.L.F stuff came today! i will do a post on it later on when ive played around a bit! Yaay!

There be the silver lining to a very embarrassing day...


Monday, 1 July 2013

BeautyBox Editions 3: Mod 60s inspired look!

Here be my third instalment of the BeautyBox series! Again, keeping it simple and easy to follow! I'm not the best at make up but simple I can do! Yeah baby!

First things first people, prepare your pout! No one likes crusty lips, no one so whip out your favourite Chapstick or what not and apply!
Here's my current favourite even though I hate honey, I can just about bare this!

Kay, so to start with your gonna wanna take theses items and smother your face with them... Well not so much smoother , apply as needed! 
I tend to apply my foundation where I need most coverage rather than all over, so under my eyeballs, on my cheeks and around my mouth area. Just be sure to blend in well! Set it with this amazing powder by E.L.F!

Next up, eyeballs! Now because we are working with cream eyeshadows I prefer not to bother with a base as it just makes it slip and slide all over the place in my opinion. So start with these items:

Taking the MUA white liner put that in the inner corners and all under the eye and using the heat from your fingers blend it in. Next I used the MeMeMe Dew Pot in Silk Dusk and again used my finger to place it over the top of the white on my lid and into the middle of my lid. This, although not strong in colour, really brings focus to the inner corner as this is pretty shimmery < is that a word?! 
As you can see not a dramatic difference but light is being drawn to the inner corner and centre of my lid.

Next I took Seventeens Wild Metallic Eyes cream eyeshadow in Bronze and patted that all over my lid using a flat brush. 

Not too much, we want subtle and sweet not 'party rock' right now! Then take a gel liner of your choice I went for Maybelline as I don't have a Seventeen one. Boooo! 
I actually rather like this! It's really nice to apply and dries fast which is great! Create a thin flick on both eyes, because if you did it on just one you'd look kinda freaky... Just sayin' ...
I went ahead an used Seventeens Perk and Paint eyeliner using the pink side on my waterline.
I so recommend this pencil to everybody! It's sooo nice! I have the Benefit Eye Bright Pencil and I much prefer this one it goes on a lot better and you get 2 in 1, like, hello?! Amazeballs or what people. Yes it is.
Here be the finished piece, although I forgot mascara on this picture! Ha! Silly me. I went ahead and used Seventeens Blow Out Mascara in Blackest Black. 
Another firm favourite here! Lovely brush! Doesn't clump and makes lashes all lovely and luscious. Plus it doesn't flake! Yay! I hate flakey mascaras but that's a rant for another time! I then applied the E.L.F Matte Bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks and Seventeen Blusher in First Flush on the apples of my cheeks and blended out.
Lastly it was a quick slick of Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Pink Posey and that's it! All done! 
Okay so I'm madly in love with this shade of lipstick! It's so summer and pretty and bold, but not in your face bold, the good kinda bold that's wearable! Which is so totally awesome!
Here's the finished look and as promised, full face photos... Try to contain your vomit as you proceed... Also I can't help the duck face, it like a reflex now..:/ 
An I tried out a 60s mod hairstyle! Hey I never claimed I could do hair... This is as good as it gets people ...

Thankies for reading and looking much obliged! Feel free to like sub or whatever, I get warm fuzzy feelings when I get views and subs :) Thank you ^_^