Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hair Dye Series: Funky Colours and Maintenance!

Funky Colours!

Ok, so you've bleached your hair, its been toned and is the right colour base for your colour... what now??

If you've just done your last bleach and hair is still dripping wet from the shower..GREAT! DO NOT CONDITION!! I know, this is going against every fibre of your being, you've just ravaged your hair with chemicals and it needs the soft silky goodness of conditioner! 

Too bad! For optimum results, semi perm hair colours stick better to just bleached, unconditioned hair. 

Now by semi perm i mean the true semis such as Special Effects, Manic Panic, Adore, Crazy Colour, Directions, Stargazer, and so on... they wil come in just a tube or tub, with nothing else to mix with, and usually say 'conditioning hair colour' or at least Directions does!

I generally use Directions, or Crazy Colour as i know these work well on my hair and i can guess pretty accurately how much/many tubs ill need!

Now hopefully you will have read this before you'd conditioned! If not, wait a few days then apply. 

Remember what i said about getting the right base? Heres why...

Hair before last bleach using XXL Max Blonde HD

After the last XXL, was a light blonde, some yellow still remaining, and a bit darker underneath.

I conducted a strand test of 3 different shades on the darkest parts of my hair, this way id know what colour they would go on the darkest parts and so ensuring i get the colour result i want! I left it on for about 20 minutes.

Atlantic Blue

As you can see Atlantic Blue went a bright blue on the ends where is was lightest and a murky green where is was a yellow/light orange.

Neon Blue

Neon Blue went a very dark inky blue, this appeared very purple in the tub, so i believe this one to be purple based. It was a nice colour but still too dark for my liking!


Plum went on perfectly! Full coverage, bold colour and the right brightness! I also sectioned off some bits on the underside to put Flamingo Pink on them.

I left the whole thing on (whilst wearing a bag on my head!) for about 6 hours.
The result?

Ultra Violet hair that looks Blue under certain lights!! Im so happy with it!!!


When you first wash your hair a lot of colour will come out, and the water will not run clear. These veggie semi dyes stain like a mofo so ensure you wear gloves, old clothes and be ready to scrub the bath!

You can shampoo straight away of you wish but bear in mind, the more you wash your hair the quicker the fade, and less bright it will be. 

Rub off is another issue...ignore this warning and beware! You will wake up the next morning with your ears, face, neck and arms the same colour as your hair!!

To solve this do a vinegar rinse (or vodka rinse, whichever you have handy!). This is 1 part vinegar, with 4 parts water. Use white vinegar, as this is colorless and wont affect your hair. The smell wont linger either, as soon as your hair is dry you wont smell it. Pour this mix over your hair after you have shampoo'd and conditioned, right before you get out the shower, don't rinse again, leave this on as this will stop rub off. 

As ive said, to keep hair bright as long as possible, try to cut down on the amount of times you wash your hair. I wash mine once a week and use dry shampoo towards the end of the week to keep hair fresh...sort of!

You can mix these dyes to make your own custom colour too! 

Thats about it really! Use the time it takes for the colour to fade to nurse your hair back to full health!!

Good luck and enjoy funky hair!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hair Dye Series Part 2.5 DAMAGE!

Damaged your hair?
Thought it would be a good idea to include a mini help guide after part 2 if you've accidently damaged your hair!

Oh No! Your hair feels all weird?! 
Is this damage and how the hell do i get rid of it?!!

Right...its ok, take a minute to really study your hair both when wet and dry. Rule number 1: Do not put another bleach on your hair!

I know, i know, your stuck with a multicolored mess of ginger and yellow and have to do something!!

Do NOT do what i did and carry on gonna go off on a tangent here and tell you a little story of my hair...

''My hair was dyed black, it was a Schwarzkopf XXL Deep black black or whatever it was called! Now mini fact here, a lot of dyes particularly XXL dyes, contain a lot of silicone's and these little evils melt under high heats such as using hair straighteners!! Which i did, regularly. This means that sometimes this will actually 'stain' the hair making it even harder to get rid of! Ever bleached and still had a section of hair thats the same colour even though you know you covered it? Yeah, probs silicone damage! So anyway, I was ignorant to advice, i didnt care less about damage and i wanted blue hair!! And so the nightmare begins... I used Colour B4, then bleached it straight after using 40%vol. It re-oxidized and so being disappointed, i used another bleach, same %vol as before. It made it so ginger and patchy and still ahd black bits from silicone damage, i couldnt stand it so i took the box of XXL Absolute Platinum thinking this would do the job. All in the same day remember! My hair ended up a medium ginger, with bright yellow roots... and it was fried. It was so dry and crispy i knew it needed a cut but i didnt want to admit it. So i left it for a few days, hoping a conditioner would sort it out. Alas it didnt! So i did the best thing i could for my poor ruined hair and scalp... i shaved it all off.
Lesson Learned.
Growing it back was the worse experience ever, i had a mullet for months and i thought i looked horrid, didnt wanna look in a mirror and my scalp was really cold...
Never. Again''

So if you dont want to end up shaving your head, heed my warning, dont double process, which means, dont use a bleach then a permanent box dye or another bleach, only use a product that contains no peroxide such as a true semi permanent dye such as Directions, Adore, Stargazer..ect...

Dont assume the damage is repairable with conditioner... it more than likely needs something better suited for the damage occurred.

If your hair is wirey/frazzled ends/dry or snapping... theres no doubt about it, you NEED a haircut. The thing with split ends/damage this bad is the split travels up the shaft of the hair and so it may start snapping at the middle of the hair or even, at the root if the damage is that bad.

If your hair feels gummy/ overly stretchy when wet, its lost a lot of protein, a trim will help but invest in a good quality reconstruction shampoo/conditioner with protein in it! Joico K Pak Reconstruction conditioner is great for this. It will help your hair but do not overuse. Like most things, too much of a good thing can be bad, and in this case, too much protein can cause dryness, so use once or twice a week at the most. This can be expensive, but its that or having a very drastic new haircut! Quick tip! Mayonnaise  although not as effective, does contain protein and coating the hair in that can help improve the condition of your hair...although it can smell a bit...

If your hair is on the dry side, your hair is lacking moisture...invest in a coconut oil, Superdrug sells one for under £5.00. It solid, but you have to melt it in some hot water then apply to the head and leave for a few hours. Again, use once or twice a week.

This will help with a few problems but remember, be careful with bleach, it is a chemical and it can burn the scalp, its best to apply it on 2 day old hair (hair that hasn't been washed for 2 days) as the natural oils from your scalp will help protect your head from chemical burns.

Dont panic if damage does occur, but be sensible and realistic...a reconstructer will help the hair somewhat but nothing beats removing the damage completely with a haircut...even if it is just a trim!!

Hair dye & Everything Else

Part 2

Bleaching/Lightening & Toning

Now holaholaholahola HOLD UP!?

First things first...

Now what you're gonna wanna do is see how much colour build up you have.. *this doesn't apply those who have virgin hair* (hair thats never been colored) some? A lot? Invest in a Colour Remover and use that first. I've used these a couple of times, including Colour B4 Max and Scott Cornwall Decolour. 
Here's the lowdown...they are not miracle workers, they wont 'completely remove colour' at all and they stink like rotten eggs and decomposing fish when applied to hair.. oh and the smell lingers...for days. However if used they can help remove some colour build up. Its certainly better than an extra bleach! Personally i had a better experience with Colour B4 than Decolour so id have to recommend that one! The only downside? After using this you shouldnt bleach straight afterwards, as chances are, it will re-oxidize. Even though the packaging does say you can colour straight away 9/10 times it will re-oxidized turning your hair orange/back to original colour/wont work at all. This of course applies to dyes that contain peroxide such as bleaches, permanent and demi dyes...oh and some semi's depending on if they contain peroxide. 

Okay so after the colour remover you need to decide if your hair needs to be lifted more levels. This is where bleach comes in! There are many things to consider... what vol to use, what brand, how long to leave it for, full bleach or just a bleach bath?

First off:

What vol % do i need?
If your hair is still very dark/ either brown/black/dark ginger id go for a bleach with 40%vol. 
If your hair is a brighter orange/yellow id say a 30%vol will suffice.
If a very light orange/pale yellow/blonde a bleach bath will do for you...
however all this depends on what colour result you want, the more intense the colour you want, the lighter your base needs to be!
Refer back to Hair State post.

What Brand is best?
Well..this depends on you and your preferences. I can personally recommend Jerome Russell Bblonde. Thats always worked well for me, but i actually prefer to use a very light hair dye!
Schwarzkopf XXL Max Blonde 00B is an excellent lightening product which i find isnt as harsh as a bleach, wont strip all the colour molecules from your hair and smells a lot better!
It works really well and this is what i always buy nowadays when i want my hair lightened. Now even though this isnt what XXL claim to be the lightest blonde they do, (they go up to 00A Absolute Platinum) but 00B Max Blonde has the most lifting power and is the strongest of the 4 shades of blonde they do. Oh and word of warning! Stay away from the Absolute Platinum, it made my hair yellow!

How long do i leave it for?
ALWAYS follow the time on the box. Never leave it on for longer than what they state on the packaging or it may burn/damage your hair and scalp. The only thing to consider here is, does it need just a little lift? Or is it needing a full 45 minutes of bleach as your hair is still pretty dark? You decide, just keep an eye on your hair, and the time and if you start to feel an itching or burning sensation, wash it off immediately.

Full Bleach or Bleach Bath?
Okay, again, dependent on your hair. If its dark/ too dark for the colour you want, a full bleach is best.
If it just needs to be lightened a few shades, try a bleach bath.

What is a bleach bath?
This is when you normally use a lower strength bleach such as 20%vol and mix it with shampoo and add this on your hair for the amount of time stated on the bleach package or until desired colour is achieved. It generally a lot gentler on your hair and scalp as the bleach is diluted without taking away from the strength of peroxide, hence why you use a lower %vol of bleach. For a more in depth tutorial see here:
This is a great way to lighten your hair without doing a full on bleach.

So you've bleached/lightened your hair but its still a bit yellow/brassy but dont want to go for a full bleach? Toner is your new best friend.

What is a Toner?
It wont lighten your hair as its basically a shampoo! But its special! Normally blue or purple these shampoos are designed to cancel out yellow/orange tones in hair leaving you with a neutral head of hair! Voila! A great solution to those pesky bits of yellow that wont go away! If unsure, refer to the colour wheel!

See how purple is opposite yellow?
Yes, refer to this whenever you want to neutralize a colour.

Achieved the colour you want? YAY! Your ready to dye! Stay tuned for Part 3! Hair dyes, brands, and the truth about semi's!


Friday, 1 November 2013

Hair Dye/ Care/ Bleaching and everything else!!

So quick intro! Im going to me redyeing mine and a friends hair soon so i thought id do an informative post on how to do... pretty much anything...! Stay may turn into a series!!

Part 1
Hair State
(Pre dye prep!)

So you want funky coloured hair? Fabulous! Having bright/alternative hair makes you a heck of a lot easier to spot in a crowd and your friends will thank you for it.... but lets start at the beginning... What is your colour right now? I think the best way to do this is a sort of list as the colour of your hair right now will determine how long it will take you to achieve the colour of your choice. 

You can go any colour of your choice! Really, you can, you can have a damn rainbow if you like! Dont let anyone tell you differently...the catch is...the colour you want? Yeah it may not be achievable right away. Thats because not all colours will cover all bases, and by bases i mean, your hair colour.

For instance your hair is are not going to achieve a wonderfully bright blue or pink on that base. Heck no colour will be bright on a black base you might get a sheen of colour if your lucky! Let me just make a list...

Currant Hair Colour:

Black: Any bright colour you want to achieve will not work on this base. You will need to bleach/remove this colour. More information on this later.
Brown: Depending on the shade, most bright colours wont go over this base, or at least wont stick to the hair meaning it wont be as bright or last as long. 1 or 2 bleaches are recommended depending on shade and what hair colour you want to achieve.
Blonde: Lucky you! Again depending on the shade most hair colours will go well over a blonde base, the darker the blonde the less intense the colour result will be, a low volume bleach or even a bleach bath will suffice for you lucky blonde haired people!
Red: Your hair may need a bit of bleach to help non red toned colours to go over your base, again depends on your shade and the colour you wish to achieve.

The general rule is, bright/alternative colours will stick better to bleached hair (though not damaged hair!) as it is lighter and so colours will come out more vibrant/true to whats on the tub!

The lighter your base colour, the better result.

Certain colours such as blues, greens and lighter shades of pinks and purples, will not cover hair that is black, brown, or orange. Hair will need to be bleached to a very light blonde using toners also to help minimize damage. Putting a blue, for instance, over a ginger base will result in hair going green... and not a pretty one at that! 

With all that in mind, be realistic in your hair expectations! Dont decide to go blue today and expect to walk out with blue hair tomorrow. Theoretically, it is possible... in reality, your hair will be ruined and will more than likely start snapping off and then you will have no hair left to dye...

Lets begin with care...

Feel your it now! Hows it feeling? Healthy? Strong? Dry? Damaged? Just feels like hair?? Yeah...thats what i was always like! But after dyeing it for a while you begin to notice and feel the differences in the condition of your hair...

If your hair feels healthy then we are good to go! If however its already had years of abuse and feels somewhat on the damaged side... take the time now to take a step away from the hair dye/heat/god knows what else and nurse your poor fried hair back to health...oh...and get a helps. Then come back and learn how to dye your hair properly... :P

Decide what colour you want to go... Here are the colours and the bases they will cover...

Reds: Reds will cover oranges/ blonde bases. The more orange the base, the more orange the red will fade too! Red is probably the easiest colour to go as you can achieve a bright result on a relatively dark orange base. Keep in mind however, reds stain a lot and can be difficult to remove!

Pinks: Like reds, pinks can be rather forgiving when going over a ginger/yellow base. However pinks wont cover dark orange bases and light pinks will need a lighter base. Deep pinks or pinks with a peachy base will cover better on gingery bases.

Purples: Another forgiving colour! Goes well over gingery/yellow bases, however only darker shades of purple will cover this. Stay away from blue based purples on orange bases, it will not end well.

Blues & Greens: Ive put these together as the same rules apply, and orange base will not work for this colour. You will need a very light blonde/almost white base for blues and greens as any orange/yellow tones will make the blues go green. Greens will go more yellow toned over a yellow base but you could get away with it. These colours will take the longest to achieve if starting from a darker base. 

Yellows & Oranges: Considering whats been said so far this should be pretty obvious! An orange will cover orange/yellow bases very well as will a yellow, but take into consideration that a yellow on a orange may turn more orange than yellow!! Ensure if you want a true yellow/orange that any red/brown tones are gone from your hair (particularly if bleaching from black/brown, you'll know what i mean when you bleach it!) otherwise it will affect the end result.

Black: Most *true* semi permanent blacks are either blue or green based, more often than not, there green based. Therefore when dying your hair with a black semi perm, bare in mind it will fade to a green...

Whites, Silvers & Greys: Again, put together because same rules apply...this time, any ounce of orange or yellow will end up with a less than perfect result. Achieving these colours is a long process and takes time and care and a whole lot of patience and effort. Want one of these colours? Toners are your new best friend...

You're gonna need some equipment to achieve these colours...that will be explained in my next posts... but for now 

If you are blonde/already have bleached blonde hair/ a light enough base for the colour you want... Congratulations! Go grab yourself a pot of hair dye and slather it all over your scalp...or alternatively, wait for my end post where i explain how to dye, how long for, how long it lasts, how to prevent rub off and how to care for your newly colored hair...

If however, you've found yourself not ready for the colour you want, read my next post as your going to need to Bleach, Lighten & Tone your hair!

Stay Tuned


*All of the information above is sourced from my own mind and experiences in dyeing mine and my friends hair many colours. I am not a trained professional/ hairdresser, however all of the information i have provided is to the best of my knowledge and i accept no responsibility for any hair disasters that may occur as a direct result of following my guide. However if used appropriately and common sense prevails, no disasters should occur. Good luck.

Need any information in the meantime? Visit:

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Way out my comfort zone...

Alright so I'm not very adventurous in regards to face make up, and by that I mean ill play around with eyeliner and shadow and funky lipstick ( every girl should own a black/ dark purple lipstick as it instantaneously make you feel edgy and mysterious! Everyone can rock a black lip!) However when it comes to my base it's always matte... I don't go for dewy (why would I want to look like I'm sweating from every pore on my face??) or satin (what the hell is a satin finish? Hey I have a satin bed spread and my face does not look like that after using a so called satin finish foundation!!) and god help me will I ever go for something that claims to illuminate or give my face a  radiant glow... I know what that means!! Glitter. And I hate glitter. In my opinion glitter should be kept to eyes only, not in blush or lipstick and no way in foundation.... 

But I have come to realise that sometimes it's good to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with textures and finishes... Now I know.. Dewy skin can look great on everyone but me and satin... Well, I still don't understand what that means! So after popping into my local Boots ( sorry Superdrug but I cheated on you) I saw that Seventeen had 3 for £10!!!! Bargain.

So as you do, I picked out the most expensive items for the ultimate saving... :D 
Since I already own way to many mascaras and lip products I thought I'd invest in my face and since I was making a saving... Dare to try something new! 
So what did I buy?

Yes I went for glitter of all things! 
Okay first up. The Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Under eye Concealer in the shade Fair. 

I LOVE this!! I cannot fault it! Love the packaging, love that it has a mirror, the colour is perfect for my under eye circles, blends in brilliantly and as it says is heavy enough to actually cover up the purple circles I have to live with due to an irregular sleeping pattern and fair skin! This retails for £5.49 and is part of the 3 or £10 offer! 
Go buy it, it's amazing! I don't know how I've coped without it!! And I don't have to reapply during the day which is fabulous !! My dark circles stay hidden for hours!! Wooo!!

Okay so next up I was ever so tempted to go for the Flawless Poreless Primer but the packaging put me off... I like prime I can apply using my hands and squeezing out of a tube, although this primer felt amazing, I wasn't all that tempted to go for it especially since this was part of the offer! 

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer which retails for £5.99. Now it's not at orange as what the picture shows I just have awful lighting! 
Notice this says Glow on it?? Normally this would have me running for the hills however, recently my skin has looked a little flat and sallow so I thought I needed something to bring light to my face and this does that perfectly without making me look like Edward Cullen in full on sunlight! (that's literary how I thought glittery illuminating stuff would make me look!) 
This smoothes my skin and adds a touch of shimmer to my face whilst still retaining a natural look! I'm really liking this so far!
 Just a picture of the primer to show you how pretty it is! 

Lastly I got the CC Cream which retails for £6.99! 

Okay let me start by saying what a pretty box! Also SPF 25?! Awesome! And then I saw the words Matte and Radiance  together in the same sentence and thought: how can this be??  What sorcery is this?! And so I bought it... Yep. Curiosity got the better of me. There also wasn't a tester available so I took a gamble seeing as I was in such a daring mood (er hello? I just bought something that said glow on it?! Big step for me, people!) 
So I got home and was pleasantly surprised by the packaging! 

I liked that this had an almost clinical look to it, I think it because its in a white tube! But I liked this, it made it feel more upmarket even! Like something Clinique would make... 
Upon swatching.... A little disappointing., 

Again camera hates me but this CC cream was a bit too on the brown side for my skin tone, even though I got the lightest shade Fair it's still not what is consider fair. But I'd rather have it too brown that too orange!! Why are some foundations so orange?! 
But! All is not lost! I do own a white powder (stargazer pressed white powder) so all I do is apply, blend really well and set with my white powder and that lightens it enough to make it match my skin tone!! Brilliant! As for the finish, well it dries matte but with a slight shimmer which is lovely as it really highlights the high points on my face! It's not heavy, lasts all day and really makes my skin look flawless... And I mean, like, air brushed flawless !!!

So in all I'm really happy with my purchases! I can't stress enough how great Seventeen products are and how affordable they are without compromising quality ... My only criticism would be they need to being out an extra fair range! My skin tone matches that of Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 110 but I can get away with 115. Or Loreal True Match Light Ivory ( I think) so being out more fair tones!! 

Thanks as always and

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Haven't posted in ages!

Yeah I know I haven't posted In ages, I suck, I also just wrote this whole post out and then deleted it somehow how frickin irritating!

 Ok so I still have my elf haul post to do, but I'm thinking of doing a best and worst post as I ordered a combined total of over 60 products and lets face it, I can't be arsed to sit here and show each product one by one same as you can't be arsed to read it all. So a best and worst is the way to go! Woooo! 

I also recently bought some products from Seventeen which I can I just say, are a little out of my comfort zone, ( you'll see why) and shall be reviewing such items later!

The Norfolk Pigeon Loft has been a life saver this year! I've never found a shop that sells so many different varieties of jewellery and a fabulous array if gifts! Needless to say Xmas shopping has been totally stress free thanks to that shop!! Lovin it!!

As for Halloween!! Well it's my favourite time of year definitely and I already started my prep in September in regards to my make up! I love doing special effects make up and blood and gore are a key component to any Halloween costume! This year I'm going as Harley Quinn! Only minus the sexy clothing and more blood and gore!! Yay! My inspiration for this look has come from a tutorial by the fabulous Julia Graf who's a fantastic make up artist on YouTube !! The link to the tutorial ill be recreating is here: !!

But here's some picture of some work I've already done ;) 

In other news my poor kitty had to be put to sleep as he had liver failure :( sad times, I've never cried so much! But I did then go out and buy a puppy because I need something furry to love! She's a Patterdale Terrier and her name is Suzie Moo!  And yes she is the cutest thing ever!! 

Just.. How could you say no to that face!!!! 

Well that's all for now im tired and have work tomorrow, boo!! 
Thanks as always and

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Vampires Kitchen...

Sometimes in life you find everything goes your way.
I am having a very good week.
First of i got signed of at work so i am officially Team Leader!
Hell yeah, i now have minions to do the work i don't want too...
Secondly i won £240 on Jackpot Joy! Totally beginners luck.
I won 3 lip glosses from

''The best thing, by far, to come out of this week is that I won a fabulous 'Dissent Official Tom Wood figurine' from The Vampires Kitchen facebook page!!!!''

How. Epic.

So id already ordered one skull from there website previously and my fabulous Mom had got stuff from them before for my birthday (which i did a post about). 
All that was required was a like and a share and i did, thinking nothing would come of it but... BOOM!  I won!!!!!!

Whats also great is that because of a flood near the warehouse, my delivery was late, which i didnt mind really, as you cant complain when your getting free stuff! But what was so kind of them was they included 2 free pencil cases and even a bag of sweets.... its like they know me so well!! I needed a new case for my new pencils i got a few days back as my old art pencils were getting a bit meh so, when they said about the pencil case i was like, bonus!
And well, you gotta love people who give you free food... i mean, come on, its free food, people

Here are some badly taken photographs, as always ;)

So this is the 'Serpents Skull' the one i purchased...

And this beast is the one I won!!!

Just look at the detail on this thing!

The Dragon on the Skull is soooo cool! Even down to the detail on the back of the skull as you can see above, and on the just...WOW.

And I have no idea where im going to put it....

Check out the pencil case! Its Saw!!!!

''Why yes! I do want to play a game!!...Just not slicing bits of myself off...or like, having to gouge out someones eyeball...or even having to like, willingly have my hand sawn in know what? How about a nice game of Monopoly, eh??!! ''

Anyhoos, ive already made my christmas list and needless to say...most of whats on Vampires Kitchen is on it... i wanna get some of the jewelry they stock... In particular a Bathomet Necklace & The Vampire Rose Necklace! And of course many, many skulls...

Heres a link to their website! Check it out!:


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wolves are so my thing...

''Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."

I was recently scrolling through twitter having a good old nose at what Norman Reedus and Misha Collins had been up to when I noticed The Norfolk Pigeon Loft had uploaded a new photo of some new earrings they had in stock. Now I LOVE my wolf necklace that I got last time and I get so many compliments on it so when I saw they had wolf earrings in stock I was like, oh hell yeah, gimme some of those! And so I went and got me some... And a few other bits....
Now I love a good scarf me, especially silky pretty ones like the one on the left and retro looking ones like the one on the right!! Both would be awesome as funky little headscarfs but the pink one works great as a normal neck scarf too! I just love the patterns on it! 
I mean, how pretty it that? Right?!! I'm thinking, come end of autumn/beginning of winter, this little beauty will add that pop of colour to an otherwise standard outfit! Fabulous! 

Next up we have the earrings!!

I'm a useless photographer but you get the idea! 

How freaking cool are these?! They have little red gems for eyes so they sparkle and shine! They're so cute!! Look at their little menacing faces!!

My wolf set!! This just completes a look! It's great when you find a statement piece of jewellery but its even better when you can wear the matching earrings!! I'm such a huge wolf fan! My dream dog is a husky and I'd love a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere with a pack of wolves as guard dogs.... How amazing would that be!

So lastly I have the last set if earrings I bought. Now, many years ago I bought a necklace of a hanging skeleton and wore it and wore it because I loved it so much! So you can imagine my surprise when I found a matching pair if earrings to go with it!!
This is why I always say never throw old jewellery away! Yes it may be tired and worn looking but that's nothing a bit of re-vamping wont sort out! Plus years later you might finally make a set just like I did!! I'm ridiculously happy about it and I can't wait to go back and find more little beauties! You can never have too much jewellery! I've got my eye on another pair of earrings too.... Here's a clue.. They have a skull on them!

So that's my latest haul from a favourite shop of mine! Be sure to visit/like/tweet The Norfolk Pigeon Loft here at: @NorfolkPigeon 
Or alternatively at:

Everything's so pretty inside!! 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Dream Job? Tattooist... Whats yours?

A whiles back i did say i would post some of my artwork, now for me this is hard because im afraid of what people would think and because i put a lot of effort into my drawings, it would make me very emotional if someone one turned around and said ''what an utter load of bull crap'' .... O_O

My dream job has always been to be a tattooist. I would die very happy if someone walked around with a tattoo of one of my designs forever inked on their flesh. 

Very happy..

Im not claiming to be an amazing artist, but thats the great thing about art, you can get better! I used to draw people with no no necks, or with no noses.. oh yeah talent right there. But i would sit for hours and draw and even now, i can sit all day drawing, and not notice the time, or whats going on around me (often forgetting i need to eat and drink but hey! That's dedication for you!)

And so without further ado, here be some of my favorite pieces...

 Now these are what i like to call my 'clean line' drawings, this isn't a technical term, (that i know of!) they basically consist of drawings that don't have a lot of shading, have simple, easy to replicate lines/shapes and would make good flash art for tattooists!! There's not a lot going on and so focus is on the image on a whole rather than little individual details, so lines have to be pretty perfect!!

 These 2 are your standard snake and koi fish, easy to do and nice to look at! The great thing with these is they can be jazzed up with colours or other detailed components such as water or fire...

Whereas these are more individual pieces, i like to call the robot Axel and hes an adaption of the album artwork on Silversteins 'When broken is easily fixed' album. The clown is my own creation, i think clowns are cute!

Now these next ones are more technical in that there's more shading, they're not as refined and there's more going on.

Whats not to love about a grim reaper, a zombie and a baby in a jar?? The second picture down was another adaption, this one from the album cover from the band, Periphery.

Next up are some more detailed pieces, these take longer and shading plays a crucial part in the overall look of the piece. These are portraits, and drawings that are just leaning towards realism...

Japanese inspired piece...with a twist!

Sweeny Todd... First portrait attempt.

Terminator/skeleton piece. One day this will be inked on my thigh!

Albrecht Durer Praying Hands Adaption!

Marilyn Manson, Smells like Children Artwork

Loosely based on De os de la muerte...

Half rotten man...well..zombie..

Demon Skull thing... !

Lastly i don't work with colour a lot, i prefer hints of colour here and there as opposed to full on colour, but sometimes, it can be nice to add some to particular pieces!! 

Because everybody loves a bit of graffiti!!

The Mad Hatter...I do love Johnny Depp!

Geisha Piece i was going to get on my calf but my friend wants it as a chest piece!
So that's it! I've got more but these are just a sample that show the diversity of what i do and also shows that i love all things creepy and dead!
I'm currently working on an old school pirate ship for a friend, and a classic rose and cross, and some scripture which i want on my other thigh!! 

So... do you like tattoos?