Thursday, 21 March 2013

MUA Haul

Back in January (i think it was January, could have been February, who knows) MUA (Make up Academy) had a massive 50% Sale and Free Shipping worldwide! 

As you can imagine as soon as the 50% code was activated EVERYONE went online at once and of course, crashed the damn site, which meant those who had patiently waited till day 2 or 3 of the sale still couldn't actually get online... ¬_¬

MUA asked for everyone to leave the site while they fixed the server, and to be patient... and of one listened. Eventually those people realized that constantly clicking 'refresh' wasn't going to get them their much wanted cosmetics any faster, and they left the site.

MUA also assured its customers that stock would not run out and that we would all be able to access the site again soon.

They fixed the server and then everyone went back online. Those that has persisted and tried to order on day 1 and 2 almost all had paypal issues and multiple charges made to their account....

HA... maybe next time you'll be more patient...

I ordered day 4, got most things i wanted (by then all of the brushes were out of stock as were the blushers and eyeshadows and pallets) and checked out without a hitch. Yay me.

I ordered 36 things and paid £33.50!!!

All came pretty soon after (about 5 days) nothing broke or missing and no wrong shades thankfully. 

Ill do a more in depth review on some of the products later on... but for now, a very badly taken picture!

It was dark, i was tired and id just smeared every products all over my face... ill take some better pictures soon enough =)

Oh and for the record, MUA has great customer service!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Joining the Army...yep im doing it...

The time has come for me to finally take control of my future...

I may sound like a complete dickhole BUT after going to visit my crazy old gran who after moaning about how awful her life is (she has loads of friends, owns 2 property's, goes out regularly to the Theatre and for nice meals, has family all over the country who she can visit whenever and teaches piano which she loves...yeah gran, reaallly awful)  she actually gave me some good advice.

Well, she told me to stop being such a douche and get out and do something. Which i suppose, is what i should have done long ago. I quit uni after 1 year and hoped to return home and get a job. That didnt work out, i applied for every job going and nothing. Although i did get a job in mental health but that didnt work out (*complications*). I keep going back to the Army, but i suppose the 4 year sign up put me off...

I have commitment issues...

However on the 18th March i have an appointment with an Army Careers Officer to discuss what to do next...apparently applications are all online now which is great! Travel is really difficult where i live and i have to pretty much rely on taxis to get me from A to B, so doing it online would be really helpful.

The only thing i really need to work on is my fitness. I wouldn't say im unfit, but im not at Army fitness level! I have all the running stuff... had it for months now...just haven't got round to doing any actual running... O_O 

But i will! 



My New Beauties ;)

So, ive been pretty lucky recently ive had loads of little gifts from my parents for some unknown reason...(you know that feeling you get when you think someones got something bad to tell you?... yeah, ive got that).

So ill start off with the shoes!! So my Dad got me these...(i did the whole..'if you loved me, you'd buy me them' worked *Genius*!) 
Ta dah!!!
They're fabulously spikey all over except on the inner side of the shoe, where they have flatter studs, so that you dont trip over yourself i guess! I fit a size 3 but usually get a 4 for wiggle room! They're also pretty comfy as they have a concealed platform inside the shoe so you foots not so elevated meaning less pain and = HAPPY FEET! 

Next up is something which i wasn't expecting! I love surprises! So im a tad bit obsessed with Zombies... as in, i watch everything with zombies in and i even have the survival guide! (which you can check out here: ) I even got a damn dust cover for it.... just in case...
So you can imagine my face when my dad brought this home!!

Introducing... Frank! 
Isn't he totes faboosh!? He now sits on my shelf along with my skull head mug and Jagermeister ;)

Last but not least, i had to literally beg for these...they were at BARGAIN prices in Morrisons!!

Katy Perry 'Purr' Perfume which normally retails for about £29.00. I got for a fabulous £8.50!!!

    Vera Wang 'Rock Princess'' RRP £50.00, i got it for £8.51!!                             

So yeah, im pretty impressed with that. Im also really thankful to my parents for these gifts. I made them a nice meal and baked them a lemon meringue pie as well as doing other little things to say thank you. 

Love my parents.... <3 font="" nbsp="">