Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hairs still intact and i'm still a bum.. =S

So, after thinking long and hard about what to do with my hair i decided on a trim and to pretty much slather my scalp in every hair potion and protein concoction that i could possibly find...

So i started with Herbal Essences Beautiful ends hair mask. Now i don't normally buy these kind of products as they're normally just glorified conditioners that wont make a difference. But, it was half price, and in a pretty tub that i figured i could use for something when i'm finished with it.

This stuff feels soooo good! I dont know if it actually helped my hair, but my god it made it feel soft! Which at the time, was amazeballs, considering my hair felt like shit. 

This little baby is Superdrugs Coconut oil, which can not only be used for your hair but its also great for your skin and nails too! Gotta love its multi purpose-ness ;). This is solid at room temperature, but melts in your hands. If, like me your using it for a hair treatment, put the tub in a bowl of hot water, it'll melt it right down and then you can tip it over your hair with ease. Word of warning though, invest in a shower cap... this stuff drips everywhere, and secondly, be prepared to stand under the shower for a while because being oil, its not the easiest thing to wash out! Be thorough, or you'll be left with greasy roots....not pleasant!

Other than those two, ive pretty much stuck to my old favorite, Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner. :) Ill use Aussie 3 minute miracle sometimes, but i found after using it regularly it made my hair really dry. 
Its all about balance with things like protein and moisture...a little can go a long way, but over do it, and your hair wont benefit from it at all. 

Other things which are great for keep hair in tip top condition are things like Argon Oil and Joico K-Pak Reconstructor or if you prefer home remedies, Mayonnaise and Olive oil!
Oh and try stay away from shampoos and conditioners that have silicone's in them. Silicone = BAD. Invest in a cone free shampoo that's low in sulphates, and is Paraben free :) Your hair will love you for it =)

This post was a bit random... but i hope it helped someone, somewhere who's hair is in dire need of some TLC...