Wednesday, 29 May 2013

No Internet

Okay so I am writing this as quick a i can before my signal goes again!! I have no Internet again! My phone and wifi runs off Three network and the mast is broke in my area so I won't be able to do my last posts on MUA and E.l.f for a little bit longer ! Sucks... Internet has gone again I'm waiting for it to come back for me to post this !! 


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gosh this is late...MUA Electric Eyeballs..

Electric Eyes

Part 2

Better late than never!

Majorly sorry that this post is horrendously late. Ive been working lots and then my internet went down and then it was fine and then it was gone again and ive just got it back so im gonna get on with the post and shut the hell up.... 

This is the second part of the eyes section as i didnt want to include this in with the palettes as that post was long enough!

Basically what you see above is the MUA Extreme Curl Mascara, 3in1 Contour Pen, and Intense colour Eyeliners in the shades; Royal Blue, Snow White and Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Pink Sparkle.

The Mascara

Extreme Curl

I find brushes really important. I think all formula's are the same and its the brush that makes the difference. I like that the brush is quite long on this one, it makes it easy to get most of the lashes, but i do find i then tend to poke the corner of my eyeball and make myself cry...and thats never fun.
This gives a good curl bit definitely not any volume, which is okay i suppose because i always use 2 or more mascaras on my lashes at any time! So i can easily slap on some more volume when i need to.
Overall a good mascara, not the best, but hey, it was £1.00! This is a win/win situation people. Go buy.

The pencils

Top- 3in1 Contour Pen Brown
Intense Colour Liner- Royal Blue
Intense Glitter Liner- Pink Sparkle
Intense Colour Liner- Snow White

Okay so i love these liners! I cannot fault them, The Contour pen is really handy if you want to create a nice simple cat eye without it being too in your face. Pick up a brown liner if you want less of a harsh line!
The Royal Blue and Snow White liners are so creamy they go on great. They also have a great colour payoff and don't smudge (once dry)!
The Glitter Liner is really unusual, its a beautiful pale pink colour and has tiny glitter particles in it that you cant feel, so thats just fab for me, because i hate having massive glitter particles stuck to my face and sticking in my eyes...

Overall, great products and they're all only £1.00 each! Whats not to love people?! 

Next up, Flawless Face Babycakes!!


Seventeen Foundation Trial Over!!

On the Spot Foundation


4 Weeks is up!

Okay so thats it! Im done! Its all over! My 4 week trial of the 'On the Spot' foundation is finally over and what can i say?? Its been great fun and its been a great opportunity to have been given the chance to trial such and amazing product.

All throughout the trial i've been posting at the end of the week to update you guys on how i've been getting on. Now its all over i can give my honest, full opinion, knowing that the product has been well and truly tried and tested! My first thoughts on this product was that the packaging was genius. I explained before in my first post that me and glass bottles do not get on, and it really irritates me when they have those pumps on the end as  you end up leaving most of the product inside! Not with this though! The designer nerds back at HQ certainly deserve a high 5 for the design of the bottle! I like the graphics on it, they are clear, easy to read, and to the point!

I was honestly surprised at how good this foundation was! Each week i was using it i was worried i was going to break out or react to it funny, or (god forbid) it oxidized on my face and made me look like an oompa loompa. This foundation is fabulous. It covers brilliantly, it doesnt feel sticky, or heavy and its light on my skin. The SPF works great too. Little fact here: you should always wear an SPF even if its not sunny outside, As its not the sun you need protecting from, as such, its the UVA & UVB rays that are the evil little nasties that cause skin cancer and burn your skin! Its advised if its a non sunny day and your outside for a while, wear a factor 20 or lower. If the sun is out and your going to be out more than 2 hours, then any SPF above 20 should do just fine (although factor 50 is recommended!) So having an SPF of 15 already in your make up is really useful! 

Another awesome thing about this foundation is its spot clearing abilities. As i have mentioned before, im not prone to many spots, but when i do get 1 or 2 or 4 or 5, they're the evil, superhuman kind that reject all cover ups and treatments and so when using the 'On the Spot' foundation i was pleasantly surprised to see my spots had not only been covered, but they were also clearing up at a much faster rate then before! 4 weeks on and my skin is clear and feels great. It hasn't dried out my skin, and the great thing is if im having a bad day, i can build up coverage for a more flawless finish. 

I cant recommend this product enough! It really is a great product! Im so glad i have this in my collection and its one ill definitely repurchase! I was pleased to see it in my local Boots, on sale being the center feature! I just had to take a little picture!

You can buy 'Seventeen's On the Spot Foundation' here:

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Liebster Award Baby!!

Leibster Award

Ta dah!

Okay so this fabulous blogger EllieMae tagged me (and therefore nominated me YAY!! you wonderful bean!!) to do this and im still not entirely sure what it is yet...(having a blonde moment here people) but im getting the general gist after reading her blog post on it which you can see here. Basically its an award which helps bloggers get recognised and you gotta have less than 200 followers..(i certainly qualify there!) and there are a couple of simple rules which i lovingly copied and pasted from Ellie's blog wrote out, here goes:

  1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  2. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
  3. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
  5. Tell the nominees about the award

Okay so here be said questions from EllieMae:

1. If you could live in one place that’s not where you live now, where would you live?
Alaska. Definitely Alaska. You got snow, log cabins, huskies and 30 days of night. Whats not to love?!!
2. You’re in a restaurant, what do you order?
Gosh, everything. Naah but i do have this problem where i always order the same thing: Hunters Chicken or Pasta. Im worried ill order something i wont like and have to eat it, because im having to pay for it. Screw that.
3.Name your favourite feature about yourself
Hmm, maybe my eyeballs. I like that they stand out, even though my sister once said i have eyes that look like pools of diarrhea... O_O 
4.What’s your best beauty time saving trick?
When applying flase eyelashes, i put the glue on the inner and outer corner of my eyes first, then a strip along the lash, and by the time ive done that the glue on my lid is tacky and so the lash will stick straight on and bond to my eyelid straight away, rather than having to wait for the lash to become tacky...which takes forever...
5.What’s your favourite book?
JUST ONE!!?? Urm.. well if i HAD to choose, it would be Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. But my favorite book series would be the Night World Books by L.J Smith.
6.What item of clothing could you not live without?
My Leather Jacket. Its black, its leather and it has studs. There is nothing it doesn't go well with. Nothing.
7.What’s your favourite phrase to live by?
Hakuna Matata.... and Carpe Diem.
8.Name three things you can reach right now
My iPhone, my purse and some chocolate raisins...oh yeahh 
9.What’s your worst habit?
I daydream a lot. People can be talking to me and im just...out of it. Dreaming away of when im rich and famous and Ryan Gosling is my husband.
10.What’s your proudest achievement?
Probably that i got an A* in Law. Im so proud of myself lol. And that i got a promotion at work after spending only a month there... oh yes baby im moving up!
11. And what’s your favourite memory?
When i was little and it was Christmas and i came downstairs and the whole room was just filled with presents for me and my sister and brother. Literally, the place was packed with stuff. Turns out my mom had forgotten she'd bought some gifts earlier on in the year and stashed them in the attic only to remember a few days before Christmas when she went looking for spare wrapping paper! I was a lucky kid that year ;)

...11 Random Facts About Moi...

I've moved home 13 wonder i cant stay in one place long...
I have a weird slightly raised mole on my back in the exact same place as my mom.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I have an irrational fear of olives...and those wind sock things.
I have Soy Sauce with everything..literally. It goes surprisingly well with sweet popcorn.
I cant eat anythings that's been in or from the sea. Ew.
I have tiny feet. Size 3 baby, wooo!!
I have the most beautiful niece ever.
I was a live in babysitter for said niece for 3 months.
I always have the same dream for weeks at a time, then dont remember any other dreams i have afterwards.
In said dream, there's always a zombie apocalypse and i always wake up to it, walk down the stairs and see all my family dead...apart from my mom, shes undead and chowing down on my other family members...

Well...thats that done... i certainly sound like a freak judging by what ive just wrote..but honestly, im not...well... not much anyway..

And so, the nominees for the Liebster Award go too...

I Tag You!!

My Questions

1. If you had to only ever use either mascara or lipgloss again, which would it be?
2. Got any secret talents?
3. What was your favorite ever holiday?
4. Where would you like to go on holiday?
5. Your going shopping with your mates...what shoes are you gonna wear?
6. Shimmer eyeshadows or Matte eyeshadows?
7. What is your favorite, must have, never go without make up item?
8. Whats your favorite film?
9. There's an apocalypse, where do you hide out?
10. Favorite dessert?
11. Handbags, Shoes OR Nail Polish. Which one and why?


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sorry this is late!! 'On The Spot' Foundation...

'On the Spot' Foundation
Week 4

Okay so i know this is mega late and im actually half way through the last week of my trial but 'Three' has been down and my internet is provided by 'Three' as is my iPhone and my Blackberry is on Vodafone (yes i know, 2 phones, the blackberry is about to run out of contract!!) and Vodafone is totally crapballs where i live! The Internets only just come back on so im making the most of it!

Right so, to the point, i made a post earlier on in the week (was it last week?) about how amazed i was at how clear my skin was and i do still genuinely think its because im using this foundation!!

I cant believe my trial is nearly up!! Im so pleased i did this, I've found a great new product and i cant stop recommending it to friends.  

All i can say is as soon as this baby hits the shops, go buy it!! I think its gonna be a fast seller!!!

Again, a great foundation, build-able coverage, light on the skin, non drying, covers well, good consistency, SPF15 and spot clearing quality's !!! PHEW!! That's a lot of goodness in one little tube!!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Okay, i just HAD to update...!

On the Spot Foundation


Ok, so i had to make an update...i was looking in the mirror this morning, applying my 'On the Spot Foundation' and i realized, my skin has never looked so clear! Im not even exaggerating, like, seriously. Normally my skin is okay, but i get the annoying angry, red zit that pops up in the most stupid of places at the most inconvenient of times and it seems as soon as ones reared its ugly head another 4 or 5 pop up out of nowhere!! Its like a plague on my face... and i swear, i have like, superhuman spots... 
Its like they know when i have something important coming up, and no matter what i do to cover them they seem to resist every product i put on them! Ill prime my face, try and conceal it with a liquid concealer and then BAM! Its managed to somehow stop the concealer covering it!

 Like you know in science, when you do culture tests, and you get those weird little round plastic pots with that agar jelly in, infected with some gross disease, and then you smear some stuff on it, wait for like, a day or whatever and then you see the 'zone of inhibition'. Basically where you smeared the other stuff, there is a big circle, that's been cleared of disease... (i swear there's a point to this story) Imagine that's my face, only the spot is the disease and the concealer is the antibiotic/antimicrobial stuff you smeared on the culture dish. Except instead of curing my spot the spot just absorbed the concealer and made the concealer create a damn crater around the spot making it look even worse!!!

I've tried everything, liquid, cream, powder...nothing covers them! 

Okay, back to the point, basically my spots, being the evil superhuman kind, have been popping up all over my face recently and until this morning, ive had a spot (or 5...) somewhere on my face. Today, i've got a clear face! And i honestly think its due to the 'On the Spot Foundation' it really has helped clear up my blemishes without causing me to breakout in more spots, and its managed to combat my supernaturally superhuman spots too!!

I am sooooo pleased that this product works!! It really does!! I will be repurchasing once ive run out and i totally recommend it to anyone who wants a light, medium coverage, spot clearing foundation with and SPF thrown in there too!!

Thank you Seventeen for giving me the opportunity to trial this and also for creating an awesome foundation thats fighting against my extraordinarily hard to clear spots!!!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Electric Eyes.....

Electric Eyes

MUA Haul

All the stuff I ordered for my eyeballs

Finally its here! Part 2 of the MUA haul...sorry it took so long, works been hectic and who knew swatching took so long??!!  Nevertheless here is Electric Eyes, i hope you like it!

The Pallets

Heaven & Earth

Excuse the badly taken picture...i didn't realize it was so wonky!

This palette is very shimmery... there are about, 2 or 3 matte shades in this one. I like it, but the colours are all pretty similar. Although id say this was a good thing as its a great neutral pallet thats always handy to have. I originally wanted the Undressed Palette but they'd sold out, so i settled for this one. Im glad i did to be honest, i prefer the colours in this one!! Very good pigmentation, good consistency, and i didn't get any fallout, plus the colours last a long time with a primer and dont crease! Great! (Note: all colours were swatched without a primer underneath) Even without a primer, you can see how pigmented these shadows are!!

Undress Me Too

Undress me too

Swatched in order above

 The Undress me too pallet is really nice. A good combination of neutral tones and colours, with some pretty matte shades and also a few sparkly ones in there too just to spice things up a bit! This has to be a favorite of mine, the packaging is so much better, by far. The fact they've actually bothered to name the shades is a great, for some reason, i feel more inclined to buy eyeshadows if they've got names!! Overall its great. My only criticism with this pallet is that for some reason, 'Corrupt' is awful. It supposed to be a matte black but even when i rub with my finger for ages, i get such little colour payoff! The pigmentation for the others is great, its just  'Corrupt' that lets it down as i can barely get so much as a smudge from this one! Still, i cant complain, with the 50% off, i only paid £2.00 for this!! Bargain!!

The Artiste Palette

Eyeshadows swatched only

Yes. Ive only swatched the eyeshadows... i didn't want to include the blushers/bronzer in this as this was an eyeballs only post!!
So as you can see they've named these eyeshadows too! YAY!!  Im loving all of these shades!! I dont have a bad thing to say about them!! Just stare at the awesomeness that are these fabulous colours!!

Okay so, thats it for the pallets...! In part 2 ill do the pencils & mascara just so i can explain a bit more about them in detail!! 

For now....


Monday, 6 May 2013

Still going strong!! 'On The Spot' Foundation!

'On the Spot' Foundation
Week 3

Another week has passed and im still wearing the 'On the Spot' Foundation, i think ill just get straight to the point...

What im really liking about this foundation is that, even though its covering a lot of my 'imperfections', it still feels really nice and light. Which is great! The suns finally decided to come out and so its been pretty hot...well not summer hot, but a lot warmer than it has been!! The foundation has been lasting well too.

I've switched a few products around that I've been using with it, so instead of a my other powders, I've been using my E.L.F Tone Correcting Powder as its a bit lighter and doesn't cover up the look of my foundation as much as my colored powders.

As for its spot clearing qualities...yes, it has cleared up my spots, but I've been breaking out a bit recently, i think its the weather but it seems as soon as one spot goes another replaces it! But the foundation has been covering it enough so that they're not obvious which is better than nothing! So yeah, i do think the spot clearing aspect works, and works well, BUT i think my skin is finally deciding to react to the new product! Never mind, it'll get used to it!

I've also been applying it with my stipple brush again, the beauty blender was just too much effort first thing of a morning! I find for me, it works better, but other may prefer a foundation brush, sponge or your hands. 

I do strongly recommend a powder on top day i forgot to apply my powder (stayed up late painting my nails and watching The 4400!) and although it didn't affect the longevity of the foundation, i did find that no powder, combined with a warm day and being at work, made my face a bit oily...and i never have oily skin. I think its the SPF that made it oily though and as i said, a powder will sort that right out!!

Get to the point! What do you think?

My opinion hasn't changed! I am really liking this foundation! I would definitely say its a must have for this summer!! Light on my skin, good coverage, a decent SPF AND spot clearing qualities... every girl should have this in their make up bag! Even if your still on the fence about it, give it a try?! What have you got to lose? It really is a good foundation and im so glad i had the chance try it! 

Mwuah!! x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I am weak!!!!

I am so very weak...

I got lured in by the sales again and made ANOTHER e.l.f order!!

I cant help myself... last time i ordered like 23 things and this time ive ordered another 22 things...its got to the point where ive had to buy a whole new storage unit to keep all my make up in!

E.l.f, if you ever read this... know that most of my wages go on your products and no doubt that will continue..damn you for being so awesome!! Im gonna try and resist until the end of the month to buy again... but i know if they release anything new ill want it... 

Oh and hurry up and restock your Studio Brushes! I need the Powder Brush and Blush Brush and the Flawless concealer brush!! 

For now, here's a sneak peak of my new storage unit... before i was using just some plastic trays..this is sooo much better...

 Oh and heres a little peak at my last order i did, E.l.f and Superdrug...

Believe it or not, the bigger box on the left is Superdrug! And i only ordered 2, yes, 2 make up about over packaged....

For now, that is all...!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ive made up my mind!

I have FINALLY decided what i want to do with my life!!

I am going to be... well i dont know what its actually called, but i want to create my own line of cosmetics!!

I have no idea where to start... or what to do...but i would LOVE the idea of being the creator of some amazing make up!

Okay so, this isn't gonna happen overnight BUT i am in line for a promotion at work (Team Leader baby! Oh yeah!) and they want me to be Beauty Champion (its basically sorting out the cosmetics). Which means im one step closer to being manager AND then i can start looking at starting my own business! My Mom thinks i should start my own mobile beauty/hair salon thingy. Im not too sure, id prefer to be the one talking about the make up or creating it rather than applying it to someones face! Thats the bit im not so great at....although..i have always fancied myself to be a bit of an alternative hair stylist...! 

Still im a long way off at the minute, but you gotta have goals right?? 

I dont normally have goals... i aim low and avoid disappointment... hell yeah, pessimism for the win... (is that even a word?) 

Oh and i also got my Dad to buy me some plastic storage drawers to keep my ever growing make up collection in! Ill do a post on that soon..ish... 

Mwuah! xx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Update!!! First wage packet and I did an E.L.F Haul!!

I got my first wages!! Okay, so ive been paid before, but this is my first wage from Superdrug!! AND i get pad weekly which is awesome!! I hate having to wait until the end of the month until i can shop for pretty things and not have to feel guilty about it!

So i treated myself to some new E.L.F products and a some new make up brushes.

I got 24 new things from e.l.f and 2 new brushes, one from BarryM the other, Revlon. 

Ill do a more in depth post soon enough but all i have to say right now is, holymothershitgod the E.l.f angled contour brush and Revlon's Contour Shadow brush are the two most uh-maze-ing things ever to be created on this earth... i mean..damn. These things actually make my make up look good instead of how it normally looks (like a child has had a fun time attacking my face with make up). Dude... just. Yes.

And so, for now im leaving as im tired and ill do a post tomorrow after ive slept....

Also...i bought some stuff from Avon, only about 10 things but i thought id give them a go and i gotta say, i really like there lipsticks!! Ill also post on those!

Love to anyone who reads this, means a lot that you took the time to read my ramblings... you are awesome! Now go to a mirror and hi 5 yourself... you deserve it! 

Mwuah! xx

Note:- On the Spot Foundation is going well still, next post on that is on sunday/monday night. Will go into detail on how its performing and if i still like it!!