Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 2 'On the Spot Foundation'

'On the Spot Foundation'
Week 2

It been just over a week since i started using 'On the Spot' Foundation by Seventeen cosmetics and i thought id update you on how im getting on, how my skins reacting and what not....

Since its the start of week 2 ive changed my method of applying the product. During week one i was using a stipple brush, and even though this worked out fine, i figured id try out using the Beauty Blender this week. This morning i used this method and it took a little bit more time to fully blend out the foundation but that's ok, i had time to kill... 

I applied it at 9:30am this morning before i went on shift at work, i set it with a powder, with a primer underneath but no fixing mist. I finished work at 4:30pm and got home around 5:00pm and checked out my reflection.

Thankfully, this time i was free from the Panda eyes! But i did find that my foundation had worn off a little. Not like, massively, but a little. Im pretty sure im the only one who noticed as i was scrutinizing my face! Also i think the change in the weather has irritated my skin. I tend to get more yellow around the mouth area and pink around the nose when the sun comes out and we have had a few sunny days recently. I reckon a tone correcting powder/concealer will sort that out but i only noticed this afternoon. On the bright side, the spot clearing part of the foundation seems to be working well! That spot i had on my cheek... its gone! As has the one on my chin and jaw...although ones just come up near my eyebrow (weird place, right?) so we'll see how it reacts with that!

I may stick with using the stipple brush to be honest. Im a little too lazy to stand there and bounce a sponge on my face... plus i like less coverage than what the beauty blender was giving me. 

Overall, week 1 went well, it lasted better with a fixing mist but again, i think this is due to my face reacting weird to the weather changes. I think a primer underneath is a definite must have. I find, any product with an SPF in it normally applies a hell of a lot easier with a primer under it. I think the SPF makes it a little bit more difficult to blend than a regular foundation. But id much rather have an all in one foundation than stand there smearing all kind of gunk on my face in the morning!

Well thats that! Im happy with how its going, i dont think ill see ant real changes until the end of this week to be honest, but just concentrating on the feel and longevity of the foundation, i do like it. It lasts well and does crease on my face like some other foundations!!

Bring on Week 2!!

Note: I was trying out some of the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse today and i HATE them, the lightest shade, Porcelain, was far too dark for me. It didnt blend in too well and left my hand feeling very dry. Now my face is sometimes quite dry so there was no way i was sticking any of this stuff on my face!! So if you suffer from dry skin stay away from this!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Luscious Lips... Part 2

  Luscious Lips 
Part 2 baby!

Since the first post was pretty long, i decided to split it...and also due to the fact i was exhausted last night when i uploaded it and didnt feel like typing anymore... it got to the point when you actually start to go cross-eyed and see double... yeah... Probably not good for my eyes, but hell, i love MUA too much too stop! So next up is....

Lip Gloss
Every girls best friend...

I haven't had a good lip gloss in ages, i mean, i have a few E.L.F ones and Avon glosses, Rimmel and random others, but i gotta say, they're all either so sheer that there's actually no point in me wearing them, too sticky, or they dry my lips out. So whilst i wasn't expecting much from the MUA glosses i did hope i would find my 'go to gloss'. Every girl needs at least one lip gloss in their handbag, right?...

From Left to Right:
Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in 'Sienna'
Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Stolen Kisses'
Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Kiss and Tell'
Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Sweet Nothings'
 So i got 4! Well, you gotta have a variety right? Ill start with the 'Intense Kisses Lip Gloss'
Left to right:
Sweet Nothings
Kiss and Tell
Stolen Kisses

Woah! Pigmented right? I love, love, love these!! Its just what i want from a gloss, high shine, lots of colour, and beautiful shades! My favorite has to be Stolen Kisses! It such a dark red and its just so me if you know what i mean. I like the the others just as much but if i was to pick one to put into my handbag, Stolen Kisses would be the one!

Now one thing i noticed is the packaging. I really like it but it is incredibly similar to E.l.f's Studio Glossy Gloss. I only have one of their Studio Glosses (is that even a word?) I have the shade Dragon Fruit but i've got to stress, the products themselves could not differ more!

For comparison...
Now first things first, the MUA packaging is shiny which is awesome, whereas E.l.f's packaging is matte black. Id say E.l.f's packaging is a bit more sophisticated but to be honest, MUA's gloss is a lot better. Put MUA gloss in E.l.f's packaging and your onto a winner!

The really does make a difference...
Applicators are important to me. E.L.F has gone for a brush whereas MUA has gone for the sponge tip/doe foot applicator (whatever its called, im gonna refer to it as a sponge). I dont like the brush e.l.f has used. It tends to spread too much product onto my lips and doesn't really allow for precise application. Plus the gloss is really sticky, its a shame because i like the colour a lot. MUA has gone for the sponge applicator which is nice because its shaped to fit the cupids bow of my lips! So i get to be precise and also i don't apply too much and so it allows me to build up layers for more of an intense coverage.

So lastly,  
                                           Out There Lip Plumping Gloss

Sorry about the badly taken picture, my camera was being stupid. Basically this is the shade Sienna, its an orange colour and is highly glossy. Now i don't know if its me, or this particular one, but it doesn't really plump my lips. It tingled once, but after that, didn't seem to work again! I purchased it because id seen it in a magazine and it was recommend for people who wanted a fast acting plumping gloss. Its a nice colour but doesnt plump my lips. Ill buy another one and see if that one works and report back! Hopefully its just this one!!

Anyhoos that's all the glosses i got in the sale and the end of the Luscious Lips section!! Next up! Electric Eyes!

Monday, 22 April 2013

MUA Haul Part 1... Luscious Lips!

Due to the fact i ordered a load of stuff during the MUA 50% Sale, im splitting it into separate sections, the first, Luscious Lips, then Electric Eyes, followed by Flawless Face, which will be the last in the series. The first one took me a while to put together, hence why its taken me so long to post! Hope you like it and it inspires you to go try some MUA products! 

    Luscious Lips    

MUA Lipstick £1.00

LEFT-  Shade 1
MIDDLE- Shade 2
RIGHT- Shade 3
 Shade 1, 2 & 3 are all red toned, Shade 1 is the darkest red of all the lipsticks, where as Shade 2 is a mauve toned red/pink. Shade 3 is a hot pink, but of a dark tone so its a nice change to the standard light toned hot pinks you can get.
LEFT- Shade 4
MIDDLE- Shade 5
RIGHT-  Shade 6
 I had to use flash when taking pictures if these shades as 4 and 5 were quite sheer, or had glitter in them and this could only be captured using flash. Now Shade 4 is a firm favorite of mine, its moisturizing and isn't too bright and adds just a subtle hint of colour, i really like this one! However Shade 5 is definitely my least favorite, its a similar tone to Shade 4 but full of glitter particles, and i hate glitter in lipstick, gloss or any other lip product so this one was a real let down for me. Shade 6 however is a nice mauve pink, similar too Shade 2 in tone but considerably lighter. 

LEFT- Shade 7
MIDDLE- Shade 8
RIGHT- Shade 9
Shade 7 is a really pretty colour, a nice peachy pink, very wearable. Shade 8 is a raspberry coloured pink, i particularly like this one too. Now even though i liked the look of Shade 9 initially, i did find that it was just the wrong colour for me. It s a gold toned brown, an unusual colour but it just didn't look right against my pale skin, so again, this is one of my least favorites  but that's not to say it would suit someone else!
LEFT- Shade 10
MIDDLE- Shade 11
RIGHT- Shade 12

Again Shade 10 and 11 are just too brown toned for me, there nice colors but i just cant carry them off. Perhaps Shade 10 is a bit more wearable as it has a slight pink hue to it. Maybe if i was feeling particularly confident i might try rock that shade, but on a normal day, i just dont think it would suit me. Shade 12, unfortunately  again has glitter, not as much as Shade 4 though which means i may give it a go on top of a dark red or something just to give it that something special.
FIRST-  Shade 13
SECOND- Shade 14 Nude
THIRD- Shade 15 Nectar
FOURTH- Shade 16 Juicy
Shade 13 is an awesome retro red, very bright, very bold and i love it! Now for some reason MUA decided to name the last 3 lipsticks, which i don't mind... if only they'd bring out names for the others too!! Nude is, well a nude color! Beige toned, which is nice, and would suit all skin tones i reckon. Nectar is a fabulous bright orange! I freaking love this shade, its so daring and in style at the minute, again, a firm favorite  Now if you're not feeling so bold, go for Juicy, it's toned down version of Nectar, still orange, but much softer and paler in colour. Another favorite and id definitely recommend!

Overall? What you think?

They all have a creamy consistency, all apply very well, they're very moisturizing and come in a range of colours, and for £1.00, im sure there's one or two you could find that you'd like! I honestly do like all of them. Yes, I've been critical of some of the colours but that's just my personal preference, some of you may like glitter on you lips, i tend to find im then picking glitter particles off my face the the next few weeks which really irritates me! But then some of you may love glitter! I must stress i really like the brown toned lipsticks, it just sucks they don't suit me, hence why they're not my favorites, so don't be put off by that!
Overall? LOVE THEM. Well worth the money, so what you waiting for? Go buy them! You can buy 16 for £16! Bargain Baby!!!??!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

'On The Spot' Day 2! (because i didn't have time on day 1)

(Sorry!! I meant to make a post on day 1, but i had to work over time as my regional manager was in store and so i came back late and just went to sleep! oops!)

So i finally got my right shade! WOOOO!

As promised here's a picture of both shades, swatched, badly as usual, but at least they're here!!

LEFT- Fair
RIGHT- Natural

TOP- Natural
As you can see, the shade 'Fair' is considerably lighter and this blended in really well to my natural skin tone.
Now even though this is the right shade for me, i still would have preferred it a little bit more lighter because i like being pale...but i solved this problem by using Stargazer's White Pressed Powder on top of the foundation instead of my usual translucent powder. (Note: You do not need to lighten the foundation. Any powder would be fine on top, the colour does not need to be altered if you have a fair complexion, or normally use a the shade 'fair'. I chose to as that is my personal preference and i like to look like a ghost). ;)

DAY 1 

I wore this yesterday and worked a 7 hour shift. I didn't take it off, re-apply any product or use any powder throughout the day apart from when i first applied my makeup in the morning. 
Before leaving my house i did use E.l.f Studio Make-Up Mist and Set Spray just to set my make up and to give it that bit of extra wear time, as i knew i wouldn't be able to re-apply any make up during the day.
I work indoors, but did have to brave the elements after work waiting for a ride home. I live right near the coast, and work within a stones throw of the sea. I think its important i mention this as being close to the sea means there's a lot of wind and crap flying about! So make up has to last well here!

So..What happened?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my face was still intact! Well, apart from the panda eyes due to the fact bits had been blown into my eyes and caused them to water... thanks mother nature... 
But more importantly my foundation was still where it was supposed to be! There was no signs of wear in those pesky problematic areas (nose & mouth) and even more importantly, the redness on my spots had been reduced! Now im not saying this is a miracle worker and that it'll cure acne, BUT im not exaggerating when i say it did calm down the look of my spots.
That morning, id woke up with about 3 spots? The worse one was on my cheek and it was red and angry looking, and not only did the foundation cover this up, but it honestly did help take away its redness by the end of the day!

What was on yo face?

Seventeen 'Photo Flawless' Primer £4.99
Seventeen 'On the Spot' Foundation £6.29
Stargazer Pressed Powder 'White' £3.79
MUA Pro Base 'Conceal & Brighten' Kit Porcelain £3.50
Natural Collection Pressed Powder 'Translucent' £1.99
Rimmel 'Scandal'eyes Show Off' Mascara £6.99
Maybelline 'Great Lash' Mascara £3.99
MeMeMe Eyeliner 'Coal' £4.99
MUA Eyeliner 'Snow White' £1.00
Rimmel 'Moisture Renew' Lipstick 'Latino' £6.29
E.L.F Make-Up 'Mist & Set' £3.75

Note:- I used a primer underneath the foundation to ensure it covered well and blended in properly without making my pores look huge. I used E.l.f's Studio Stipple brush to apply my foundation and i used 2 mascaras, 'Scandal'eyes' for the top lashes and 'Great Lash' for the bottom lashes. I also used 2 eyeliners, the black for 3/4 of my waterline and the white for the inner corners of my eyes to make them appear wider.

I'll update each week on how im getting on with the foundation, i think everyday will be a bit too repetitive and normally to see any real changes, you have to wait a while!

I think the real test will be tomorrow when i have to be out all day and i'll get to see how the foundation holds up to British weather!

So far so good!! 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Make yo' eyes pop, baby!

Lately ive been wondering what the hype is all about when it comes to bold eye make up. I mean all that effort, primer, shadow eye liner mascara, falsies, and a shit ton of glitter, ALL that just so that your eyes stand out more?
Apparently its 'as seen on catwalk this season'...well excuse me but have you SEEN what they wear on the catwalks???!! I have seen women walk down that runway with goddamn baskets and all kinds of funky shit on their head! If thats where we're getting our inspiration from... god help us all!
Personally im more of a'' mascara and slap on some eyeliner when i feel like it'' kind of girl. Simple, clean and at least ive tried to make an effort.
Maybe im just too lazy to bother with all that stuff. But i thought, you know ill give it a go. I invested in some eyeshadow palettes, and then i came across those cream eyeshadows and thought why not! I haven't got any of those!! Buy them!! You need them in your life! (or at least that's what the irrational, impulsive, make up obsessed, part of me thought).

Id heard of the Maybelline Colour tattoos and was intrigued.
Id also seen a review on the Sigma Eyeshadow Base's, and apparently they didn't live up to the hype and Maybelline's colour tattoos were much more pigmented and cheaper! 
Of course MAC also has their version and have called them Paint Pots. But i wasn't satisfied with any of these. MAC is just ridiculously expensive and Sigma pfft... normally id have gone for Maybelline, however, i came across some others that were the same price more or less and looked more appealing to me. (Plus there was a deal on, oh yes..)

Introducing!! MeMeMe Dew Pots!!!


TOP LEFT- Autumn Smoulder (4)
TOP RIGHT- Deadly Berry (6)
BOTTOM- Silk Dusk (11)
I got 3 Dew Pots for £10.00 (Normal RRP £7.25 EACH) so i got myself a right bargain there! 

'High Performance, ultra-long stay, rich colour eye defining cream''

Im impressed! I really like the packaging, little glass tubs make me happy for some reason, and the lid is all swirly and pretty!!

TOP LEFT- Autumn Smoulder
TOP RIGHT- Deadly Berry
BOTTOM- Silk Dusk

TOP- Silk Dusk
MIDDLE- Autumn Smoulder
BOTTOM- Deadly Berry
''Autumn Smoulder''

So this shade a red/brown shade with a little sparkle, not a lot, but enough. Its a very unusual colour and my photo's dont do it justice, id definitely recommend this shade as i haven't seen it anywhere else.

'' Deadly Berry''

This is a beautiful, dark purple shade with a slight hint of blue tones running through it. Its very wearable and and goes on so creamy and a little goes a long way. Trust me.

''Silk Dusk''

This is a very nice shade. Extremely wearable, would be great to put on the inner corners to open up the eyes, instead of the normal, plain white shadow. Its an off white shade with pink and purple shimmer. Its a really pretty colour and looks different in different lights. Its a very versatile colour and a refreshing change to the normal neutral shades. It has a nice sparkle to it. 

That's about it really. They're all really pigmented, and mega creamy but not in a sticky way, so im hoping that means they wont start to travel around my face. (You know what i mean right? When something that's a bit thick/creamy starts to migrate from where they were originally intended to stay, and end up half way down your face somehow. One of the many enigmas of life...) I reckon the only one that MAY do that would be Deadly Berry just because its soooo thick and creamy if you put just a little bit too much on it'd be all over your face by the time you got home!

They're all good for night time looks, but id say you could use Silk Dusk during the day just to add a bit of sparkle to your face!

I think i like cream eyeshadows.... =)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Try something new! (totes stole that from sainsburys)

The other week i got my Boots points letter through, and with it came with some of those vouchers. You know the ones, 250 point when you spend £25 in store, Double Points, 50% off Sunglasses...blah blah...

So i trotted off to my local Boots to make the most of them, and then noticed there was 2 vouchers to do with 'Seventeen' cosmetics. Now i was either having a dumb moment or these vouchers actually were worded stupidly. Anyway they confused me so i asked the lady behind the till what it meant.

Basically these vouchers let me buy the new Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara for just £2.00!! (normal RRP £6.29) and i could choose either a single eyeshadow, a trio or cream eyeshadow for just £1.00. Oh yes, i was most certainly happy. I chose a trio in the shade 'Barely There' (normal RRP £5.49) and then skipped all the way home happy with my new purchases.

When i got home, i realized in my mad rush to buy such bargains, id accidently picked up the mascara in the shade Brown/Black. At first i was like Nooooo!! My eyes wont look the same!! But after the initial shock, i realized it wasn't such a bad thing. Id been meaning to pick up a brown mascara, just to see what they were like, and so that when doing my eyes, i could opt for a more subtle, natural lash instead of my normal intense black lashes. So i was pretty pleased with myself at this point especially since id only paid £3.00 for 2 products that would normally have cost me almost 3 times that. 

I am one happy bunny! 

Ta dah!!
 As you can see, its really nicely packaged, im a sucker for pretty packaging and this is just cute! The brush is one of those combs with a slight curve in them, and its this along with the formula thats supposed to give you '24 hour curl' (or at least thats what it say on the lid)... 

Pretty self explanatory really ¬_¬

And heres my, uh, eye... i just slapped some on so you could see what it was like on and the colour....
So...thats an eye...

So it does gives lashes more of a curl then other mascaras, and yes there is a gap in my lashes because i accidently pulled a bunch out...thats not the mascaras fault... It separates lashes too, and i find, when a mascara separates lashes, it makes them look longer, but doesn't  give much volume. So whilst i had nice defined lashes, they lacked volume. However i do like this mascara and im glad i got it in black/brown. As you can see there's not a massive difference, but id say they look a bit more natural then when using black mascara.

Next up, the Eyeshadow Trio!!

I LOVE this, like, i think its gonna be my new 'go to' colour for my eyeballs. It so pretty!!! AND IT WAS £1.00!!!!!

Im very bad at swatching colours. Is 'swatching' even a word?

Top- White, pearl finish, a nice highlight colour.
Middle- Dusky Pink, pear finish, a beautiful shade for all over the lid, my new favorite.
Bottom-  Chocolate brown, more of a matte finish, very nice, compliments the pink really well!

You see why i love this trio?? That PINK!! Each colour is nicely pigmented, so you get a good colour payoff on your eye lids, even without eyeshadow primer. But i would always recommend using a primer... there is no downside to using a primer. Just use it. =) This trio is really good for everyday wear its a little too subtle for a night time look, in my opinion, although you could spice it up with some sparkly black (im thinking, Urban Decay's Loose Pigment in Goddess) but i would much prefer this just for a subtle daytime look.

Anyhoos, thats that.... i really like these products, im beginning to appreciate 'Seventeen' cosmetics more than i used too, and im looking forward trying more things from them. 

I picked up one of their Mirror Shine Lipsticks today. So ill be reviewing that soon too, ill let you know what i think!

I seriously have commitment, seriously.

I found some old diary's yesterday...

I realized that i actually never stick to what i say im gonna do, like the whole Army thing. Now its not like i didnt try with that. I booked an appointment, i got more info, i made a list of jobs id love to do and when the day rolled around... my mom was ill and i had to look after her. So i never made my appointment.

I tried to re-book, but no one answered the phone. I then planned on dropping in the careers office next time i went that way. Turned out i could make it up Norwich that day as i had a job interview. So it seems every time i go to do something, something else stops me! (hey i am NOT making excuses!).

Another thing... there was this guy. A really REALLY hot guy who worked in the Pet shop in a town near me. I used to go in there all the time and buy bird food just to stare at him, in hope he'd suddenly realize his undying love for me and ask me out...
That never happened, and i always had waaay too much bird food then i needed. But i swore to myself id actually start a conversation with him next time i saw him. I never did... 

And then theres the other stuff with Uni, guys, jobs, hobbies, even my future plans, one minute im gonna be a solider, the next i wanna start my own makeup line (oh yes, please someone, tell me how!). Yeah i know its a part of growing up but come on, im 20 in July...and what have i achieved? Not a lot. 

It seems the only time i actually do what i say im going to do is when im drunk... because i have the most amazing ideas and confidence when im drunk. Yeaahhh baby... ;)

Anyway the actual point of this post was to remind myself that i need to commit more. To everything. Perhaps ill finish my books ive been writing since like, forever. 

Perhaps...maybe...i really should...



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I changed my hair...again...

I recently realized that roots are not attractive.

Not that i think they look bad, but, generally, roots do tend to give off the vibe that you lack pride in your appearance. 

Or perhaps its because whenever i get roots everyone seems to feel the need to point out the fact i have them and then never let me forget it until i do something about them...

My plan was to leave my poor hair alone to recover from the years of abuse its had but nooooooo couldnt do that could i?

I decided in order to NEVER have roots again, i had to go back natural, which considering i had god knows how much colour build up would be near impossible...but i am stubborn and think i know it all so i went ahead and tried anyway...

My Hair. It had roots and was fading.  Hence why the picture is in black and white. Editing hides roots.

I did the best thing and got myself a colour remover. It was one by Scott Cornwall and it stunk like crap. But i put up with it for the sake of my weave...

I was hopeful... it seemed to be working! I was happy! I washed my hair, dried it and then!! BAM im back to black.... how, i dont know. I followed the instructions i swear and i didn't put ANYTHING on it. So i email Scott (cuz you know, we're like, besties! actually i stalked him down on facebook and emailed him through his website) and he emailed me back saying he thought id gone through rapid re-oxidization which was very rare and could have been due to the water.... ¬_¬ What else am i supposed to wash with? NOT IMPRESSED SCOTTY! Still its not his fault my hairs a douche...

So i took a big step and decided to let a professional take over.I went to a really nice hairdressers in town and asked them to 'make me natural'.

They stripped my hair and then BAM douchey hair strikes again! Instead of going the normal orange colour hair goes when its bleached it went BRIGHT GREEN. Yes.
Green, baby!! 

My poor hairdresser nearly had a heart attack.. ''Never in my 14 years of hairdressing has someones hair gone green when bleached! Never!'' << That was my hairdresser by the way.

So obviously the idea of going back natural was out the window and half way down the street by this point. Brown wouldn't cover this mess. Only red. Red is opposite to green on the colour wheel and so cancels each other out. Red was my only option. So... i went red...ish.
Its quite a lot more red in real life..actually more of a ginger. Woo!

There's some before during and afters  up there for you to have a good laugh at... :) Funtimes...

Seventeen 'On the Spot' Foundation... =)

So, 'Seventeen' sent me a sample of their 'On the spot' foundation a few days ago, unfortunately, they sent me the shade 'Natural' which was a bit too dark for me (i am extremely pale). But i gotta say, the press office who i have to contact was awesome, they said they're gonna send me another one out but this time in the right shade, which is really nice of them!

However i took this opportunity to have a good play around and see what it felt like and examine the packaging up close. Here's a quick post on first impressions!


As i mentioned above, they sent me the wrong shade BUT i can see why they thought 'natural' would be appropriate. Its not to light or dark and id imagine would fit most people. Also its not orange!! Thank god for that! So many companies make their foundations either way to dark or just too orange for my skin, so its great that 'Seventeen' has thought about this and has a whole range of colours from Porcelain to Honey. Now i cant say much about the other colours, but judging by Boots website swatches, they dont have a shade for darker skin. This could be their downfall...
(swatches will be added upon receiving the right shade)


I really like how this product feels on my skin. As i said, due to the fact i received the wrong shade i had a bit of a play around so i could get a feel for how the product would sit on my skin and how good its coverage was. I applied it using my hands, then a stipple brush and lastly a beauty blender sponge. Its not too thick, so its easily blendable, and also means you don't apply too much at once so it makes it easier to build up for extra coverage. When using my hands it applied well and didn't streak, but id normally use a stipple brush and wouldn't recommend using hands not only for hygiene reasons but also because you cant blend a product in as well with your hands. Using the stipple brush i found that i needed to go over my face twice, now i think this is because my stipple brush isn't very dense and so didn't pick up much product. ( I use the e.l.f studio stipple brush) However it could be that this particular product isn't thick enough to be applied with this type of brush. But to be honest i like the consistency of 'On the spot' foundation so id much rather apply it twice and ensure good coverage rather than use my hands and apply too much. It worked well using the beauty blender too, blended in well, applied nicely and didn't take much effort. Its a win win situation! All in all, i like it.


I wouldn't say this is a full coverage foundation. Its nice and light, so my face doesn't feel like its smothered in product and its not heavy enough for me to have to worry about it wearing in places...(you know the feeling, when you've rubbed your nose or mouth and then realize you've rubbed half of your foundation off it was that thick!) This covers good enough for me, its enough to hide any imperfections and dark/red spots i have whilst still looking natural, which to me, is the best kind of foundation! YAY! Go Seventeen cosmetics!


Now when i first saw the product i was bit let down, mainly because i thought it was gonna be one of those squeezy tubes which always get way too messy and squeeze too much product out at once. However i was pleasantly surprised when i took off the cap and saw it had a pump! (so that's why it was unusually long!) Now i have 2 pet peeves when it comes to packaging, squeezy tubes and pumps on glass bottles. The first one I've already explained, but having a pump on a glass bottle means that half the product is wasted when the pump no longer sucks up any product and then you cant even open the bottle because it glass! That is when i realized 'Seventeen' cosmetics are geniuses! They've combined a squeezy tube and a pump which means the product is dispensed cleanly and efficiently, pumping out no more than you need AND when the pump stops pumping you can just cut across the top of the squeezy tube and get your brush inside to scoop out the last of the product! No waste, no mess and it makes applying the foundation so much easier! Hi five 'Seventeen'!! 

Does it work?

Well ill let you know when the right shade comes! Im really hoping that this helps with preventing spots, i dont often have a lot of breakouts but recently i have had a few problematic areas and i think its due to the stupid British weather! I have to trial the foundation for 4 weeks, wearing it everyday and seeing if my skin appears clearer. Im positive about it... I doubt it'll cause me to breakout because the foundation is so light on my skin, and my skin never normally reacts to new products so ill be okay there.
Going by what ive gathered so far, i think im gonna be pretty happy with the end result, even if it doesnt clear my spots, ill still have a nice foundation by the end of it all!

Ill let you know when i start my trial!!! Eeeeeep!! 

Heres a couple of pictures of the one ive already received showing you the packaging, what it claim to do and the colour...

With the cap off, pump dispenser with squeezy tube! YAY!
Seventeen 'On the Spot' Foundation

Swatch: TOP- 'Seventeen' On the Spot Foundation 'Natural'
BOTTOM- E.L.F Tinted Moisturizer 'Porcelain' 
As you can see from the picture above, 'Natural' is just too dark for my skin, i compared it to E.L.F's tinted moisturizer in 'Porcelain' as this blends well into my skin and is a pretty close match to my skin. I didn't blend in the two swatches on my hand as i wanted to show the difference between the two shades. When i receive the foundation in 'Fair' ill swatch them both so you can see the difference. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ive been chosen!!!!! Yay!! Seventeen you rock!

Im not usually lucky, in fact im notorious for how much bad luck i actually have. However i must be doing something right as I have been chosen to trial 'Seventeen' On the Spot Foundation! (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!) 

Okay, reason number 1 why im excited: I GOT CHOSEN!!!! 

Reason 2: I am a BIG fan of 'Seventeen' Cosmetics, I love, love LOVE their Photo Flawless Primer and Photo Flawless Lashes (shade blue black to be exact). SO im excited to try this new foundation.

Reason 3: It has SPF15. Now, skin care is very important for me. You can never be too careful and having a flawless face whilst also having an SPF on is totally amazeballs. 

Reason 4: It contains Sailcylic Acid which is great for combating spots and On the Spot Foundation, is made with it!!

Reason 5: Its basically my face, in a tube. I mean, this stuff is a foundation, an SPF and helps prevent spots. 3 in 1 baby! Hell yeah!

Im getting sent the shade fair, which i think will work fine for me, i would have preferred the shade Porcelain, as normally the lightest shade of foundation works for me, but i have BB creams in Fair, so i reckon it'll be just fine!

Im sooooo excited!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Im Not A BUM Anymore!!!!!!

Oh yes! You read right! Im EMPLOYED!

Which is kinda ironic actually considering i put off signing on to JSA for 4 months, then finally gave in, got one payment and then got a damn job... just my luck... lol

But im a happy bee right now as i am officially a Sales Adviser as Superdrug!!! Yeah baby yeah!!!

Not only does this mean wages, 30% staff discount and FREE makeup to trial, BUT i get to actually SEE people and TALK to real humans! Which is more than i can do right now sitting on my gradually increasingly sized arse in the middle of a field...

So yeah i start tomorrow! Im soooo pleased! Although i stand by the fact that i should be a kept women ;) Just kidding....!  No actually, im really not. 

I could join a gym! Do regular make up hauls! Become the beauty champion of that store (i have no idea what it is but it sounds fun)! Have money to learn to drive! YAY! Im guessing the first month will be tight as ill be spending a lot on travel and clearing my overdraft.. shhhh! But it'll be worth it in the end.

Oh and im planning on doing a review on the MUA products probs after the 10th when the new power pouts and baked eyeshadows have been released. (I need them in my life).

Hopefully at the end of the month ill have some spare cash to make an E.L.F haul im thinking a pretty big order, that is if the HD powder and the powder brush ever happen to be in stock at the same time!!! Grrrr! 

Anyhoos TTYL and p.s: I CANNOT COPE WITH THE FACT THE WALKING DEAD HAS FINISHED! So heres a small reminder of its brilliance....