Wednesday, 26 June 2013

BeautyBox Editions: 2; Au Naturale... Well, almost!

Look 2: Au Naturale using Seventeen cosmetics!

Okay so I went for a classic natural look that would be easy to work with, easy for beginners and also versatile enough to change around and do other looks with just by changing a few colours around! 

First up another retarded picture of myself with no make up on, also showing my iPhone case which I love by the way! 

Ah, no make up... How awful lol. I think I have a thing with pulling that face when I take pictures, even when im with friends, someone points a camera at me, and that's my go to face... Hmmm...
Anyhoo's first I concealed all my scabs and warts lol using whichever concealer I plucked out first, I'm pretty sure it was MUA conceal and brighten kit which is uh-maze-balls! Primed my face with Seventeen Photo Flawless Primer and then I went ahead with foundation. 
Again this being a natural look I wanted a natural finish but let's not kid ourselves here, I still wanted good coverage. So another one of my tricks is to mix my foundation with a tinted moisturiser! Sometimes I just use foundation and a normal moisturiser on days when I don't need much coverage and am in a hurry, but for this, a tinted one did just the job and I mixed then about half and half.
I used Seventeen On The Spot foundation and e.l.f tinted moisturiser in ivory. Mixed that and slapped it all over my face using a stipple brush. 
Next up I started on my eyeballs. Using my 'go to' base.
Next I applied an off white eyeshadow to my entire lid, and then a light brown to the outer corner using Seventeen Eyeshadow Trio in Barely There that I used in my first look. I blended this out with a fluffy brush and got this:
I then went ahead and darkened the crease using MUA Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 19. 

I should probably mention the brushes I used were Barry M Eyeshadow Brush, Revlon Angled Contour Brush and H&M Fluffy brush. (Who knew H&M did make up brushes?) 
Ta dah!!  I made sure to blend it out up to my brow using a flesh toned eyeshadow around the outside edges to help it blend better. I also applied mascara.
Seventeen Waterproof Va Va Voom Mascara in Black and Maybelline Great Lash for my lower lashes.
I then decided enough was enough as otherwise this natural look was just not gonna be natural enough and so I left my waterline and cheeks clear of makeup. 

I then went ahead and applied Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in 'Camisole' just for that tiny hint of colour and a bit of shine and tried to take a photo without pulling the duck face or laughing.
Yes i know, half of my face again, I promise next time i will take a picture of my entire face!
But the great thing is with this look is you can change it up! I changed the lipstick for Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in 'Cheeky Secret' and BAM! You got yourselves a flirty summer look!
Yeah, the duck face is back... 
I also thought, well hey, I could make this slightly gothic by adding purple to my lips! Now I didn't have a purple lipstick in the shade I wanted, this was the closest one I had: 
So I used that as a base and mixed together a dark purple eyeshadow with some clear lipgloss and plopped that on top and I got this:
I didn't change the eyes but they automatically look darker with this shade on my lips! So now you got an edgy gothic look!
3 looks 1 eyeshadow application! Oh how versatile are we! Yeah baby!

So yeah that's about it! I hope you enjoyed the second instalment of the BeautyBox series which is a title I came up with a bit too late lol! Thanks for reading! Oh and you can buy all the products shown at and at and !

Oh and you can subscribe if you want! That would be cool! But hey, no pressure ... =P


BeautyBox Editions: Cyber/Retro Bold Eyes using Seventeen Cosmetics

So I'm hoping my Internet isn't going to suddenly decide to turn off again... 6 weeks I've been without the net, it's been a horrendous experience and I hope that's the end of it :P

I recently received a fabulous beauty box full of Seventeen goodies and I literally screamed with excitement!!! I am so so grateful to have been chosen to receive these products and I can't praise Seventeen enough! Everything that came in the box I love and can use and I can't wait to share it with you guys! 

This is what the products can in! The ribbon was tied better but I kinda tore the  thing open because I was so excited! This was my attempt at re-tying a ribbon... Yeah, not so great!
Here's a sneak peak of what was inside!! It was all sealed and neatly packed but again, I was excited and tore everything open to swatch them all!! 

So here the first look I've created! It was done on a whim after seeing a post on Seventeen's Facebook page. 
Also excuse my terrible picture taking and my attempts at some creative photography... I have a difficult time taking pictures of my own face as i feel like a massive douche standing there with a camera pointed at myself! 

Step by step guide to Cyber Retro Bold Eyes! 

So start with a clean, moisturised face, 
  That's, erm, my face... See? I can't take a picture of myself without pulling a face..
Apply a primer, I mean, you don't HAVE to, but it's advised, your foundation will last a hell of a lot longer :) I use E.L.F mineral primer.
Apply your favourite foundation! Because I didn't want much coverage I used my Seventeen On the Spot Foundation and mixed it with some of my day moisturiser!  I used about 3/4 foundation and 1/4 Simple hydrating Moisturiser and applied using a stipple brush. This helps cover any imperfections but still leaves you with a natural look.
Next up I used a neutral toned eyeshadow from Seventeen's eye trio in 'Barely There' and patted that over my entire lid, using E.L.F's eye primer underneath to keep it in place. 
I have no idea how this is going to look online as I'm writing this on my iPhone. The pictures are probably humongous... Oh well!
The main purpose of the neutral toned shadow was to cancel out any pinky tones I have on my eyes and to hide the ugly little veins that are pretty obvious on my eyelids. I only wanted a slight touch of colour as I wanted the focus to be on the liner and lips. 
And there's me applying it.... Lolololol =P
Next up a used my MUA eyeliner in 'Snow White' and stabbed the corner of my eye with it, it wasn't intentional but I got sleepy. What I was trying to do was apply this white on the corner of my eye on the inner part of my lid and 1/4 of the way under my waterline.
I then blended that out and that helps brighten the eyes and make them appear larger. Then I moved onto lining the outer corner of my eye. Now if, like me, you find it difficult to do winged liner and your eyes never match then this method should help! Well, it helped me at least. First, take an eyeliner pencil in a dark shade but not black, I used Seventeen's  eyeliner in 'Slate'. Take the pencil like so...
So that it's flat against your face, with the pencil lining up against the side of your nose and corner of your eye and pointing to the end of your eyebrow. Then tilt the pencil so the pointy end is now touching your face but don't completely move it so its still in the same position as above but so you're able to draw a line. Lightly 'drag' the pencil down towards your eye and you should end up with something like this...

Next, draw a line, starting at the point, going back toward the corner of the eye so you get a rather strange looking triangle...
Thats an isosceles triangle right? Or is it a scalene? Who cares. Then fill it in using the pencil and take it to the inner corner of the eye.
Go over this with a gel or felt tip eyeliner
and miraculously we got ourselves a wing! Or cat eye or whatever...
Now it's time to have fun! Play with the shape! This would work fine as it is but I wanted to go one step further and add another line underneath...
I tweaked it a bit more adding a tiny bit of white eyeshadow in the corners of my eye and under the wing to make it pop! For this I used Urban Decay Loose Pigment in 'Yeyo'. I also made the wing a tiny bit thicker! I also applied Seventeen's  Blow Out Mascara in Blackest Black on my top lashes and a light coating of Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara in Black on my bottom lashes.
Next, I concealed my horrendous dark circles with Collection 2000 concealer as i didn't have one by Seventeen! Then I moved straight on to my lips and went for Seventeen's Supreme Shine Lipstick in 'Red Devil' and tried to take some interesting pictures! FAIL! Oh and yeah you can only see half my face as I didn't bother to do the other eye... Like i said, i was sleepy and didn't want to stab myself in the eyeball again!
Here is the finished look! I hope you like it and I hope I've done Seventeen proud! 


Monday, 24 June 2013

OhmyGosh No Internets and Black Lipstick...

Okay so hopefully ill be able to post this before my internet goes off again!!

OhmyGoodness! Ive been busy, well, not that busy but still...!

Im mega late at posting several posts but i havent been able to get online at all apart from through my iphone when im at work, and im not really supposed to have my phone on me at work....shhh..

Okay so, update... Im doing my Team Leader training at work so im excited about that!

I got a Beauty Box full of Seventeen cosmetics! You guys are amazing! There will posts up very soon of the different looks im creating with the fabulous goodies!

Ive applied to be on TV... just on an advert but still, MY FACE COULD BE ON TV!! I even considered going on BGT, just so i could be like, i was on a tv talent show bitches! Even though i have no talent... but still, how COOL would that be? ...Im such a freak...

Its my birthday soon! Ill be 20 and im totally psyched! Time to get utterly annihilated! Woooo!

Also HOLYMOTHERF******R!! Seventeen have brought out a BLACK LIPSTICK...Just..yes in so many ways... i NEEED this in my life! Seventeen if you are reading I WANT IT!!  Check out this picture of black lips they posted on there Facebook page then check out my version ;) with some crappy editing of course... gotta love good old sepia filters!
Seventeens Picture ooh drippy gold gloop, yum!

You see??!! Black lips are sooo my thing! oohh i should put some of my gold lipstick on too!! Darn it! I forgot i had that.... =S
All you need to do to create black lips (if you dont have that colour lipstick) is either, use gel eyeliner, but this could be messy, so i favor using a black eyeliner to line my lips then mixing a matte black eyeshadow with a clear gloss and then, using a lip brush, fill in your lips!

So yeah as soon as i figure out how to get photos from my iphone on to my windows 7 laptop, more posts will be up!! 

Help would be greatly appreciated... =S


Monday, 10 June 2013

Internet is still down!!

Okay so I've been without Internet for what seems like months even though I'm pretty sure it's only been one month. But that does mean I haven't been able to post anything... I'm having to travel into town to post this!! That's dedication for you!! 

So here's a list of posts that I'm gonna upload when the nets back on :P 

'Flawless face' MUA Haul Part 3
'Beautiful shiny pretty things' Norfolk Pigeon Loft Haul and why you need to go there!!
'Seventeen Beauty Box and up coming posts!' Thank you Seventeen!! 
E.L.F Haul These are a few of My Favourite things... ;) 

Again so sorry about the delay! As soon as the nets back up ill be posting like crazy!